Kristen Stewart

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Kristen Jaymes Stewart is an American actress. Born into a film-oriented family, Stewart began her acting career in 1999 with uncredited roles and a minor character appearance in several films before gaining prominence in 2002 for playing Jodie Foster's daughter in the thriller Panic Room, which garnered more.


She's got the thought capacity of a guppy. Ask her to show deep emotion at the same time as reciting a line from the script - now watch her start to seize and foam at the mouth as she tries to do so.

Not a fan of Twilight but my wife is a huge fan of it. So we watched the first movie and my wife actually apologized to me for making me sit through that. I told her that there's no apologizing in the world that could erase from my mind the fact that I'd just seen an entire movie with a 2"x4" cast as female lead.

She actually has got LESS acting prowess than Hayden Christensen! I did not think that was possible.

Reply to the visitor: The wife was probably a fan of the books not the movies. - Anonymousxcxc

I've seen 5 films starring her (well, even more if you count every twilight-moonlight-whatever thing individually) and in every single one of them, she had identical face-expressions (well, no, thats wrong, actually, there is only one), she always "stutters" in that strange way, she blinkes like 10 times a minute (why?! ) and she seems to be addicted to her hair. so she does in interviews, maybe I made a wrong choice- she isn't even acting at all

You guys are right. She only uses 1 face during her movies. She also destroyed a Snow White movie by using just one face. She has no personality, so how do my stupid sisters like a Snow White movie with her better than the Disney version. I keep from them that I like the animated one better, it is amazing, and my art class had common sense to like this version. I thought her Snow White movie lasted 1 hour longer than it really was, because it was seriously creepier than a human-like Pokemon and her acting. Gosh, am I disgusting by that personality-less, blank face palette life ruiner.

She can't act at all. There is no emotions whatsoever. It is as if she is a robot. Another thing is she complains about acting. If you don't want to act you can quit no one is forcing you do act you annoying there are other people who would eagerly take you place. ALso I think she could be number 1 on this list because she is the worst actress ever and is also overrated.

Probably the only list I ever want to see Kristen Stewart on top. There ist just no worse actress than her. I even dare to say that she's not even acting... Being only herself in all the movies. Why else is it always the same face, the same stutter, the same blinking... Not just in movies, but interviews as well. I really hope Hollywoods directors stop thinking with their lower parts and not hire her anymore. Because, let's be serious here, she didn't get the jobs because of her talent.

She is the worst actor I have ever seen, I read the twilight books first and I was like " that sounds so good I love this book, can't wait for the movie " then the movie comes and I was like no what have you done you have made me hate twilight, just to see her act is horrifying, I never thought I would have to see such a bad acting! - alex_sweetie

Oh my god yeah her acting sounds like she's out of breath and does she ever move her facial expression

Let's call her One Face from now on. She shows no emotion and expression in all of her movies. Rotten Tomatoes gave one her movies the rating "Rotten", which was that new Snow White movie. She is overrated, and it shows when you see the review for Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Her Snow White movie was Rotten because the majority came from her horrendous acting, but Disney's Snow White was fresh. I actually saw emotion in the animated one, and it was better.

It's hard to choose though..between her and miley cyrus! Both HORRIBLE actresses and equally disgusting and repulsive personalities.They offer nothing to this business except from bad role models for teens and children.I'm just giving my vote to this one cause she was so terrible in twilight-at least the first two that I watched cause then I figured how brainwashed I had been by that franchise of films that is a disgrace for cinema, well among others of course-that I wanted to cry! Just help by wondering why some people keep making movies with her.what is wrong with the world? Why can't Hollywood restore its old days of glory where cinema was pure entertainment, quality and..well, perfection? Oh dear god give us more movies like Casablanca and we'll give you Kristen Stewart!

She should be number 1. Actually she should be in the negatives. She's so bad that I want to go to Hollywood and kill anyone that ever came into contact with her just because truly talented people are struggling to show even one person what they can do and she gets to strut around, deluded into thinking that she has any talent.

Absolutely the worst actress ever! She should be number 1on this list! Her expressionless and boring face just kills ever movie she has been in. She only became famous because Twilight, the book, was such a big hit not because of her extremely terrible acting skills.

It's terrible that she even made a list containing some of these people. Although you might not be a fan of people like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt, they have had a successful career. Based on something real. How this woman got her start, and how she is continuing to be so prominent in the Hollywood scene baffles me.

Biggest poker face ever. Her acting and face are plainer the area in the end cutscene of Sonic Generations. Her acting shows she had no acting lessons, as her face showed only one thing compared to Blank Zone's 3 things. She is part of the reason Twilight is abominable. And god, it's not about the actor/actress who best resembles the character, it's the one who can best portray the character. No wonder she is on the list.

I'm not sure if Miss Stewart is under or over medicated or her distict lack of expression and ability to emote like a normal human is just her natural state. Regardless, her attempt at "acting" in everything that I've seen her in isn't even laugh out loud funny, it's like watching paint dry. She defintely deserves to be on this list!

She is a disgrace in the name of an actress. How come people take her in movies, its not even like she is really pretty, she is average at the best.

The only expression she can give, is parting her lips and showing her big bunny teethes.

I watched snow white and the huntsman, I could never tell if she was smiling at the end or just closing her mouth after like 2 and a half hrs!

I gotta say, it's a close one. Kristin Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Miley Cyrus should NEVER have been given the chance to ruin perfectly good movies! Her acting is just as horrible as her attitude/ personality. - DamonSalvatore

What is she doing here on 13th and johnny depp and brad pitt doing in top ten. Seriously guys who like depp. Don't comment on his name yall are just voting for him in the process. Vote for this stupid poker faced creature instead.

She is not an actress, she has no emotion and she acts with just one facial expression which means she's awful. But I must say why is johnny depp in the top ten list, he is literally one of the best of all time actors :O

I loved the twilight books but then the movies came out and I felt like I was gonna be sick. I can't believe she keeps getting roles! That snow white movie would have been great if she wasnt in it. Now I keep hearing rumors that she wants to play the lead in 50 shades of grey. Those are my favorite books! I swear if she gets that part my life is over. Mila Kunis should play that part. She's not interested in it but she would be the best for it I think. Also I have to agree with everyone out about johnny depp being on this list. I have seen so many of his movies and he is not jack sparrow in all of them. Has no one seen the tourist?

Kristen Stewart is the most snobby, stuck-up, expressionless and overall, useless actress we've seen in a long time..
But who dared to put Johny Depp, Sean Penn, George Clooney, Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris and Denzel Washington on this List!?!
They are all amazing human being's not to mention Remarkable actors!

Kristen Stewart does not know how to act... AT ALL... She mutters in every word in the movie I mean she can't complete a full sentence...

If I wrote nothing at all here, it would be more interesting than watching her on screen. I HATE HATE her face, her mouth. HATE HATE. She is so unbelievably boring. I tried to watch the Twilight series but just could not tolerate her enough to get through the 2nd film. Never saw another. I have seen her in other things, she has NOT improved. God is she boring!

She is most defiantly the most boring person alive she never moves her face and her acting sounds like she's out of breath

She needs to close her mouth because gaping is not appropriate for every emotion. And, she basically plays the same character in every single movie. That's not acting. That's being a Mary Jane. Maybe if she stopped using Mary Jane she might be able to play another character.

Her acting was simply just DULL.
I had HIGH EXPECTATION FOR TWILIGHT until she ruins it for me. Watch the first one and never watch the second. I couldn't stand sitting another minute seeing her act (it was just too sad)

Honestly. -99999999/5

I loved the books but when I saw the movie I was just like what? She sounds like she's out of breath and constipated whenever she talks in twilight

People like to make the excuse that Kristen was such a bad actress in Twilight because "that's how Bella is supposed to be played, it's her character. " Yeah, until you notice she plays the SAME CHARACTER IN EVERY MOVIE SHE'S IN. There is no excuse for that kind of bad acting. (Also, Tommy Wiseau should be at least at 6- not Depp! )

I don't even think Kristen Stewart is human. I have never seen her show ANY emotion in a single film that she's been in. Hell, I may hate Twilight, but at least Bella could show emotion in the books. In the movies, she just acts so robotic and lifeless. And the scary thing is, it might not be her acting. She might actually act like that in real life! It's creepy..., - Elric-san