Top 10 Games from Wii Play and Wii Play Motion

Wii Play and Wii Play Motion are both separate Wii Play Games that have a lot of games on both of them. They are fun to play and are done through numerous strategies. Here are the games for them.
The Top Ten
1 Tanks (Wii Play)

Tanks is a game that involves eliminating the tanks in the missions, it starts with 20 missions but then goes to 100 levels the 2nd time around. In the 2 player mode, it only stops at 20 missions. For more information, check out my "Top 10 Hardest Wii Play Levels" list

2 Shooting Range (Wii Play)

Shooting Range is a game with 5 rounds that involves destroying targets for points. There are 5 stages in the game

Stage 1 has red, yellow and blue balloons that the player shoots for points
Stage 2 has red, white and Mii face targets, red targets give more points than the white targets but the Mii target subtracts points from the player
Stage 3 has saucers that fly and you have to shoot them, the closer they are, the more points they are worth

Stage 4 has cans that can be blasted 5 times before breaking, the first gets 1 point, 2nd 2 points, 3rd 3 points, 4th 4 points, and 5th 5 points
Stage 5 has UFOs that can be blasted, the red ones are worth more points than the grey ones but are faster too, and each Mii that's left at the end of the game adds 10 extra points to the player

The birds at the end of the game are also worth extra points

In 2 player mode, the difference is that for the target game, shooting the other player's target will add more ...more

3 Find Mii (Wii Play)

Find Mii is a game where there's a goal on finding a certain Mii(2,3,4, and 5 lookalikes; Find the odd one out; Find the Mii you are using; Pick a favorite; Find the sleepyhead; Find this Mii) and the settings are shown in a regular area, bleachers, water, escalator, walking crowd, space and in the darkness. You start with 15 seconds and more seconds are added when you advance to the next level, but if you select the wrong Mii, it subtracts time

4 Billiards (Wii Play)

Billiards is a typical 9-ball game which involves shooting the balls into the holes involving the fewest amount of shots. If you fail to hit the target ball, shoot the ball off the table or pot the cue ball, you will get a foul and 3 points will be deducted from your score for each foul

5 Laser Hockey (Wii Play)

Laser Hockey involves the player bouncing the ball across the screen in order to score points. In single player mode, you have 2 minutes to play against the CPU and whoever scores the most wins and in double player whoever scores

6 Charge! (Wii Play)

Charge is a game that involves running into scare crows to earn points, you earn extra points for getting down a set of scare crows and 10 more points for getting down moving scare crows

7 Skip Skimmer (Wii Play Motion)
8 Star Shuttle (Wii Play Motion)

Star Shuttle is used for carrying individual pieces that are collected to it

9 Fishing (Wii Play)

Fishing involves, well, fishing for certain fishes in the pool. The types of fishes are Small Fry, Plain Ol' Fish, Nibbler, Touchy Fish, King of the Pond, and Mystery Fish. Small fry subtracts 50 points, Plain Ol' Fish adds 50-60 points, Nibbler adds 90-120 points, King of the Pond adds 350 points, and Mystery Fish adds 250 points.

10 Table Tennis (Wii Play)

In single mode, the player hits the ball back and forth against the CPU whereas in 2 player mode, the first to achieve 11 points wins.

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