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Humans are not exactly wild animals, but not domesticated, either. Proven to be the most intelligent species of animals on Earth. Humans' colours vary from almost pepper black to milky white. Builders of the global civilization.


Yes, humans are indeed awful, but I would consider myself to be in the less cruel region of the human race. I would never hurt or kill anybody unless if it was to defend myself. I'm not racist, sexist, or any other discrimination. I don't smoke, I don't drink till I'm drunk, I don't curse yet (and hopefully never will) and I come from a christian family. I wouldn't wear real fur, unless if it's wool harmlessly shaved from a sheep or an alpaca, I would never abuse an animal, deliberately hurt an animal, or abandon an animal. But most people are cruel. I was bullied because of my race and sex, and while I wish those remain anonymous, It was a ten to one argument. And as nice and passive as I may seem right now, I can get aggressive. But the majority of the people on earth are evil, cruel, and hate driven. This can be harmful to our race. With all the power we have, and one tiny mistake, can destroy all intelligent life on Earth. - BLAZEDAFOX

Humans are terrible beings, and I say this to include myself, as I am horrible as well. Some of us kill other animals for sport, not for survival, which I believe is very wrong. Also, we take up too much space and don't take other species into consideration. We also have a standard for other humans and judge them if they do not meet this standard. Humans are terrible, cruel animals and I am ASHAMED to be one.

Well, I actually consider humans to be the bets and worst animals. We've done awful things, but we're the only animals with a conscience and can question our instincts. Hey, even hunting is useful, as people who are not close to things like supermarkets can get food, in fact, hunting can keep the population of overpopulated animals to a healthy amount. Plus, surplus killing did not start with humans, plenty of carnivorous animals, such as wolves and lions, have killed for fun. A wolf pack even killed an entire flock of sheep and didn't eat a single one.

Seriously, who ever made this list has no heart... why would anyone hate animals? Hyenas are not bad, they are just like other animals, trying to survive! Humans are the worst...

Look at us, killing each other because of our beliefs, race, and religion. We are totally selfish to our fellow species, killing and torturing them just for a delicious meal that lasts 5 minutes. We think just because we walk and talk, we think we are the dominant species (which we are, Jesus look at the population of humans in the world.) But that still doesn't give us the right to put us over others

Shut up. Humans aren't the bane of all existence. Everybody's like "oh but humans kill animals" but what they don't know is that there is so many animals that would die without humans.

What a bunch of Eco-nazis. You guys say that because you only think about negative stuff. Be positive. Think about what humans have done to make this planet suitable. But all of you guys, your only options are hate, hate, and hate. Go ahead, hate me, spam the dislike button. You Eco-nazis are obnoxious

Kill animals for fun waste stuff pollute oceans and lands destroy echosystems starting wars killing other people Blowing up things forcing speicies into extinction hate other animals only concerned for ourselves. Take the united states for example. They don't give a damn about their people. But it's not just the americans it is also every other country even canada. Canadians go around killing seals. And I totally disagree with that. I am a proud canadian but I hate it that my country is clubbing seals to death americans hate anyone better than them the japanese are killing off whales and dolphins and stuff. But a least we care about our people but america does not care about their own. And people keep on getting murdered. Their could be a serial killer tourturing someone right now.

Okay, let's be like animals! Lets all get naked and run around like monkeys and poop were we please. Lets have sex in front of everyone and not care because we only care about having are babies be just like us! Lets fling are body fluids everwhere to mark our territory! Lets be selfish and only care about repopulating and keeping only ourselves alive! Now are we animals? ( SARCASM.) Leave that crap to the real animals. Please...

We should be number 1.. Let me explain some reasons

1. We KILL other beings. Think about it. We have the option to be vegetarian, but we still choose to eat meat and kill poor animals while they be slaughtered for our money.

2. Not only that, but we trap them to. Zoos think they help animals but really they're just trapping them behind metal bars so they can get money.

Us Humans should all commit suicide until there are none left.

Why so high on the list? People are the smartest things on the planet! We have the most emotional, delicate creatures ever created! Yes, people have done terrible things. War, abuse, pollution, but why do people not give credit for the amazing things we do? We created the Internet, we've wrote amazing stories, created art, and tons of other things. Who ever put this on here is basically saying they hate themselves.

Although humans have achieved so much over the course of time, overall we are a mess of a species compared to other intelligent animals. Dolphins and elephants could probably build an entire country before world peace is successfully established.

So this means you hate yourself?

I know that humans destroy other animal's homes to make cities, but do you even have to hate yourself? I also think this list is stupid.

Humans should be at the top of the list. Greedy for territory, polluting. Polar bears are not bad they are just trying to survive! Humans are the worst

Greedy, killing all the innocent species, polluting the world? I wanna kill myself for polluting for throwing trash away consistently.

So if you idiots hate humans then you hate yourself because you're a human so get your facts right

Human have two types of behavior, one us good and the other one is bad. Each human have their own behavior, but they till have the other one inside them (i.e: Kind person is kind, but evil is still inside them). Human might've kill, torture or whatever they've done to others, but at the same time, human also help the charities, etc. - GirlyAnimeLover

Humans have got to be the worst. They are selfish, glutinous and lack a lot of the intelligence we supposedly have. I don't believe in God mainly because we've managed to ruin so much of what was created (or will eventually) that even he/she/it would have realized humans are a mistake and wiped us out a long time ago.

Humans have done bad things, but we have done so many good things too. Even hunting can be good, it controls population and some people do get food from hunting.

But far the most arrogant greedy ignorant exploitive evil (could go on but will be here a long time) animal ever to walk this planet

I am ashamed to be one and I hope you guys are to. All we care about is getting "better". But we're making the world worse in reality.

Who doesn't care about getting better? What, should we be trying to get worse or something? - Blight

We humans are very flawed. So flawed in fact that we are the only species on Earth to kill each other not for food. - GreninjaGuy

We kill species of animals for fun.
We destroy the earth we live on.
We start fights over the stupidest things.
I could go on and on.
We are the monsters, not any of the creatures we share this planet with. We are awful and the worst part is, a lot of people don't even bother the accept this and change.

Do you think human is the worst animal? I think they are just bad to the wild animals

Humans abuse other creatures for fun, they are destroying this planet, and even worse, they have been horrible towards each other.