Top 10 Best Nintendo Characters of All Time

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1 Link (The Legend of Zelda) Link refers to several different incarnations of the same protagonist of Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series.

Okay, I know what you're all going to say. Yes, the only words he knows how to say are "hup" and "hyaaaa". But that's part of the reason why he's so iconic. Besides, it's not like Mario, who is number one on everyone else's list, says anything other than "wahoo" and "let's a go!". He's also slightly different in each game, unlike most characters, who stay the same age and retain all their exact same abilities and powers. In the most recent releases alone, Link has gained several new powers.

And also, anyone with a legendary sword is just plain awesome. He's also the literal incarnation of the Hero of Time, which means unlike a lot of other characters, he can't really die. Zelda is just an iconic and classic series in general, so if Link isn't number one, someone else from the series should take his place.

Link is courageous for saving Hyrule time and time again. He is funny for those that played BOTW. He's also very powerful, wielding the Triforce of Courage and the mask in Majora's Mask that can make Link a god. So, Link has to be number one.

2 Mario (Super Mario) Mario, originally named Jumpman, is the main character of the Super Mario Bros. franchise, created by the creative director and video game designer at Nintendo of Japan, Shigeru Miyamoto. Mario has appeared in almost every Mario game, including games in spin-off series as a playable character, with few exceptions including New Super Luigi U, Luigi's Mansion games, Yoshi's Island games, and similar... read more

Mario deserves it. Even if he's overrated, he is an Italian developed by Japanese, speaks English, and looks like a Mexican. That's a lot of world heritage. He has been in games since 1981 and has had amazing titles like Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, Super Mario Land, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Sunshine. Wow.

In addition to that, he's a fighter, golfer, partyer, doctor, and construction worker. Also, Mario was Nintendo's first recognizable video game character and is the most famous, popular, and well-known video game character of all time. Mario's main color is red, which is better than green. Link's games are harder and more unique, but Mario stops at nothing to save Peach. He traversed the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario Bros., went through 15 worlds like volcanoes, the sky, deserts, mountains, and even a snowy land to save her. He went across the entire galaxy and several different planets to save Peach and the galaxy. He's the best! Nothing else needs to be said!

3 Yoshi (Super Mario/Yoshi) Yoshi, once romanized as Yossy, is a fictional anthropomorphic dinosaur who appears in video games published by Nintendo. Often appearing as a sidekick and helper to Mario, Yoshi is most known for his appearances in the Yoshi's Island and the Super Mario franchises.

Yoshi is my personal favorite when it comes to Nintendo characters. Even though he is often overshadowed by Mario in many Mario games, could he not clearly beat Mario in a fight? Think about it: have you ever seen Yoshi die in NSMBW, NSMBU, or for that matter, any game with Mario and Luigi as the main protagonists?

Sure, Yoshi can fall, taking him out of the level, or go into lava, or run off Mario's back when Mario would normally get hit by an enemy while riding him. However, you never hear him falling to his death like you hear Mario. Plus, the fact that he can fly, and when he falls into lava, he doesn't seem like he's in pain at all, unlike Mario who reacts painfully if he even touches lava once.

It seems like Yoshi is simply tired of being Mario's insignificant helper, only to get forgotten. He just wants to go into the lava or fall to get away from Mario, all while not even taking a single scratch. Also, did I mention that his boots allow him to stand on spikes without getting hurt? They appear to be made of rubber as well. So, if Pikachu ever gets into a fight with him, all Yoshi has to do is kick him a few times and stand on him. Pikachu's electricity will be rendered useless.

Yoshi can also eat up opponents and projectiles like fireballs. If nothing else, he can simply beat opponents senseless by pounding them with his huge nose. Even though many Nintendo fans don't realize it, Yoshi is way more powerful than he looks.

4 Kirby (Kirby) Kirby is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. His first game was created in 1992, and the pink puffball has made his way into the hearts of fans of all ages.

Kirby is a boss. Point. Blank. Period. Not only is he one of the cutest Nintendo characters of all time, but he is also one of the most powerful. An example of this is in Super Smash Bros. I'm pretty sure that he gives off the impression of a vulnerable pink blob, but do not let this fool you. Once you get the hang of this character, he could easily whoop the ads of any character in the game.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love Mario's ambition and determination in platformers and Link's complex gameplay that makes you think, and his kickass weapons, but Kirby has all those things in his games. You can find complex puzzles, fight great bosses, and get the enemies' abilities once you defeat them.

Kirby is the Super Tough Pink Puff! He protects not only Planet Popstar but the whole universe as well. If his home is in trouble, Kirby will always find a way to save it. He has many Copy Abilities, 5 Super Abilities, and a powerful ability called Hypernova - he is capable of devouring worlds with it. His Warpstar allows him to travel multiple times the speed of light, and he can crack a planet in half. With his trusty friends by his side - Bandana Dee, Meta Knight, and King Dedede - nothing can stop him. Although he has a heroic and lazy side, he always has a heart of gold.

5 Samus Aran (Metroid) Samus Aran is the protagonist of the science fiction action-adventure game series Metroid by Nintendo. A galactic bounty hunter, Samus is usually equipped with her Power Suit, giving her access to weapons she uses to battle her enemies.

Samus is too awesome. What's with 6th place? I place her 1st. Her character isn't very well developed until Super Metroid, but since then, she became a force to be reckoned with. Besides, I think she's the only character who dealt with the deaths of close people, and the aftermath of the deaths (i.e., the Baby Metroid).

Nintendo really dropped the ball on the Metroid series. It's a shame to see a character with so much potential not shine brighter. The games were fun, but the lack of dialogue doesn't give you a chance to really connect with Samus. Regardless, when I think of a Nintendo character, Samus is always the first one that comes to my mind.

Samus is the most awesome video game character of all time. She's also one of the few characters in a FPS who isn't either a robot or some buff dude. Her character is so fleshed out that you can almost always predict what she'll do next, but then she'll do something that really surprises you.

6 Luigi (Super Mario) Luigi, originally a palette swap of Mario named Green Mario, is a major character featured in video games and related media released by Nintendo. Created by prominent game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, Luigi is portrayed as the slightly younger, taller fraternal twin brother of Nintendo's unofficial mascot Mario, and appears in many games throughout the Super Mario franchise, often as a sidekick to his... read more

Luigi is awesome. Yeah, Mario is good, but Luigi can get the job done for certain. He gets sent on secret missions to collect stars and barely gets any credit. He deserves much more credit. I like his ice flower powers. I find he gets the job done no problem. Luigi for the win.

Mario is WAY TOO OVERRATED. The WHOLE game is named after Mario. And some people see Luigi as a backup Mario-clone who's just there to cower in the corner. Sure, Luigi is a coward, but he's done much more brave things than Mario, such as defeating over 100 ghosts in "Luigi's Haunted Mansion", or whatever it's called. However, Luigi DESERVES the #1 spot over anyone else.

Luigi, I think, is slightly better than Mario. He's lifted neutron stars, is fast enough to react to FTL attacks, and is pretty much the Nintendo version of Vegeta. He survived the Dark Star explosion and is more skilled and smarter than Mario. So, I can safely say that he's better than Mario.

7 Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong) Donkey Kong is an arcade game released by Nintendo in 1981. It is an early example of the platform game genre, as the gameplay focuses on maneuvering the main character across a series of platforms while dodging and jumping over obstacles.

You can't find gorillas fighting on YouTube? I've got a bright solution for you! Watch the famous gorilla Donkey Kong! He smashes drums, crocodiles, tikis, smart chickens (Feather Fiend has such a great boss theme too), and even the freakin' moon! He even has a boxing game and is featured in another boxing game. Best fighting gorilla.

Donkey Kong is just awesome. His games are challenging and fun, so fun that I actually convinced a guy who didn't want Tropical Freeze, and now he does want it! He definitely deserves to be in the top 3 and deserves more games.

I bet if Kirby ever tries to eat this ape, Donkey Kong would just punch that pink ball to death. He's my favorite. He was an original character. His dad was Mario's first enemy. He is the best.

8 King Bowser Koopa (Super Mario) Bowser is the main antagonist of the Mario Bros. Franchise. From kidnapping Princess Peach to simply destroying a fun game between Mario and Friends in the Mario Party spinoff series, this king of the Koopas has set up a certain hatred towards himself amongst the large cast of Mario Characters. He first appeared in the 1985 popular videogame, Super Mario Bros., in which he was responsible for kidnapping... read more

How is this example of a classic villain behind his son, Bowser Jr.? Come on, Bowser was the one that messed with Mario all these times. Come on, TheTopTens users! Vote for an excellent representation of a good villain!

I don't understand why he is so underrated. Now, real talk: without Bowser, Mario wouldn't be Mario today. Bowser is an interesting character. However, he is the evil, so he acts like a bad guy for others, but I love him.

He's probably the most famous villain of all time. He's also a surprisingly likable villain, which gives him extra points.

9 Fox McCloud (Star Fox) Fox McCLoud is an anthropomorphic fox who first appeared in Star Fox for the Super NES in 1993, the son of James McCloud who perished during a mission and the leader of the new Star Fox team along with Peppy Hare former member of the original Star Fox team, Falco Lombardi and Slippy Toad as they the battle the evil genius Andross and his forces to keep them from taking over the Lylat System.

Ever since I witnessed Fox in action on the N64 when I was little, he has been my hero. It is very odd, given that I love "castle-related" games and, for the most part, hate "space" games. I have waited for a new Star Fox game ever since Star Fox Command for the DS. However, they do not seem forthcoming with another adventure any time soon, and should Nintendo disband this EPIC franchise, I will never buy from Nintendo again.

Fox is awesome. He deserves more credit, and I wish he would be a DLC character in Mario Kart in the future, like Link and the Animal Crossing characters (and later the Inkling kids from Splatoon) did in Mario Kart 8/Deluxe.

Star Fox is a character that deserves a lot more games and a lot more attention. Nintendo should start making more Star Fox games. No more Mario, no more Link. I want more Star Fox!

10 Pikachu (Pokémon) Pikachu (Japanese: ピカチュウ) are a species of Pokémon, fictional creatures that appear in an assortment of video games, animated television shows and movies, trading card games, and comic books licensed by The Pokémon Company, a Japanese corporation. A mascot of the Pokemon franchise, it's considered to be the most iconic character of all Pokemon species, as well as a major character in Japanese... read more

I was going to vote for Mario, but Pikachu should be in the top 5. He is cute and famous, and the mascot for one of Nintendo's biggest franchises! He deserves more love! Please vote for Pikachu!

Pikachu might not be the most recognized as Nintendo's mascot (more Game Freak's), but he's my favorite, so I vote for him, and I think he should be higher on this list. He's my favorite Pokémon, and I love him as a character! Go Pikachu! Pikachu for 5th.

Pikachu is the mascot for Pokémon and makes an appearance in every single game! That's gotta mean something, right?

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11 Princess Zelda (The Legend of Zelda) Princess Zelda is a fictional character in Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda video game series, created by Shigeru Miyamoto and introduced in its original entry in 1986.

She's actually HELPFUL in final battles! She doesn't just sit and watch like your average princess. On top of that, she's not only a princess but also:


A pirate and a ninja. Unlike Peach, she doesn't just sit there and take it from Ganondorf, oh no she doesn't. She shoots him with arrows and helps Link defeat him. Yeah. Also, she's actually smart. I mean, she's the holder of the Triforce of Wisdom, for goodness sake. She's not your typical helpless, airheaded little princess.

Zelda is really strong, and you don't want to mess with her. Unlike Peach, Zelda is tricky and has fire, arrows, mind powers, love spells, teleport, light powers, and can turn into her alter ego, Sheik, (a ninja that is sneaky). Don't tell me Peach is stronger than that. The only reason she won the death battle was by cheating, using that mega strike power that Mario also has, with which he could've defeated Sonic.

12 Meta Knight (Kirby) Meta Knight is a fictional character from the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. He is one of Kirby's rivals, but occasionally teams up with the pink puffball to defeat a common enemy. Meta Knight is known for his powerful slashing attacks and flight in the Super Smash Bros games, and is widely considered to one of the best characters to appear in the series.

Meta Knight is the best. The best aspect about him is that you never know if he is good or bad. In Kirby Superstar Ultra, Meta Knight tries to rule Dreamland with the Halberd. Also, in Meta Knightmare Ultra, he saves Dreamland! He flies the coolest ship ever, which can destroy Dyna Blade, Kirby's Warp Star, Star Fox's ship, and any other ship that is thrown at it.

In Super Smash Bros Brawl, he is also a good guy and is so mysterious that you just have to love him. No one knows why he has the mask, except to hide his face, and no one knows how he messed up his face. Meta Knight is the most dark and mysterious villain/hero of all Nintendo, possibly ever, and flies the coolest ship in the universe. Bang.

Meta Knight is just plain epic! I mean, he's about the size of Kirby, but with a few extra features. For one, he has bat-like wings that let him fly, and glide along the ground if you're playing Super Smash Bros Brawl. He has a grayish, sort of silverish mask with a black shape out for his eyes. His eyes are two large, bright, yellow circles. He has a purple, flowing cape that's awesome because, I mean, who doesn't look better with a cape? He also has metallic, purple shoes.

But to me, his best ever feature is his sword. Long, shining, metallic, golden yellow sword with jagged ends on each side. In Super Smash Bros Brawl, if you are fighting him, in just about 3 to 5 seconds, he can have delivered about 30 slashes and cuts with his sword. Meta Knight is just epic and unbelievable.

13 Captain Falcon (F-Zero) Douglas Jay Falcon, known commonly as Captain Falcon, is a playable character in the racing video game series F-Zero.

If you don't vote for him, Chuck Norris will come to your house and roundhouse kick you in the shin. Falcon Kick! Show me your moves!

When I was younger and played Super Smash for the N64, every time he said Falcon Punch, it sounded like he said welcome punch. By the way, this guy is pretty cool and probably almost as strong as DK.

He may not be the most iconic, but by God, is he a lovable character.

14 Toad (Super Mario) Toad, known in Japan as Kinopio, is a major character in the Mario Bros. franchise. He assists Princess Peach in the Mushroom Kingdom and will do whatever it takes to help her. He first appeared in the classic game, Super Mario Bros. after being kidnapped by Bowser and his minions. Since then he has been a reappearing character in the Mario Bros. series as a playable character in the New Super Mario... read more

An adorable and cute mushroom citizen who helps heroes. He is amazingly nice, as you can see. So helpful, full of friends who await him to help them too. Not because he's little, he's weak, no. He's strong and clearly loyal to his friends. I think this is the one who could be the winner. That is my opinion, thank you.

Toad is so adorable, and Princess Peach treats him more maturely than Toadette. Toad is also brave in SSBB for Wii. Peach uses him as an attack, and he's safe! There are a million duplicates of them, and they try to help Mario, Peach, and Pauline. Toads are the second-best Nintendo characters, under Kirby.

Toad helps heroes inside and out. He is a loyal, ordinary guy who protects Peach's castle. He is cute and patient. I think this one must be the first.

15 Wario (Super Mario/Wario) Wario is a character in Nintendo's Mario series who was originally designed as an antagonist to Mario. His motives are driven by greed and he will take the side of whoever will give him the most pay. Although he may seem like just a mean man with no heart, he does have a very tragic past.

Rosalina is very popular because of the backstory she has. But Wario is hated because he's fat. But he also has a backstory. Wario is amazing and is overshadowed by bland characters like Yoshi. Yoshi is just a cute dinosaur with amazing abilities. Wario is a developed badass.

Number 21? He should be in the Top Ten. This guy is one of Nintendo's best antiheroes and is very underappreciated. Love his hilarious personality and his tragic origin story.

You gotta love Wario. He's so weird, zany, gross, and crazy that he makes a really funny character.

16 Princess Peach (Super Mario) Princess Peach is a major character in the Mario Bros. Franchise. She is the lead female of the The Mario franchise. She is usually the character who needs saved in most Mario Games, but also has appeared as a playable character in the Main-Series Mario Games, including Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Run, and even starred in her own game, Super Princess Peach for the Nintendo... read more

Princess Peach best Nintendo Character ever. She should replace Mario as Nintendo's mascot. She can do anything Mario can do and better in her game Super Princess Peach plus she is one of the best fighters in Super Smash Bros. Very beautiful, lovely voice and proves girly girls can kick butt! Princess Peach > Mario

Princess peach is the best character ever. Princess peach can do anything. Besides her being the best I love her long flowing blond hair and her long pink dress that she always has on. That is why princess peach is the best.

Princess Peach is pretty awesome! I think that she makes Princess Zelda look boring! So what I'm saying is that Peach is awesome and Zelda is lame. So everyone who doesn't like Peach can go to hell!

17 Jigglypuff (Pokémon) Jigglypuff, known in Japan as Purin, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Ever since I got juggled in SSBB, I stuck with her. Why do people hate her so much? She's cute, like Shy Guy, she's puffy, like Kirby, and pink, my favorite color. The only time I don't like her is in the anime, where she draws on everyone's face when they sleep.

Thank God Igglybuff and Wigglytuff are not in Smash. Jigglypuff deserves to be in Smash and deserves the spot it has.

It doesn't matter what your age is... everyone knows Jigglypuff, and that shows what an icon she is.

18 Pit (Kid Icarus) Pit is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Kid Icarus series, first appearing in Kid Icarus for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1986 and later appearing in Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters for the Game Boy in 1991.

Pit is a very astonishing character with very unique qualities and deserves this spot and maybe more. Not only is he a good Smash character with a simple backstory, but he is also relatable. He cannot fly, making him different from other angels. He is made fun of by his peers and goddess (Palutena) all the time. But he decides to be happy and save the world anyway. And I've seen him paired with all Nintendo girls. So that's why he should be here. Extra note: Pit V or with Link against 2 people, who's with me?

I was going to go for Samus, but Pit is here. He constantly fights gods, the forces of the underworld, and of nature, all for the sake of humans. Yeah, the people who constantly fight and pollute and stuff. Plus, he has a huge arsenal, and he is hilarious. And finally, this man has only had 3 games! What the heck, Nintendo, give Pit some love.

Pit is one of my favorite Nintendo characters of all time. Along with Yoshi, he is one of my favorite Super Smash Bros characters. He is most definitely the most underrated character within Nintendo. I love how he is a quote machine. Not many Nintendos are. Fingers crossed Nintendo figures out what a star they have in Pit, and make games for him by the dozen!

19 Lucas (Mother 3)

Once a poor kid who had witnessed tragedy firsthand, this boy with amazing abilities easily becomes one of the most badass characters of his development company.

How is Lanky Kong above a 13-year-old kid who has PTSD? A kid whose family is dead? A kid who saw his twin commit suicide? Being the way he committed suicide? This list...

He had a terrible life, and all you people should feel bad for him!

20 Mewtwo (Pokémon) Mewtwo is a psychic-type Legendary Pokémon from Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon media franchise. Designed by Ken Sugimori, it made its first appearance in the games Pokémon Red and Blue. It was created by Dr. Fuji using gene splicing in an attempt to clone Mew. In the Pokémon games, it's infamously known as the most powerful Pokémon among all species. Mewtwo is capable of evolving into two... read more

Mewtwo is tragic, heart-warming, and lovable. He has every right to be the way he is. However, sometimes, you need to let go of the past and focus on the present. The present's a gift. Unwrap it, hold it, take your share, Mewtwo. You're the best!

Come on. Mewtwo is the classic legendary Pokémon and definitely deserves to be in Smash. What else do I gotta say?

Just furry Ganondorf.

21 Waluigi (Super Mario) Waluigi is a lanky self-centered, brusque young lad as he is considered evil and the main rival of Luigi. Waluigi is shown causing local havoc in most games he appears in alongside his partner Wario. Waluigi is not instinctively evil or the antagonist (not counting DDR), as a matter of fact, he shows great compassion for his fellow peers, typically for characters Daisy and Wario. Waluigi is also described... read more

Waluigi is something most Nintendo characters aren't: sexy. Waluigi is more than a mere character, but a representation of Nintendo's shift from family-friendly games to more mature material. His character also experiences deep emotional trauma from feeling like he isn't unique. Being a copy of a copy makes him feel worthless when in reality, it is what makes him stand out.

This is dumb, obviously Waluigi should be number one. A tragic character born from thinking he was not special due to his mortifying upbringing, but really he was incredibly unique in his own way. Sure, Mario's drug addiction with mushrooms was a good character point, but Mario just doesn't have the same history and development that Waluigi has. Waluigi, to you my friend, Waluigi to you.

Waluigi has basically no history and isn't as well-known as Wario, Mario, or any other bigger character in the Mario franchise. Heck, Shy Guy is more known.

But damn, I love him. He and Wario are fantastic characters and should be in a lot more games.

22 Bowser Jr. (Super Mario) Bowser Jr., or sometimes simply Jr., is a video game character who appears in Nintendo's Mario franchise as the secondary antagonist. He is the youngest son of the series' primary antagonist, Bowser.

He's powerful with his Super Clown Car. He's a very strong character. I just think he's really cool, and he's my favorite character in the whole world. I mean, I would be very depressed if they never came. If Bowser Junior were just like Nintendo or just to get rid of him, and Nintendo, if you read this, put him in the next Mario movie. I'll even do the voice audition.

Bowser Jr. is a character full of depth and backstory. He is incredibly lovable, and even though some people think he's a brat, he's probably just dealing with the loss of his mom. Overall, he's my favorite Nintendo character of all time. He doesn't get a lot of love. Please vote for Bowser Jr.

I mean, who can't love Bowser Jr? He's tough but adorable. He is not as evil as Bowser and, to prove the point, he has helped Mario a few times.

23 Ness (EarthBound)

Ness is just the kind of guy I would feel safe around. Every victory makes him stronger, and in the original games, he has some deadly moves like paralysis. Most of his moves in SSB are actually Paula's or Poo's, so shouldn't they be added to this list too instead of these non-Nintendo characters?

I have always been a big fan of the MOTHER series. It helped me to go through a very tough time in my life. I absolutely love Ness. He is also my main in all three SSB games.

He's just cute and awesome! He's strong and adorable! The way he says "Okay." kills me! I understand why anyone would feel safe around him! He's just sweet!

24 King Boo (Super Mario) In the Super Mario series, King Boo is the leader of all the Boos and a major antagonist. He is an ally of King Bowser. He is depicted as a large white Boo with a crown similar to that of Princess Peach.

In the Luigi's Mansion series, King Boo serves as the main antagonist and Luigi's arch-nemesis. He is depicted as gargantuan, even larger than his Super Mario counterpart, with darker eyes,... read more

Bruh, King Boo looks beast and is one of the best villains in Mario! I think he deserves a spot in the top 10.

He's epic! Boos are my favorite Nintendo thing!

His laugh is actually a sped-up Bowser laugh!

25 Mr. Game & Watch (Game & Watch) Mr. Game & Watch is a 2D generic stick figure-styled silhouette character, created by Nintendo and an amalgamation of the Game & Watch handheld consoles.

Alright, first let's talk about how this guy is a classic from the 80s. This guy is a beast! He deserves to be higher, and he is just so unique and fun to play as in Smash. Now, let's talk about the fact he didn't get remakes. Well, maybe some people think he does, but I think he doesn't need a remake. He's just a classic, a cool 2D man, and I really don't think he needs one after the treatment in Smash.

How on the old Game and Watch system is he not in the top 5?! I mean, he is the bomb. He is better than Mario, equal to Link and Kirby, and better than Donkey Kong and the other contenders. 15th?! Seriously, people?!

They should bring Mr. Game and Watch back for the Wii U or 3DS and give him his own adventure game that involves some of the old Game and Watch games! I'd totally buy that! He deserves a new game!

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