Top Ten Best Wizard101 Worlds

The Top Ten Best Wizard101 Worlds

1 Dragonspyre
2 Khrysalis Part 2

Already on here - bigbubba2001

3 Marleybone

I'm stuck here because I don't wanna spend crowns anymore - Goatworlds

Already on here - bigbubba2001

4 Mooshu
5 Avalon
6 Wizard City
7 Krokotopia


8 Celestia
9 Zafaria
10 Khrysalis Part 1

The Contenders

11 Grizzleheim

I really like Grizzleheim. The graphics are beautiful, and I love the awesome adventures, and primitiveness! I also love Krokotopia, but really hate Marleybone, all but the awesome clock tower where you battle Meowiarty. Grizzleheim is the best!

12 Azteca
13 Aquila
14 Polaris
15 Empyrea

Great story in most places, great gear, great battles (some are a bit annoying though). - PseudoRidge

16 Wysteria
17 Mirage
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