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21 Ghost Princess

Why is this here?! The voice actor for Clarence is the almighty SAM MARIN, voice of Benson, Pops, AND Muscle Man from Regular Show!

What's this doing here? It had a great plot, and an interesting mystery! The only reason I can think of it being here is a small plothole, and even that doesn't make it a bad episode.

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22 Up a Tree

This episode was ok, but the plot was pretty uncreative. It starts off with Finn and Jake playing catch, and Finn throws the frisbee for it up a tree by accident, then Finn climbs up with a help of animals, but he says no and still gets the offer. He then climbs the tree with the powers and finds his way to the top. Then a group of animals throw him in a dungeon but then he escapes with the guard of the dungeon with the frisbee. There aren't many flaws, but this episode was boring.

I personally liked this episode. But I can admit that it was boring and didn't have that much effect - SheepBuggy

Very, very boring. Finn acted stupid and the episode is so slow.

I love this one. - 445956

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23 Gotcha!

It wasn't terrible, but it felt kind of awkward and a bit stupid.

Seriously it was gross (even for LSP) and it has some moments that AT shouldn't even had it.

It's a name of videogame why the hell the creator stole this idea.

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24 Gut Grinder

The gut grinder is okay, it is cool.

It not bad, but it's an "Okay" episode.

Worst episode of its season. It's like they forgot to make it funny.

25 The Monster
26 Wizard Battle
27 The Red Throne

Basically, the plot was boring, Finn was just there because why not, and Cinnamon Bun had a complete character 180. Enough said.

This is the worst. Episode. Ever. Oh, and I HATE the Flame King. Excuse me for a moment while I kill him.

This episode made me hate Cinnamon Bun sooo much and also Flame Princess a bit. I was hoping to see Finn and Flame Princess get back together as it was near Valentines Day when this episode aired

I would of enjoyed seeing Flame King & Don Jon win

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28 I Remember You

The only reason I voted was to share my opinion. What the heck is this doing higher than Bmo Noire!?!?! This is the best episode by far!

Unpopular opinion: This episode sucks. How is just an episode with Marceline and Ice King singing the best episode? Simon and Marcy, Lemonhope ll, and Princess Cookie made me cry. This I just was waiting and waiting for the episode to finish. - 445956

29 The Comet

The season started with a cool episode "Escape from the Citadel". This was dissapointing, the writers ruined the Comet story arc and the Orgalorg arc. But season 7 is better.

30 Simon & Marcy

Excuse me, how did THIS get on the list?

My pardon? I think you might've accidently put it on the wrong list. This belongs on the top ten BEST adventure time episodes - SheepBuggy

Oh my god take this off the list now

What! This is the best Adventure Time episode.

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31 Evergreen

No logic, no good story, no good characters, bad end, a crappy dream, a new stupid characters

Seriously this episode is a garbage

You might think that now, but what happened in this episode is going to be HUGE in future episodes.

Why is this episode on here. This episode is great I like how it has the ironic twist at the end

No... This was amazing! - bunnyluv070

Gunter wasted his power by always shouting " ยก Gunter, no! ", when his father Evergreen, convinced him to channel his power against the comet, despite being guilt of acting rude towards his son. I had a list of morals and lessons to learn per each episode ending.

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32 From Bad to Worse
33 Bmo Noire

I don't get it. It probably would have been a good story but the black and white graphics is cringe.

Super boring, stupid black and white graphics and SO DAMN POINTLESS

34 Her Parents

This one was boring

35 Power Animal

The storyline is pointless. Finn gets taken by gnomes who have a stupid plot that needs Finn's energy and Jake spends the entire episode trying to ' focus, but he can't.

I HATE THIS ONE! Finn is suffering and Jake doesn't even look for him.

36 Donny

He's supposed to be a jerk. Don't hate someone because they are what they are meant to be - SheepBuggy

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38 The Cooler
39 Jake vs. Me-Mow
40 My Two Favorite People

This episode got an academy award

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