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Paris Whitney Hilton is an American businesswoman, socialite, television personality, model, actress, singer, DJ, and author .


You know we're all being duped when people who have zero talent on all counts become famous. Talent is a necessity, being rich and shopping to the degree of over consumption is not. Perhaps someone should let Paris know how unimportant and superfluous she really is. The only human she benefits is herself

I just want to say I already love this web site. The Paris Hilton thread is awesome. Although I wouldn't narrow her down to just worst actor, I think there should be a category for worst spoiled American, or best. Or category for best example of why the rest of the planet hates Americans. - Jstien13

Ya, thought the world already knew that Paris was not even an actress to begin with. She has no training and no acting skill what so ever. All the "formal" training she had was on a reality television show! To put it nicely, Paris Hilton makes nails on a chalk board sound like Shakespeare. - masongilbert74

Ya know... This is the first list I opened, See the No1 and just knew...
Paris, just in case you ever see this. Stick to the home made stuff and leave the real acting to people with brain cells. The dog in MIB was better than you! LOL - WhySHOULDeye

I disagree with calling her a bad (or the worst) actress as a matter of principal. Being a bad actor presupposes that the individual is an actor which in tern presupposes that the individual has a basic human level of emotional and intellectual maturity. Paris Hilton and few other specimens on the list do not even come closer to that. Nobody, except for people who seem to equate a celebrity with an artist, would bother to call her an actress.

The list says Top Ten Worst Actors, but the top three are actresses, and Justin Bieber is #4 when he isn't even an actor. Being in one episode of CSI doesn't count. He is a singer first and foremost and you can hate him for that, but you can't make fun of Tim Tebow because he sucks at baseball. You can make fun of him because he can't throw a football.

Okay so I watched the simple and I just cracked up she is so funny. I watched the episode where she plays hide and seek with a little girl and then loses her. She isn't a bad actor she is just very stupid and I feel sorry for her at times.

Well yeah, she sucks. You guys said something right here. But I was not able to choose, so I just say that the other choices were Miley Syrus and Stephen Saegal. And Depp, from Pirates of Carribbean to Edward scissorhands and The Man Who Cried, is a great actor. - TheNextGreatestRockStar

Worst actress ever! If you want to write a comment saying you like the actor, why would you vote for them on this list to write that comment. Vote on who you hate to write a comment on who you like. I don't think johnny depp deserves to be on this list! He is an extremely talented actor! - dragon13304

She's only famous because of her dad! He's an awesome guy and Paris Hilton is his little bratty daughter! BLAH! She's not a good actress at all! If I picked A GRAIN OF SAND of a beach it would be a better actress than her! I mean, what if sand were alive? Like, maybe if they were, the grain of sand COULD be a better actress, like... you know what I mean? - maddyparrot22

Most annoying Face of all time!

Talentless, selfish, Ugly!

I don't understand how someone like this can get famous!

Keanu Reeves and Orlando Bloom and etc... who put them in this list?

i know some Keanu Reeves roles are boring, but he still is a good actor...

watch constantine, matrix... and so on...!

I thought the list was about actors... Paris is worse than the worst actor. Maybe because she's N O T an actress! She's a pathetic social-life who doesn't have anything better to do, so she thought maybe she could destroy the world of acting... - funkymonkey

EVERYBODY! If you think Johnny Depp is a good actor, don't comment on his page. Comment on another one, because if you comment on there he gets higher! But Paris Hilton is really a stupid idiot.

I only agree with Paris being on this list! Not many others to chose from as far as worst actor! Personally I think this list is showing that the person who created it lives in a sad little world and has to create these to feel better about themselves.

who labeled her as an actress?
c'mon seriously I could commit suicide if I have to see her film once more!
(i have to say she is not the worst ever, but in such an expecting role, she is) - hari7manutd

Possibly the spawn of satan. though she is good at playng the part of someone with no talent. I can't believe johnny depp is on this. people seem to think that as he's good looking that makes him some kind of overated actor. well sorry guys but you know squit. - Cantonez

The girl has no talent. So enough about her. What in the hell is Johnny Depp and Nicholas cage doing in this list? They both are amazing actors and I have to thank Cage for bringing Johnny into the acting world.

I hope you all realise that the title says actors not actresses but oh well I'm going for Paris Hilton anyway because she is awful. - grattz

Tom cruise, johnny depp, Ben Affleck and dear lord! Jim carrey? What the hell is wrong with you! Hit a psychiatrist right away! You need some serious help! - abhinandannitresrivatsa

She is not even an actress. She is famous for being famous. Not talent of any kind. (Other than what might show up in her sex tapes. )

This woman don't deserve to be number one on this list, because she don't deserve to be called an " actress ".

What!? Johnny Depp a bad actor? Are you crazy!? Whoever put him on this list is high!

Everyone else I agree with especially Miley Cyrus, is she gone yet?

I don't think she knows how to act what she did is shut her eyes like she is gonna sleep during the movie show and she doesn't really put face expression into the movie.

Paris Hilton is just another dumb blonde who had her daddy pay for her to get into the acting business. I hate her annoying voice and her nose job she had just disgusts me every time I see it. She's an old lady trying to fit in as a teen who needs to just quit. - Confirmation

Slow down a second, sir. Paris Hilton is considered an actress? What contributions has she made to the film industry? Don't answer that question, because I know what you'll say.

Honestly, I'm not so much annoyed with her acting as I am with her personality. Anyone else remember that absolute gem of a phrase about everything bad that could happen to a person has happened to her? Sure, Hilton. Sure.