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1 Blaze-Banjoper

Ah yes, it is very wrong to claim that a fictional character is your wife. Especially since it is impossible for a real person and a fictional character to be a couple. Thankfully, his account on DeviantArt is deactivated.

Obsessive, abusive, and pretty much what you can call the Blaze-obsessed equivalent of Christian Weston Chandler. This retard in both senses of the word frequently bullies people who don't like his "wife" Blaze the Cat from the Sonic the Hedgehog series and has an unhealthy fetish of inflation fan art, including that of Blaze herself. Oh, and don't get me started on his inability to respect other people's opinions. Overall, this needs to reach numero uno ASAP, babe! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Tell that to his unhealthy obsessive behavior and mannerisms. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Hope he relize Blaze isn't his wife. Sure he can like fictional characters. But is he over obsessed with her I hope he get some help. I don't wish anyone would be kicked or punished for having a specific fetish, opinion or love fictional characters. But I hope he get help if his obsession goes too far - Getovait

Man treated a female fictional character for a wife? Seems legit.

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2 anthonytoney

He makes journals attacking other users. Plus, he even gave me a death threat all because I blocked him for sending pointless messages to me. - TheDeadlyRosered

Anthony is so annoying, with all of his journals telling people to "kill themselves" and saying it's a "joke" the very next journal he makes is disgusting

Hope he close his account and get some help he seems like a person with temper problems - Getovait

This guy's art is also terrible, yes, and he needs to go to jail since death threats are illegal.

He also is a fan of that piece of crap show Greeny Phatom, the fanbase of that show is horrendous.

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3 Chris-chan Chris-chan Christian Weston Chandler (Who is now known as Christine Weston Chandler), best known as Chris-chan, is an Autistic man who is the creator of the infamous webcomic Sonichu. He was discovered by trolls in 2007, which lead to him retaliating. In 2011, he came out as a tomgirl and started cross-dressing; ...read more.

Best known for the abomination known as Sonichu, if you know who I am talking about. I really hate this excuse of a human being so much, and it is especially bad when bullies compare autistic people to him or even "ship" one of them with him which is strictly forbidden. Shipping real people is never okay.

I've never found this guy, and I'm glad I haven't. He sounds like a total airhead. - Swellow

Definitely not "true and honest" like he claims to be, and you know what's bad? He assaulted a GameStop employee over the colors of Sonic's arms when Sonic Boom came out! That behavior is wrong, and no one should do that. I would never do that, either. What in the world is wrong with people?!

To be honest, this guy hasn't really done much of anything lately, so I dunno whether to move on or just keep talking her to move him to #1...

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4 Bart-Toons

They might think he's a racist - Kjellalbintomas

Hating anime is fine but hating a whole country... he need to keep these opinions to himself. Some people could be offended. - Kjellalbintomas

A xenophobe who hates Japan just because of bad anime.
If you say as much that Japan is nice, HE WILL BLOCK YOU.
He is also a Loudcest supporter and has created a harem for Lincoln Loud. - Drewman1211


Now that I look back at it, her hand drawn art isn't too bad, but she needs to work on proportions a bit and not use bases often. But she's not a good person, she once drew a picture of herself killing another user because they didn't want to be friends. Though it's gone, that's still not right and makes me think something's wrong with her.

Well is it my fault he closed his account? I tried to tell him I don't hate him as a person. I just didn't liked his comments on this site. - Getovait

He should learn to take critism and go to an artschool he can improve if he want to stead of cry like a baby when someone think his art is bad. I mean he share his opinions about other people's art so why can't others do that to him? This is the last time I say this I don't hate him as a person I just think it's unfair he can critisize others but cries when someone give him critique - Getovait

I apologized to Sedna I said that - Getovait

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6 dev-catscratch

He's a weirdo that is completely obsessed with children's shows designed for three-year-olds, stickers designed to stop pregnant womens' bellybuttons from poking out, diapers, AND he threatened to bomb his old high school ten years ago but wasn't convicted because he wasn't able to defend himself in court.

He's 32 years old, and he has a lot of strange fetishes (usually involving characters from children's shows). - Drewman1211

Gives people on the autistic spectrum a bad name! - HCShannon

He's also an anti-semite, meaning he supports Hamas. - UJ-2015

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7 SapphireSaphira
8 TVsKyle

This guy worked on Fanboy and Chum Chum. And Someone on Facebook said he wasn't a fan of It, so he lashed out at him. - kcianciulli

Maybe he have anger issues. IF he have it he need to see a doctor or something - Getovait

Not everyone can be a fan of it - Getovait

9 Fyi-Sus
10 Daizua123

You gotta love that he takes every negative thing about him as a attack. - XxGiganmasterxX

Hey rabid Daizua fans (To clarify not all of his fans) can you not throw a hissy fit against people who don't like Daizua? - XxGiganmasterxX

He lazily copies and pastes aspects from his previous terrible artworks, so he's like a sonic OC fan artist. - XxGiganmasterxX

I really despise Daizua123. Many of his "art" are nothing more than recolors. Grow up you butthurt fans! I'd rather take forever to draw art as opposed to lazily copy-pasting and recoloring them on computer! - 40chanAnonymous

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11 SithVampireMaster27

If he hates Peter griffin I don't blame him and being mean to his daughter is not fun it's bad on every level - Getovait

I really wanna see Peter Griffin beat him up.

Look at his Crossover Fanarts, it can be cringy at times. Because some things shouldn't be crossover with. - ChroniclerMan5

don't forget about his fart art
they're so disgusting!

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12 CyberPhazon420

Used to be friends with that sick jerk. - ChroniclerMan5

13 Paulamy

Him having a crush on Amy isn't the problem it what he did to the poor kids. I use to forgive if they learned a lesson but I can't in this case - Getovait

Let's keep clicking on the vote option and we'll do it. I'm doing it now.

Does this guy have his own ED page somewhere, just wondering (trying to make him #1 too)?

I doubt the Deviantart admins bother to ban him. They don't care at all. Not helpful at all - Getovait

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14 windows8isgay
15 Nascar221

Not surprised this guy wasn't here. Supports his "Steamy-shipping" of his SP character (who's about 17) and Serena (who would be 10-13) and goes beyond the extreme of disgusting stuff of it, including underage stuff of Serena... Anyone who didn't agree with his shipping he made rants about and hate badges. Thankfully he deactivated, ending his crisis. - Swellow

Serena is LITERALLY 10, I'm not joking. Though even if she was 13, or even 17 (Even though she's not), it would still count as pedophilia because she is underage. Nascar221 is presumably 19 now. I don't know, maybe almost 20. Seriously, when did he originate? - 40chanAnonymous

This guy is racist towards black people

16 EccentricJames

James is an awesome artist and animator, just because he has a fetish for farts doesn't make him a bad person. Then again, no one can have an opinion on the internet without being hated

He has deactivated his account. Lets move on - Getovait

17 W0lvez
18 Drako1997

If he use mature content we should be happy - Getovait

Draws Furry Porn Out Of Characters We Like
How Disgusting

I'm Also A Fan Of My Little Pony So Once Again To Drako1997

Since I'm A Rio Fan,I Have This To Say To Him

19 AlexLovesDuckman

She just ruined Duckman series. - ColinX

Word Of Advice: Don't Let Someone Else Ruin Something For You, You Should Enjoy It As Much As You Can - JPK

20 DerekAutista54321
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