Top 10 Worst Places to Live In London

Not the most dangerous, but the worst to live in the City of London for various reasons. The most common reason is that the following places are full of Low class housing estates.
The Top Ten
1 Brixton

Don't get me wrong I love Brixton. There was once upon a time when it looked after it's own. But growing up I have watched notorious gangs take over and own anything good and productive within the community. Since I have moved, I don't feel a part of it any more. Not even safe I could go as far as saying. Getting off the tube station you get bombarded by young boys and any clubs that I begin to enjoy are usually shut down within the year due to violence or drugs. Such a shame because it has such a variety within the community, it's colourful and vibrant but just not safe.

Brixton is a hole that consists of broken household with Yardie Thugs and Hoodrats that deserve to stab, shoot, and torture each other to death. They have no other culture than violence. I respect African communities and their values, but today's Caribbean Communities are obsessed with playing the 'Race Card' and threatening other communities.

2 Peckham

Absolutely love living here! The people are so friendly and always smile at me, they even offered to clean my gun for me the other day. The gangs are all very pleasant and always say hi, something with a knife but only every other day. Live here if you want a nice friendly community who all look out for each other! (also great place to find a new gang to join)

I'm suprised this isn't the top one, it is in fact the worst, these people have no idea what they're talking about. drugs, knives, guns, murder, that's just a part of what peckham has not to mention gangs dominate the area and even the kids can shoot you dead

Home of loads of notorious gangs (Peckham Boys, Sn1 etc.. ) Which brings violence, crime and theft. The people here are all brutal and violent. peckham is made up of bad low class run down housing estates all over the place.

3 London Borough of Hounslow

I think it is much better living here than in Acton. There are too many drug dealers in Acton. There are some here but not as many as there are in Acton. Obviously it is dirty in the High Street and there are lots of beggars but apart from that it is alright. Better than being homeless I think.

Hounslow used to be great borough, but now it's now crap. Under the long serving Labour Council and its current MPs, Seema Malhotra and Ruth Cadbury, Hounslow is an overpopulated 3rd world dump with mediocre shops, too much litter, too many violent and mentally unstable 3rd world migrants and their twisted kids roaming the streets.

Currently in the process of turning all the green spaces into blocks of flats, what better way to improve the area.

4 Tottenham

Tottenham has not recovered (socially & economically) ever since the riots 2011. The Haringey Labour Party Council are useless and the local Labour MP David Lammy (so-called tough on 'gang culture') chose not to send his kids to a local school in Tottenham, but to an oversubscribed Catholic School in neighbouring 'Crouch End'.

Shame about the football club too; it would be better if they demolished everything, never mind the stadium!

Scarred by the 2011 riots and the shooting of Mark Duggan. The investments and positive progress still doesn't make Tottenham a good place to live. home of the Tottenham Mandem gang

5 Newham

I've lived in Newham all my 62+ years and seen it go from a lovely place to bring up a family into a flytipped, spittle-ridden, crime ravaged dump, with a council whose priorities exist only in Docklands and the Olympic Park bit. Last Sunday, (15.10.17), a man was stabbed and killed in our local park. The park is still closed, much to the inconvenience and disgust of the decent people left in our neighbourhood. Our Police have been overwhelmed and now have no choice but to surrender 90% of the borough to criminal classes. Okay, our council tax may be the cheapest in London, but that's all you can say for this sad bit of London. My own area, E12? Well, if God ever gave London an enema, Manor Park E12 is where he'd stick the nozzle. Even Manor Parks councillors no longer take an interest. Perhaps when the riots happen, things might improve, but with the current Mayor and councillors I somehow doubt it.

6 Edmonton

Edmonton is the worst place in the London Borough of Enfield. It is crime-ridden, an acceptable place for gangs to cause chaos and commit murders. Edmonton is also plagued by welfare dependency, crap schools, unemployment, race hustlers, mediocre broken families, cheap shops, and useless Labour Party Councillors.

Edmonton. Most defiantly the WORST place in London. Unfriendly, scary, dirty, rude, and just Disgusting, in everyway. Worst place I've been And had the Unfortunate and and unforgettable experience of living there! I would struggle to find something positive... thinking of it, no, not one single thing nice about it.

The other comments say it all. The level of dirt and rubbish dumped daily by residents here is indescribable.
They live surrounded by their own crap - literally - and are happy to do so. Much of the property is used as rental investments as owners move away whenever possible.

7 West Croydon

West Croydon and the rest of Croydon is full of fat, loud mouth, race-hustling, low IQ degenerage inbreds, hoodrats and scumbags that like to terrorise other communities in the name of 'Black Power' and their culture revolves around the dependency of the welfare state, drill-rap, weave shops, drugs, cheap takeaways, guns, knives, shoplifting (similar to Peckham this month), gang attacks, bullying white/jewish people (e.g. 3 black girls attacking 2 white women in East Penge Station this month). Croydon is morally bankrupt and the local Labour-run Croydon Council is financially bankrupt. Croydon needs to be nuked for the sake of humanity.

Silly kids with knifes and drugs siting on every corner of streets.

Home of the scum being socially cleansed from elsewhere more central

8 Harlesden

House prices are hilarious, if you don't know the area then buyers beware!
Harlesdens had this sudden, seemingly trendy status a few years ago but really couldn't see what had or has changed about this particular ghetto.. It's still a dirty, crime ridden depressing area. Avoid like the plague!

Harlesden is an area with culture. I think only people who don't apprieciate change and culture will see harm in the beauty that is Harlesden. I think over the years the crime that used to ruin Harlesden's reputation has decreased, leaving a lovely homes and communities to live in.

Harlesden is becoming similar to a third world state. The labour party have lost control, unlike other failed places like Tottenham or Brixton there is no progress/infrastructure in Harlesden at all. Also high unemployment rates and crime.

9 Hackney

all the people i went to school with are now junkies or roadmen and many are dead or in jail. Filthy area infested with disgusting hippies and junkies who are always looking to mug you. Top Boy was set here for a reason. Big up Summerhouse

Channel 4 voted Hackney the 'worst place to live in UK' in 2006. The Local Labour Party Council and its Labour MPs took offense to this and attacked channel 4 rather than trying to make Hackney better.

"At night you don't feel safe at all, having many alleyways you don't know what's gonna come out. Especially after dark many gangs creep to the streets and lurk around."

10 Woolwich

Remember Lee Rigby's murder in 2012 in broad daylight in Woolwich? This is what can happen to anyone who would live in a failed place like this. Gangs, Guns and Brutal youth here.

This place is full of dirty muslims and chinese scum.
Quite frankly I think this place should be removed from the face of the earth.

The Contenders
11 Barking and Dagenham

One of the worst London Boroughs destroyed by the long serving Labour Party Council and its current Labour MP, Margaret Hodge (who has a history of covering sex abuse scandals in Islington as Council Leader). This borough has amoung the highest unemployment rate, poverty, crime, social housing, welfare dependency and most ethnically diverse. No wonder there's 'White Flight', just like Detroit, Michigan in the US after the riots during the 1960's

One of the worst London Boroughs in terms of rising crime, tensions between ethnic minority groups and a high unemployment rate, courtesy of Labour-run Barking & Dagenham Council and their local MPs.

Sad, Once a blue collar, hard working class area, where people respected one another. What happened?

12 Acton

Acton is now ruined by too many people from third world countries, thanks to the late Labour Party Government and Ealing's Labour Council.

A land that is bad
Its all quite sad
How people scream at night
When the scary gangs fight
I hide in my flat
Oh no there's a rat...
Acton never mends

Run down housing estates and unemployment. High stabbing rates as well, so there is danger and a bad enviroment (uneducated robbers)

13 Lewisham

Named the 'Least Peaceful Area of England and Wales' of 2013. Lewisham aka post Steven Lawrence thug-for-life area is a gangster infested, sociopath, schizophrenic, sub-human, degenerate place run by broken-families & Lewisham's Useless Labour Council and three useless Labour MPs.

Urine and beer add the finishing touches to the spilt blood and rotting fish market. Knife and gun cream to the gangs here is what a fresh meadow is to cows. Deadly.

Not nice around here, would place it in the top 5.

14 Mitcham

Total dump, has been for decades, crime infested, several gangs operating in different areas, no major shops, no funding from local government to improve the area as Merton would rather fund Wimbledon, any funding Mitcham does get isn't for residents, it's for the people using Mitcham as a cut through. Regular fly tipping and poor waste management makes it a dirty, smelly place too. Every night I've spent in Mitcham I've heard sirens or police helicopters. Not uncommon to see drug addicts begging, not uncommon to see large groups lf young men drinking and smoking at all hours of the night, just a place to avoid. Don't believe the articles telling you it's up and coming, it is most certainly not.

Not the worst place in the world but certainly far from the best. Some down to earth people in the area but there is always an element of trouble & anti-social behavior that never seems to go away. Badly run by council, only investment seems to be roadworks every few years.

15 Wembley

Wembley is one of the only crime ridden dumps in North West London, with a high abundance of council estates and a rather horrid town centre. The town is certainly not improving much either.

Thanks to the Labour Party Council, Wembley is an overcrowded dump full of 3rd world backwards people and garbage. The people there consistently vote for the Labour Party, who are Pro Mass Immigration.

Wembley is great area, it's safe, well serviced and improving at an alarming rate. Absolutely can't see the comparison to Harlesden.

16 Bromley

People who live in Bromley generally grew up in Kennington or waterloo and feel that a move to the suburbs makes them better then the rest of us.

Most places are crappy old ex council looking homes. Especially around southborough lane end.

High prices in a failed crime ridden part of the City. Located in East London

17 Bethnal Green

Gang fights everywhere, police brutality, racism, terrorist Bangladeshis everywhere.

A third world area and Capital of Londonistan & Bangledesh thanks to Labour's Tower Hamlets' Council and its current local MP Rushanara Ali.

18 Woodgreen

It's a horrible disgusting place. Loaded with gang culture and dangerous people.

Another crap area ruined by gang culture and the Labour Council. The only good thing about Wood Green is hot blonde MILF Tamzin Outhwaite.

I don't want to go to Wood Green as well.

19 Morden

The Council will give you planning to build anything as long as you pay the Chief Planner and the Planning Committee...The don't respect their residents and take them for granted

A lot of chavs or "roadmen" roam around in the South Wimbledon, mordon and Colliers Wood area. Not the best place as there are a couple gangs

20 Neasden

Full of uneducated racist pensioners who spend all their time complaining about people from Eastern Europe (the only people in the area who actually work).
Litter everywhere and slum landlords seem to own half the area.
The sheer unpleasantness of the racist pensioners ensures that nobody who moves there stays long.

Scary people all around. north circular road is infested with rubbish and rats

Doesn't deserve to be on the list, quiet area, no gangs, nice residents

21 Stockwell

I live here and was nearly shot last week. Apart from that the people are lovely

22 New Cross
23 Wealdstone

Fly tipping, transient population, absolutely nothing of any redeeming nature and a lack of any infrastructure investment make for one rotting heap. Never go there.

Full of chicken shops, betting shops with crazies hanging around outside, several stabbings (1 fatal). Like living in Mogadishu.

Been a couple shootings and stabbings. Gun deposit and knives boxes as well on Locket Road towards Belmont

24 Roehampton

Agree with this. In the godforsaken part of Wandsworth. No shops, no train or tube station and the Alton estate. Even being near Richmond park can't save it.

Might not have tube or train stations but plenty of bus routes to stations - I lived here for 21 years &'was not a problem!

25 Streatham

If Naomi Campbell came back to Streatham, she would described it as infested with race hustlers, gang culture, rising murders, acid attacks, sexual assaults, & liberal apologists who defend criminals and shame the victims (just like the rest of London). Streatham has been ruined by the long ruling Labour-run Lambeth Council that still imposes rising Council Taxes and still deliver mediocre public services. (crap schools, poor policing, under-performing hospitals, unclean streets and poor public infrastructure).

To the person wrote "Never judge a place and the people who reside their, by your own bigoted and closeted standard" is a closet bigot, racist, a regressive degenerate idiot and an apologist for rising violent crime, political correctness and gang culture. People do thrive in streatham by being smug, arrogant, mugging, assaulting and murdering each other.

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