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41 Little Brother

This episode is boring. I liked Shelby before this episode now he just looks weird in the new episodes - SheepBuggy

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42 Princess Day

This episode amazing, how this on the list? - 05yusuf09

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43 Furniture & Meat

In this episode jake is the worst, I hate it, the only good part is when BMO and necto gone to save they

They make a episode involving money? I don't think it is a good idea. Also, Wildberry Princess was a big jerk in this episode.

What the hell happens to Finn and Jake in this episode? ESPECIALLY JAKE! They don't learn anything and they escape like they weren´┐Ż't heroes! Seoursly, I HATE THIS EPISODE! IT MAKES JAKE MORE JERK THAT HE WAS BEFORE!

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45 Incendium

Stupid Flame Princess was introduced at the episode. She ruins the show for me. - 05yusuf09

46 A Glitch is a Glitch

This episode was awful. It's a completely unbelievable representation of Finn and Jake, and the obvious sex jokes and imagery throughout were juvenile and terribly done. I kid& nbsp;you not, there is actually porno-style blow job scene at the beginning of the episode when Ice King sends them an "email" with a virus attached to a video of a girl "eating her hair." The entire episode felt like it was written by a 17 year old boy. The guest animation was alright, but it felt like it's best suited for shows geared toward three and four year olds. This is the only episode of this show that I think I truly hated.

The animation of this episode was too ugly I'm glad the animators only did it on one episode or else the show would have gone downhill this should be number 1 - countnightdark13

The animation was ugly (It was supposed to be I guess) and this episode was creepy man! Still I do rate it a 9/10 because it wasn't perfect but it wasn't bad - SheepBuggy

47 Crystals Have Power

Finn's kidnapped again and Jake's going through unimportant family crap with his unknown brother. Tree Trunks was creepy and kind of a pedophile because she's 80 something years old and wants a 13 year old boy as her soul mate.

48 Another Five More Short Graybles
49 Dentist
50 President Porpoise is Missing!
51 Princess Cookie

I will find whoever put this on the list - 445956

This reveals bubblegum is a huge jerk

52 Ricardio the Heart Guy
53 Hoots
54 Mortal Folly
55 Shh!
56 Time Sandwich
57 Still

This episode can be a bit cringe but it's still a average episode until the ending. So, the ending is Finn and Jake forced Ice King to give an unfreeze potion. But, it's actually a freeze potion, so Ice King is in freeze form too. Where is the unfreeze potion? It's holded by Gunter, then Gunter throw the potion to ground, it's break, and he started unfunny dancing scene.

58 Too Young

This Episode started my hatred of Princess Bubblegum.

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