Top 10 Best Nintendo Consoles

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1 Nintendo 64

Oooh yeah that's the best one. Where do I begin with this one? Sure, It only had two launch titles, but one of them - Super Mario 64 - would never get you bored. You know, a revolutionary system... The very first joystick ever, controller in underrated but great (At least for me), Masterpieces like Smash Bros, Zelda OOT and MM, Banjo-Kazooie and that launch title I just talked about. Graphics might not have aged well but it's still a big improvement as those were the first games with such graphics, and on top of all that, it introduced gaming to a brand new 3D world.

This gives me a wonderful feeling of nostalgia. When I found this console, all dusty in my grandmother's closet I was overjoyed! I fixed it up because it had been there so long. This may sound crazy, but the 90s is the most nostalgic decade for everyone. It has such a good feel. The N64 will always be a good chunk of Nintendo magic. And even if it isn't the best graphics, this is the only console that will make you wear a Michael Jordan Jersey and ask where the Urkel-O's are.

This console is at the top for so many reasons. Let's start with the games. SUPER Mario 64? Best Mario game in history. Ocarina of Time? DEFINITELY best Zelda game in history, and maybe the best game for the N64. Mario Kart 64! This opened the door to so many racing games. But the main reason this console is the best? The jump of technology from SNES. The graphics got SO much better! When I was a kid, I remember that if you had a N64, you were awesome.

This Nintendo console is special, because it took our beloved franchises into third dimensions of exploration and adventure. In fact, this was the first true 3D console that Nintendo had ever made. Sure, the controller aged badly but the console didn't. The Nintendo 64 had many classics like Majora's Mask, Banjo Kazooie, Star Fox 64, and of course, Super Mario 64. This was Nintendo's golden era, and it was great.

2 Nintendo GameCube

Sure the 64 was the nostalgic one, but did it go well? Not really, I mean don't get me wrong, a lot of the games are cool, but very few have aged well mostly because the 64 is one of the early 3D consoles, and Nintendo's first 3D console. However, when we move to Nintendo's next 3D console, the Nintendo GameCube, we get some of the most memorable, best gameplay, best music and best almost anything Nintendo has offered, and unlike its predecessor there are plenty of games that still look amazingly impressive to this day (Written in 2016, edited 2017). Just to name a few GameCube games that offered legendary gameplay and amazing visuals that look good today, you have Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door, Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventure, Wind Waker or Twilight Princess (All 3 are amazing and haven't aged badly), Super Mario Sunshine, and many many more. It also was the start of many Nintendo series with the new found capabilities of the Nintendo GameCube (Take the Mario 128 engine or ...more

Two words... Mario Party... there, that's my comment.

But seriously, the Gamecube better than the 64. Yeah lot's of N64 fans say "the N64 is the best because it has 3D", but come on, don't give me that crap.The Gamecube had better 3D. I don't care what system "revolutionized it in the beginning", if your looking for graphics that can still stand today, then go for 3D on the Gamecube. It has amazing titles like; Metroid Prime, Mario Party 7, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and did I mention it has Super Smash Bros. Melee on it.
Now don't get me wrong, Melee is not my personal favorite, but it is still amazing and holds up even today.
The N64 was great, but the Gamecube in just about every way, is much better with better titles!

The gamecube had lots of great innovative first party titles. You had the great art style and overall characteristic of Wind Waker, Super Smash Bros. Melee which is probably the best in the series, Metroid Prime 1 & 2 which are amazing, the great gameplay and graphics of Rogue Squadron 2, the excellent F-Zero GX, the best Nintendo controller, and much more. To me, this console stands out among all others because it just felt right. It had a large, variety of games that is suitable for almost any person.

This one is a no-brainer for me, I love this little lunchbox as well as the magnificent game collection. How do you beat the best Nintendo controller, catchy start-up sound, and AMAZING games? (Luigi's Mansion, Super Smash Bros Melee, Twilight Princess, Paper Mario: TTYD, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Monkey Ball, Super Monkey Ball 2, METROID PRIME, Metroid Prime 2, F Zero GX, The Wind Waker, and Super Mario Sunshine, to name a few) You simply don't beat what the gamecube has to offer. The N64 was one of Nintendo's first time trying out 3D polygonal games, but the Gamecube is where talent met technological power, and power met vision. I could gush on about this console all day, but this is truly my favorite console EVER!

3 Nintendo Wii

In my opinion, this is the third-best Nintendo home console. This has to be among the most unique Nintendo consoles but was a best seller at its time. The best part in my opinion is that it is backwards compatible with Gamecube games. The Wii controllers aren't really the best but are among them and also has other controllers that you could use to play with. It was a surprising thing at that time to use wireless controllers though not many people thought it was for them. The Wii also had its own shop where you could download many games. The games do have many online features and the controllers were attractive but the console was powerful at its time, though the quality wasn't the best. The plugs it used weren't really that good.

The Wii brought gaming to everyone, not just Nintendo Fans or gamers. With the motion controls and the backwards compatibility the console was basically two in one. This also sported the great feature of having so many controller options for your games. I mean, you have the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, the Wheel, Zapper, Wii Classic Controller and other options available. Thought the Gamcube had the best controller? Well, plug that in too.

Some of the best games with titles like Super Smash Bros Brawl, Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime 3, 007 Goldeneye Remastered, Red Steel 2, Sonic Colors and so many more.

This console also sold mroe than 100 million units and beat the PS3 and Xbox 360 in sales. Proving that Nintendo is still a force to be reckoned with in the market.

Y'now, my childhood was this console, and that's why it's my favourite... But it's still not the best, even with those amazing games on it : Nintendo always introduces gimmicks on their games, and this time it's with one thing : MOTION CONTROLS. You know... This thing. You have to raise your arm to play... But I'm lazy! At least there's the classic controller...

Also, Smash Brawl, Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword...
AND It can play Gamcube Games. It's nice that I don't have to buy a GCN, I have this.

Not only do the sales of the Wii dwarf that of the other consoles, but so do the number of games, innovation of motion technique, graphics quality took the biggest leap for its time in Nintendo's history, by far the most futuristic features, actual apps and internet, you could download hundreds of games before it, online competition was greatly expanded, some of the best games for their series, (I.e. Galaxy/Galaxy 2, Brawl, MKWii, Mario Party 9, Twilight Princess, Sports, Sports Resort, Return to Dreamland, DK Returns, etc.). Wii held its place as the top console for the longest span in Nintendo's history, massively boosting the company unlike any other. It had the most innovations and games, and was what made future consoles so futuristic. It's like the Discovery album from Daft Punk; complete revolution and can't be beat! Wii earned its place as the king and still holds it in my opinion. Sure the players gawk at it being inferior now, but playing it for the first time was like ...more

4 Super Nintendo Entertainment System

N64, Switch and Gamecube better? Please... Nintendo died after the SNES, when they lost all third party support. Capcom, Square, Konami,everyone left for the Playstation. If we don't count portable consoles, which are still good, Nintendo should have given up. N64 being one of the worst consoles of all times saved by a British developer (Rare).

Well I never had a SNES, I know someone who has one and I also have ZSNES (An emulator that plays SNES games). And I gotta say, thing thing is so great. Amazing games (Masterpieces like Mario World, ALttP, Kirby Super Star, Super Metroid, Star Fox, Mega Man and many, many more) Not counting the simple but well-working controller which is responsive and good-quality. There's also the fact that 16-bit graphics and sounds effects are amazing, even today in 2017. The music this system makes is pure amazing.

Well... Now you're playing with Super Power.

This is the best and last great Nintendo console. After this one, every fan moved to Playstation because it was the spiritual successor to the SNES. Every major series by a major developer (Konami, Capcom, Square, Enix) released games for the PSX like Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest...those who voted for the N64 are kids that can't understand what made Nintendo great in the 8 and 16 bit eras.
N64 is easily Nintendo's worst console ever... If it weren't for Rare, it would have only three good games. Give me a break!

In my opinion, this is the sixth-best Nintendo home console. It is basically the super version of the NES Classic. It doesn't have as many games as the NES Classic but they are still good and even has an unlockable brand new SNES game. It also has two controllers while the NES Classic only has one. The wires are still short but are longer than before. You could also add games from other virtual consoles.

5 Nintendo Entertainment System

For the Nintendo classic there also be other new versions of the original Nintendo games like super Mario bros 2 wrecking crew pinball the legend of zelda 2 mega man 2 double dragon 2 the revenge Robocop back to the future t&c surf designs skate or die g.I. joe and teenage mutant ninja turtles 2 the arcade game star wars ghostbusters a week of Garfield snoopy's silly sports spectacular Godzilla smash T.V. and ninja gaiden with the same gameplay the stories on the backs of the cases art cards and mini posters of the games and 3d graphics

I just got a NES classic and I can say that I love it! It plays just like the original. This system saved the video game industry, it was revolutionnary at the time! Introduction of the D-Pad and 8-bit games with soundtracks and actual aestethics. The best games are Mario 3, Zelda and Mega Man. It will forever be a classic!

Without this video games will not have become as they are now. Atari nearly destroyed video games and the NES saved it. And WatchMojo put it as it's best console ever.

I don't own one but I do know this is better than hand held systems, which are only good for one thing. Pokemon. Nothing else. This is good for MULTIPLE games

6 Nintendo Wii U

In my opinion, this is the second-best Nintendo home console. This is Nintendo's worst-selling home console due to the ads and the name. Though it has a lot of problems, it is one of the best Nintendo consoles ever made. It is basically an upgraded version of the Wii with HD graphics, backwards compatibility with the Wii menu. The gamepad is in my opinion the ninth-best controller though it does have a lot of disadvantages and is compatible with almost every single Nintendo controller. It is weaker than the PS3 and Xbox 360 but is without a doubt better than the original Wii. The storage is pretty low but is still an awesome Nintendo console.

Top 10 Reason why I hate Nintendo
1. It had Terrible Controllers
2. there's too much multiplayer
3. difficult to focus
4. impossible to see the dark in-game online
5. there's loud voices of anyone talking online
6. It had handhelds with terrible controls
7. can't play online properly
8. impossible to connect to Wi-Fi
9. Hated online for appropriate username
10. being forced to go away for appropriate username online

All of these systems are great, but if you look purely at the games, it is hard to argue against the Wii U. The best Mario Kart ever, the best Super Smash Brothers ever, some of the best Mario and Zelda games, DKC Tropical Freeze, Pikmin 3, Splatoon, and Super Mario Maker are all top-notch, and with the ability to play all Wii games and many of the classics on Virtual Console, this console truly is the greatest.

I hadn't got this console because it's not in the country Turkey, and I was so shocked that it got cancelled in January 2017. The PS4 is a piece of crap. I wish I got that console before it was cancelled. It's 10 times better looking than PlayStation 4.This should be in the top 5 for sure.

7 Nintendo 3DS

In my opinion, this is the fifth-best Nintendo handheld console. This is the first 3DS ever made. It looks like it is a boring handheld but it is indeed full of tech. The graphics have been improved, there are more buttons and also is able to play games in 3D. It has the home button which helps to navigate through menus and circle pad which helps to move in circles. It is backwards compatible with DS games and also has more apps.

Specifically, the New 3DS is the best dedicated handled out there. It comes with a ton of features such as a claim shell design, face tracking 3D, AR camera functionally, a built in stylus, StreetPass, and Miiverse (at one time) all notably missing from the Switch. The library is also stellar with solid entries in notable Nintendo franchises and DS backwards compatibility. My personal favorite part about the New 3DS is its Virtual Console. It is the best place to play NES, SNES, GB, GBC, DS, & 3DS all in one system.

In my opinion, this is the fourth-best Nintendo handheld console. It is basically a bigger version of the original 3DS and also has a more fresh design. It has the second biggest screen of all Nintendo handhelds, the first being the Switch though the Switch is a hybrid console. It also is seemingly more comfortable than the original 3DS.

It's a cheaper version of the 3Ds, but it takes away one of the best features, the 3D. Sadly, the system can't close so it's pretty much like an open 3Ds. It's not that portable so you probably won't use it on the go a lot. The buttons are moved up making playing on it a little more comfortable. Also, it's not very sturdy so it won't survive a few drops. I'd recommend it if you don't like 3D and probably won't play on it outside your house.

8 Nintendo DS

Well it's a great portable system, I think it has waay to much overuse of the touch-screen on certain games like Phantom Hourglass... But there's still some good games here, like New Super Mario Bros.

Very cool console. Has a good design, GBA slot and long lasting battery.
Unfortunately, it's discontinued.

Best handeld game worth having. Especially if you get only 3 hours of electric supply per day.
Save for graphics, it is second to none in portable games.

DS was the foundation and improvement of portable gaming systems.

9 Nintendo Switch

Ok let's see, this came out competing against the PS4 and xbox one. My favorite console is this little hybrid and here's why:
-has an insane amount of skins. Wayyy more than the Xbox one
-is great for multiplayer!
-has 3 different play styles. Handheld, TV, and if you can't decide which you want, there's tabletop
-lots of controller options
-an unreal amount of exclusive titles, and even support for playing games from the NES, SNES, and N64. No GameCube tho :(
-fun for all ages and skill levels
-graphics are just good enough to give great gameplay!
And lots more that I won't include.

In my opinion, this is the best Nintendo console. This probably isn't surprising and is technically a hybrid console. It uses a dock to be played on TV. It really is a great idea for a console ever. The joy-cons do have a few problems but they do have so much tech in them. You could just slide them in the console to change it to handheld mode anytime. The dock isn't the best but it is a fast transformation. Many Wii U games are now on the switch and some now have sequels. The console also has a pro controller you can buy separately and is in my opinion the best Nintendo controller ever made. It is the newest console so there may be more features coming in the future. It also can play virtual games like NES and SNES. The lite version of this console basically announced the end of the DS family. The modes show that it is more powerful than previous Nintendo consoles. The games in handheld are in HD and are able to play powerful games that only home consoles could handle. It is totally a ...more

The only reason this isn't number one is because old nintendo fans are being biased, the question wasn't "What was your favourite console? ", it was "What is the best console? ", and it's so clearly obvious that the switch is superior in almost every single way to its predecessors

I love it, it's portable, it's a solid console and really I don't care about hyper-realistic graphics, I just care about having fun. I can play some indie games from PC and it seems that it has a decent portability so its library might keep expanding!

10 Game Boy Advance

This was the console that introduced me to the world of gaming when I was a kid. I still remember back when I was 4 years old, I got a Game Boy Advance SP in blue for Christmas in 2004 and I even got a copy of The Simpsons Road Rage to go with it. It had so many good games like the Super Mario Advance series (I played the Super Mario Bros 3 port, SMA4), Mario Kart Super Circuit (my first ever Mario Kart game), among many others!

This was my first portable gaming console. It was a great improvement from the Gameboy and Gameboy Color due to the backlight and closable screen (just to help hide it in the middle of the night). I spent all my time using this, bringing it to school to trade or battle Pokemon or just relaxing. During long trips or when I was just bored, the Gameboy Advance SP was always there for me.

It didn't aged well, I agree, but at the time it was a blast : Add good games like Pokemon, Superstar Saga and Metroid Fusion with a revolutionary 32-bit PORTABLE system, and you got this little system. The SP version was also cool.

A link to the past, one of the best Zelda games ever. Play all old gameboy games! Back lit! Great console!

The Contenders
11 Game Boy

What can I say... it wasn't the Sega Game Gear (actually I remember Sega beating Nintendo on every technical aspect) but I guess, again, the game library was definite. I wasn't much of a fan of its screen but hey, it was revolutionary.

This is truly the brick of legends, this thing was a gift from the gods to bless the world for all it has accomplished. Nothing tops the original Game Boy not even the New 3dsxlxyzpika2dbalsack

An original Game Boy that went on a weight loss program, enough said.

You want a Gameboy, but in the style of a Game Boy Color? You have this...

12 Game Boy Color

Never owned one, so I don't know... But Pokemon gen 1 looks really cool.

The natural step forward. Now with color.

13 Color TV-Game

Hahaha nobody knows what this is. Yet I do (:3 it's Nintendo's first console. Everybody thinks the nes is but it's actually this one

What? Never heard of this?

14 Game & Watch

The first of the first handheld wise.

15 Virtual Boy

An innovative design that would not be touched again by any company till the 3DS... It's a shame they rushed the N64 into production and didn't finish development to normal Nintendo standards.

Worst console in existence. It only lasted for 6 months because everyone who got it have been injured.

This console may have given people instant headaches and even blindness BUT it inspired everybody making them realise that 3D gaming is possible. This console was pretty bad. Nothing happened until 2010-2011 when the 3DS came out then the Oculas Rift Experiment Kit Came Along. So that's history for ya! (IN 3D! ! ;-])

This console was not good but some of the games were outstanding!

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