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101 Reputation - Taylor Swift
102 Britney Jean - Britney Spears

She can't sing or write music. To fix the singing problem, she uses autotune, and to fix the songwriting problem, she hires other people to write music for her. She doesn't even help at all! The music her songwriters produce takes 15 people to write, and it's STILL not good!

She tried to copy Michael Jackson's billie Jean with the name of this album.

Not of her best works

'She tried to copy Michael Jackson's billie Jean with the name of this album.'
For your information, 'Britney Jean' is Spears's first and middle name. So, stfu.

103 The New Classic - Iggy Azalea

You're all just not Fancy enough to enjoy it.

This is horrible. Worst album ever

104 1989 - Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift doing grunge, punk, or hair metal? That sounds horrifying. Thank god she stuck to pop or else we would've had a disaster on our hands even worse than that year's Hot 100. - Zach808

Oh, come on. This album was great. I'm not a Taylor Swift fan, but even I'll admit that this album was good.

This album isn't anything special, but she does actually write her own music without any help from anyone else. You have to give her credit for that.

I'd rather be in the year 1989. At least they had GOOD music then, and not BS like this. - Punkrockandmetal

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105 Dreams Worth More Than Money - Meek Mill

Meek Mill is wack. He makes Drake sound like gangsta rap.

This guy loses every hip hop beef he gets in!

106 Nine Track Mind - Charlie Puth
107 Collage - The Chainsmokers

Such a poor show for an electronic album. - Entranced98

The only stand out is Don't Let Me Down. Everything else on this EP sounds like recycled material.

108 Witness - Katy Perry

This is going to suck... - AlphaQ

109 Summer In Paradise - The Beach Boys

The worst album of their entire career, and one of the worst albums in music history. It is virtually a Mike Love solo project, and Brian Wilson wisely had nothing to do with this.

110 Horrid Henry's Most Horrible Album - Horrid Henry

At least he admitted it.

111 Recharged - Linkin Park

Only 4 mixes are good: Castle of Glass, Skin To Bone, Lost In The Echo, and Roads Untraveled. This album is God awful. I love Linkin Park and all their albums, even the most hated ones, but this one sucks.

I love Linkin Park but I hate remix.

This is a ridiculous piece of trash. All songs are pop/techno/house/dubstep. Except Victimized (M Shinoda Remix), this is trash. All they could do was find remixes made by fans and put them in a compilation. Why the heck is ATS at the top?

This is really bad.
Keep in mind this is coming from a Linkin Park and electronic music fan - wrests

112 True - Avicii
113 I Am Not a Human Being - Lil Wayne

Well, you are a human being, but you sure give a bad name to humans with your crap music.

This gives a bad name to what Lil Wayne claims he isn't.

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114 Holiday Poop Puke and Pee Songs - The Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Never heard of it, but worst album name EVER.

I love this wickety wicked LP

115 Pablo Honey - Radiohead

There's only 2 good songs, Creep and Prove Yourself. I just start to cringe whenever I listen to this album. But that's what you expect from a debut album of one of the greatest bands of all time. - Mumbizz01

Um... No. Underrated. Actually a 9/10 album. Radiohead fans just hate it because it's not as good as the others. But it's actually a amazing album. No the 97th worst. Sorry, that's just a crime. - yoshimon3

It might not be their very best, but the fact it is above shameful releases by Meghan Trainor and The Chainsmokers is unbelievable. - Entranced98

Why does everyone hate this album? Sure it's not their best but it still at least a 7/10. (Though by Radiohead standards that counts as sh! t. Nevermined) - 12cc

116 Korn - Korn

The only reason I'm voting for this is because it was the first nu metal album. Other than that, it's decent.

117 Do Your Shows Always Suck? - Andy Dick

Nah, but I know yours do. Alongside your acting career. - Swellow

Really though? Read this title. This is real. Dear god...

118 Tha Carter IV - Lil Wayne

This is garbage. While Mirror is decent all the other songs were awful.

Besides this album was a flop and was the one where Lil Wayne went downhill.

So this deserves a -1/5 - AlphaQ

119 My Everything - Ariana Grande
120 Thank You - Meghan Trainor

Utter garbage

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