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1 Jack Will


Um is that Even a question

Because enough said

Sorry the computer changed my words l said because for best character and it typed in because sorry

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2 Summer Dawson

She is so nice to Auggie no matter what others say. Everyone loves her and thinks she is smart, pretty, and nice. She chose kind, like Mr. Browne said to. YEAH! Should be #1, I love you Summer!

Summer is really nice to Auggie, and she is so smart (honor roll, and perfect! Go Summer! I also like how she becomes friends with Charlotte Cody and Ximena Chin in Auggie and Me "Shingaling"

No she is too perfect,everyone loves her,Everyone thinks she is pretty,Everyone thinks she should be in the popular group and she is nice

3 Auggie Pullman

Cutest, smartest, sweetest, and most brave character! He should be number 1. He's the best book character ever!

Summer's a Mary Sue and Jackwill said something very rude about Auggie, so I like them but they're not my favorites. However Auggie is.
Also he's incredibly cute in the movie. I have crush :3 ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜™

4 Via Pullman

Via is very loyal but at the same time she can be out on her own. Very independent. Very understanding. She should at least be #3. Go Via! Summer_Sky

5 Isabel Pullman
6 Justin
7 August "Auggie" Pullman
8 U

Oh that was an accident - Catscatscats

9 Olivia Pullman
10 Amos

The Contenders

11 Charlotte Cody

I know in the actual Wonder story, she seems like kind of s show off, and I used to think that. But I was wrong. When I read "Shingaling" in the Three Wonder Stories, I saw her is a whole new life. Charlotte is nice to everyone, and is sad about loosing her best friends Ellie (who ditches her for the popular group.) Charlotte is also very smart and talented, so if you judge Charlotte Cody, just read Shingaling, and you'll see her in a whole different light. (She was also one of the nicest to Auggie Pullma.) definitely should at least be #2! Yeah Charlotte!

12 Mr. Lawrence Tush

Tushmanโ€™s name is so funny - Chuckbomb7

13 Nate Pullman
14 Miranda

I feel so sorry for her. Miranda should be number 1 #.

15 Julian Albans

In the julian chapter he is the best - TeamRocket747

16 Miles

He is so cute - Chuckbomb7

17 Reid Kingsley
18 Mrs. Petosa

She is okay I guess. Don't really know much about her. She seems like a pretty good teacher.

19 Mr. Browne

Hello! Why isn't he on this list. He was totally completely nice to Auggie (you can see that especially in the film Wonder! ) Should be #4! (at least! )

20 Sergeant Dawson

I feel bad for Summer. So sad... with he was a character in the book. :(

21 Mya Markowitz

Read shingaling

22 Daisy (Pullman's Dog)

She was a sweet little dog, and I wish she didn't die. It was so sad. :(

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