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21 ShaRaun (C11)

She kept saying she's america's next top model but from her picture she is actually the worst model ever on the show

She was the most confident of the bunch but still the worst model

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22 Melrose (C7)

Beautiful girl, in fairness her make over made her look much younger, and she did take some beautiful pictures but, oohhh, did she get on my nerves. She seemed very fake, she'd go on and on about making her own clothes and having a passion for fashion, then when she lost the challenge for the Flamenco challenge she broke down claiming DANCE was her passion, she lived for it, and all I could think was "since when? "

She was fond over acting, and when asked to do something dark and edgy she'd be all smiley, and just fake a growl or half smile when she's supposed to look angry.

23 Devin (C22)

Every time he mentioned how many agencies had booked him, all I could think was: agencies must have zero standards apparently!

I hate it when Tyra favors untalented jerks like him. Clearly, he is kept for drama and ratings, nothing more!

My God, stop touching your lips! Also, he's very annoying!

He is awful and so full of himself

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24 Alison (C10)

She didn't even stand out. I remembered every single girl - even the ones that went home early like Atalya and Kimberly - but I kept forgetting Allison. If you want to be a famous top model you need to be memorable.

At the second elimination, when she was complimented for her clothing style, she didn't even say 'Thank you'

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25 Kayla (C15)

Not good looking, had an annoying personalty, she kept saying that she's a lesbian in every single episode, and only took a couple of good pictures. Jane is way better model than Kayla and Kim from C5 is the best lesbian model.

Who put my girl Kayla in this list? She had one of the most stunning and highfashion photos in the history of the show and she became a huge role model for lesbian girls, as she was the first lesbian model to make it so far in the show.

Kayla was great...In my opinion she should have won cycle 15.OK I know Ann was high fashion,but let's face the truth,she wasn'the able to talk and her runway walk was just bad...Kayla and Jane had the package.The real final two of cycle 15.Chelsey was a mercy runner up.

26 Stefano (C22)

Can't help but feel he was edited to look worse than he actually was to be honest.

When you talk a big game, make sure you don't suck at it first.

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28 Angelea (C14 & C17)

She behaved badly throughout both cycles and yet she blames Tyra for not being able to book jobs. Frankly, she's just an attention hungry sore loser!

It's not Tyra's fault you were portrayed like a b! tch. You did that all by yourself!

Angelea was awful. I'm surprised she wasn't higher on the list. She had no modelling talent at all and an awful personality.

Yeah she's real... real rude. Who wants to put up with that? No professionalism.

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29 Lacey (C22)

I was cheering and laughing when she was ejected along with Mikey. Not saying she should be #1, but somewhere in that ballpark. She's a piece of crap on a good season.

Sleazy and fake. The true villain of cycle 22.

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30 Erin (C13)

She is rude and a whiner. She is an okay model. Nicole is better than her.

31 Dustin (C22)
32 Saleisha (C9)

Should have gone home instead of Victoria, possibly even before that as her rock climbing photo was crap as well. A cycle full of potential and yet they chose a terrible winner.

33 Laura (C19)

A rich mean girl who put down others just for the sake of being a b! tch. Terrible personality, befriending the biggest mean girl/bully in the nistory of ANTM and never owning up to it shows just how awful she trully is and if it weren't for the flawed voting system, I can guarantee that she wouldn't have won.

34 Kacey (C15)
35 Victoria (C20)

Victoria was so self-centered and probably the WORST of C19. She gloated about being better and was such an idiot! Half of her lines were about her heritage and family, and the other half stupid like "If you say that I look ugly, you're racist". I am SO glad she didn't win. She didn't deserve to become America's Next Top Model, period.

Victoria is the literal meaning of crybaby. All she did was whine about wanting to go home, and blamed everyone for being mean to her! Glad she was voted off.

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36 Celia (C12)

What she tried to do to Talia was unforgivable. I didn't even like Talia, but what Celia did was not okay.

37 Adam (C21)

Terrible attitude, unprofessional, complete joke.

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