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1 Chris-chan Chris-chan Christian Weston Chandler (Who is now known as Christine Weston Chandler), best known as Chris-chan, is an Autistic man who is the creator of the infamous webcomic Sonichu. He was discovered by trolls in 2007, which lead to him retaliating. In 2011, he came out as a tomgirl and started cross-dressing; ...read more.

Best known for the abomination known as Sonichu, if you know who I am talking about. I really hate this excuse of a human being so much, and it is especially bad when bullies compare autistic people to him or even "ship" one of them with him which is strictly forbidden. Shipping real people is never okay.

I've never found this guy, and I'm glad I haven't. He sounds like a total airhead. - Swellow

Definitely not "true and honest" like he claims to be, and you know what's bad? He assaulted a GameStop employee over the colors of Sonic's arms when Sonic Boom came out! That behavior is wrong, and no one should do that. I would never do that, either. What in the world is wrong with people?!

Yes, he's finally #1. - SailorSedna

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2 Blaze-Banjoper

Ah yes, it is very wrong to claim that a fictional character is your wife. Especially since it is impossible for a real person and a fictional character to be a couple. Thankfully, his account on DeviantArt is deactivated.

Obsessive, abusive, and pretty much what you can call the Blaze-obsessed equivalent of Christian Weston Chandler. This retard in both senses of the word frequently bullies people who don't like his "wife" Blaze the Cat from the Sonic the Hedgehog series and has an unhealthy fetish of inflation fan art, including that of Blaze herself. Oh, and don't get me started on his inability to respect other people's opinions. Overall, this needs to reach numero uno ASAP, babe! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Tell that to his unhealthy obsessive behavior and mannerisms. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Hope he relize Blaze isn't his wife. Sure he can like fictional characters. But is he over obsessed with her I hope he get some help. I don't wish anyone would be kicked or punished for having a specific fetish, opinion or love fictional characters. But I hope he get help if his obsession goes too far - Getovait

I claim real people as my wife or husband. Not a fictional character.

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3 anthonytoney

He makes journals attacking other users. Plus, he even gave me a death threat all because I blocked him for sending pointless messages to me. - TheDeadlyRosered

Anthony is so annoying, with all of his journals telling people to "kill themselves" and saying it's a "joke" the very next journal he makes is disgusting

Hope he close his account and get some help he seems like a person with temper problems - Getovait

This guy's art is also terrible, yes, and he needs to go to jail since death threats are illegal.

He also is a fan of that piece of crap show Greeny Phatom, the fanbase of that show is horrendous.

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4 LoganRock305

How anyone like his "art" is beyond me.

He thinks he's the greatest artist in the world, despite his art looking like something a hobo would puke out.

Even a newborn baby can do better art than this retard.

His art style is terrible, he draws like a little kid, and does typical MS-Paint Circle Tool fat/inflation art. Sigh...once again an example of talentless fetish-obsessed hacks using fake art techniques. - SailorSedna

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5 Bart-Toons

Also, if you ask him why he hates Japan, he says this over and over: "I'm sorry, but I mean it", Also, he likes Mario and Sonic which are both from Japan. He also celebrates the tsunamis that hit here. He thinks that Winx Club is a anime, which it came from Italy, so it's not anime

Sure I hate his guts hating japan and anime

He is a racist man child who's favorite word is "blah"

Yeesh, a while back I noticed that he had changed his 'reasoning' for hating anime to it 'being violent and taking jokes too far.' I shared him clips from "Mr. Pickles" (a very violent cartoon that takes its jokes horrendously far) and he blocked me after refusing to acknowledge that he was wrong.

Also, he said this, word for word: "Japan sucks. Japank sucks."

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Now that I look back at it, her hand drawn art isn't too bad, but she needs to work on proportions a bit and not use bases often. But she's not a good person, she once drew a picture of herself killing another user because they didn't want to be friends. Though it's gone, that's still not right and makes me think something's wrong with her.

Well is it my fault he closed his account? I tried to tell him I don't hate him as a person. I just didn't liked his comments on this site. - Getovait

She hates Gumball. Need I say more?

I apologized to Sedna I said that - Getovait

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7 ReturnOfXand96

Poorly drawn fetish art of Undertale and Parappa the Rapper. - SailorSedna

8 dev-catscratch

Considering he threatened to bomb his school, it sounds like he has serious mental problems or anger issues or something (and yes, he gives people with autism a bad name)...

Some of his art looks like bases like his Care Bears ones (that show's got stuff that could scare three year olds though), which is pretty lazy if you ask me, and while I find his art just weird, gross, nothing new and easy to get over, I feel horrible for the kids who are going to look at his so called "educational" PBS kids stuff that supposedly teaches stuff about obesity or something and their parents too (you can kinda guess what kind of person he sounds like if you catch my drift)...

So, best to just move along (and maybe use the report tool)...

He threatened to bomb his school? Yikes... he should've been found guilty. - TrueHeroLightning17

He's a weirdo that is completely obsessed with children's shows designed for three-year-olds, stickers designed to stop pregnant womens' bellybuttons from poking out, diapers, AND he threatened to bomb his old high school ten years ago but wasn't convicted because he wasn't able to defend himself in court.

He's 32 years old, and he has a lot of strange fetishes (usually involving characters from children's shows). - Drewman1211

I tried to report him like 2-3 years ago for tracing, and he didn't get banned. - WingedOracle

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9 ButLova

Disgusting, depressing, sexist, and not to mention he's the worst artist of all time.

There's a reason for him to be on here. Since one of his drawings is a drawing of a sexualized Gwen Tennyson (who is still 10 years old) with a big butt.

Drawing pictures of underage girls with big butts is already enough to make your blood boil. But what really angers me about this freak of nature is that he was never arrested for what he did! I really hope all pedos burn in hell.

Somebody PLEASE call the FBI on this pure pedo!

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10 TVsKyle

This guy worked on Fanboy and Chum Chum. And Someone on Facebook said he wasn't a fan of It, so he lashed out at him. - kcianciulli

Maybe he have anger issues. IF he have it he need to see a doctor or something - Getovait

Not everyone can be a fan of it - Getovait

The Newcomers

? ninjakingofhearts

He does a crapload of horribly edited images and really badly done crossovers. He also defends Chris Thorndyke and Sonic '06 and gets mad at everyone that hates them.

All he does is lazily pasting random characters together, he can’t take criticism like at all.

? Hozupindahows00

He's a raging manchild who can't handle opinions and is obsessed with Amy Rose...oh great, he better not be another Paul Rhodes/PaulandAmy... - SailorSedna

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11 SithVampireMaster27

If he hates Peter griffin I don't blame him and being mean to his daughter is not fun it's bad on every level - Getovait

I really wanna see Peter Griffin beat him up.

Look at his Crossover Fanarts, it can be cringy at times. Because some things shouldn't be crossover with. - ChroniclerMan5

don't forget about his fart art
they're so disgusting!

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12 CyberPhazon420

Used to be friends with that sick jerk. - ChroniclerMan5

13 Paulamy

Him having a crush on Amy isn't the problem it what he did to the poor kids. I use to forgive if they learned a lesson but I can't in this case - Getovait

Does this guy have his own ED page somewhere, just wondering (trying to make him #1 too)?

Let's keep clicking on the vote option and we'll do it. I'm doing it now.

The weirdest dude I've ever seen.Henchmen of Alex Henriol,and a lover of Amy Rose,to the point of putting pictures of her over his bed.Wish there was more history and accounts of his life,kinda like Chris chan.

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14 Daizua123

Daizua's art is terrible yes. But the worst part is his fans, and the inhuman cesspool of ignorance, criticism shielding, and complete lack of how humans actually operate and socialize. Me and my friends have taken to calling them "Pure Friends" due to the high regard they all keep each other in. These are the type that will block you if they even have the slightest suspicion you might criticize their work in the future. They are the textbook example of toxic Deviantart users out of touch with reality. Avoid at all costs.

You gotta love that he takes every negative thing about him as a attack. - XxGiganmasterxX

Hey rabid Daizua fans (To clarify not all of his fans) can you not throw a hissy fit against people who don't like Daizua? - XxGiganmasterxX

Cult leader. - Dukebox11

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15 Nascar221

Not surprised this guy wasn't here. Supports his "Steamy-shipping" of his SP character (who's about 17) and Serena (who would be 10-13) and goes beyond the extreme of disgusting stuff of it, including underage stuff of Serena... Anyone who didn't agree with his shipping he made rants about and hate badges. Thankfully he deactivated, ending his crisis. - Swellow

Serena is LITERALLY 10, I'm not joking. Though even if she was 13, or even 17 (Even though she's not), it would still count as pedophilia because she is underage. Nascar221 is presumably 19 now. I don't know, maybe almost 20. Seriously, when did he originate? - 40chanAnonymous

This guy is racist towards black people

This guy is a huge manchild crybaby and definitely makes people who like shows like Pokemon/Thomas look bad. And ugh, shipping him with a 10 year old girl/Serena? That's disgusting and illegal. It's fine to like a fictional character, but shipping yourself with and loving a fictional character romantically is wrong.

And huh, he also insulted people with Asperger's, he deserved to leave also... - SailorSedna

16 EccentricJames

James is an awesome artist and animator, just because he has a fetish for farts doesn't make him a bad person. Then again, no one can have an opinion on the internet without being hated

He has deactivated his account. Lets move on - Getovait

17 Fireball02

A fart fetishist who specializes in badly-edited photos of female celebrities... well, you know.

18 AnimatedJames

He has a fart fetish...

He's Weird

19 Drako1997

If he use mature content we should be happy - Getovait

His art is gross - Mranonymously

Draws Furry Porn Out Of Characters We Like
How Disgusting

Besides drawing furry and pony porn (I erred in the comment earlier with the CMCs as they were aged up in said pics he did but my point still stands) when Deviantart is NOT a porn website, I also noticed that he is a very condescending, rude cyberbully who will harass you and act like you are an idiot if you don't like his art and call him out on it, like he has demonstrated so here. Listen here, Drako, from what I can tell, you're clearly very sensitive to negative comments/criticism, this is the Internet, you have to get used to/deal with it.

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20 AlexLovesDuckman

She just ruined Duckman series. - ColinX

Word Of Advice: Don't Let Someone Else Ruin Something For You, You Should Enjoy It As Much As You Can - JPK

21 DerekAutista54321
22 MippyTrippy

He seems to be a rabid Johnny Test hater. I don't like that show now too, but I wouldn't spend so much time hating on it, I have other things to love and better things to do.

Johnny test hate is immature. I choosed to not watch it - Getovait

23 Cartoonfanboyone

His girlfriend Katy is equally bad! - HCShannon

He's a pedophile and a complete whiner.

24 KennyBronyGamer19971

Wow... His gallery is repulsing.

I've seen his account. His most recent pic is another picture of his... pony OC with diapers on! Come on man! I'm only 15 but... don't know what to say next. - Neonco31

Draws Ponies In Diapers
As A Brony, I Find That Angering And Disgusting - JPK

25 GodsofWarAndRock

He's inactive, but what is he doing here?

26 Vorelover3456
27 AlexisIsCutie

This guy really pisses me off. He literally ignores all of our advice to him. He doesn't even listen to what we are saying, all he cares about is women's body parts, and that poor girl Ellie.

I Remember When He Liked Transformers More Than The Disgusting Crap He Does Now

And not to mention that to this day, he STILL obsesses over that poor girl, Ellie.

This whole Trent Morrison thing is still relevant? God, the GoAnimate community sure doesn't grow up. - Swellow

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28 Matrooko11

He Also Keeps Changing His Opinions. - kcianciulli

Get a Job, Matrooko! - kcianciulli

Annoying Canadian boy, uploads nothing but meme 30 times each day, obsessed with Cartoon girls, and keeps making up excuses on why he can't draw. Also keeps making new accounts, uploads more memes, but then returns to his original.

I think he has an obsession with Luna Loud. - kcianciulli

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29 Kphoria Kphoria

I agree 100% His gallery is awful and nothing but traces.

He's been doing the fetish art since 2006 which was literally 11 years ago. That is just beyond sad...

Sounds like he can't take criticism like a man if he disables comments...

Has a disgusting vore fetish with the usage of MS Paint Circle Tool, and mostly uses kid/underage characters. And he's 33...to quote a certain famous reporter, Kphoria, why don't you have a seat over there? - SailorSedna

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30 Superkiel

He just got banned, praise the lord!

Poor Stewie. I mean, I know Family Guy isn't for everybody but Stewie is actually the most tolerable character in the whole show - kcianciulli

Is it weird that I hate Mlp, but I find anti bronies super annoying?!

Anti-Bronies can be annoying. Some are great. Others are bullies.

Guys he's back and his username is citytoon

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31 big-butt-fan

He Drew Timmy Turner, Who is 11 Years Old, With a big butt. - kcianciulli

32 Biliahthesegagamer

He can have a fetish if he like you don't need to look at it. Easy isn't it? - Getovait

That fetish is his problem - Getovait

One pic is gross but the rest is decent - luvforgiveforget

@xandermartin98 if he like bellies he likes bellies I know it's a cheap excuse but that's the truth - Getovait

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33 GirlsVoreBoys

She can't take criticism - Mranonymously

Her art itself is ok but she haves to waste it on vore! maybe she needs to work on the eyes but ruins thing that I love though - TinyToonsGirl45

Two words: circle tool
Goddammit she even ruined my favorite short on Cartoon Network (Which is Villainous, a Latin American cartton, but some shorts are in English too! ). Dementia was my favorite character along with Dr. Flug & Black Hat! - Vestalis

34 ClaimedDawn

As long as he don't drown people in real life it's fine! it's just drawings! Are you sure it's a fetish? - Getovait

35 theHyenasSBE

Seriously, he is a terrible person in general. For example; He killed his own brother by accident when he was younger, and this is why SBE himself has such a health problem now, that he doesn't sleep for the rest of his life. (read his the journal if you don't know what I'm talking about) If I had that condition I would just sleep for the rest of my life. Drawing disgusting furry p0rn is not a good excuse of having an illness, ether.

He doesn't even give some of his hyena OCs any names, they're just named "Hyenas' Master", "Small spy" and so on... I hate his "small spy" character, and his comics in progress, including "the Return of the Hyenas' Master", are likely to end in a cliffhanger due to his current condition knowing the direction he's going, and that he's mostly been drawing "sexy furry girls" and other works than just the hyenas from The Lion King nowadays. It seems that he also lost his memory due to his illness that he could not even remember as well as he used to. (You know you can find medicine or treatment that cures such problems, you idiot! ) He's also on FurAffinity.

Definitely the number 1 worst artist on DeviantArt.

Downgrading from reflected eyes to reflectionless ones, no shading whatsoever, and gender-bending, aging up, oversexualizing the Roast Master are signs he became the new ben-the-looney. And don't even get me started on his unwillingness to take any constructive criticism ( "hate comments" in his pathetic mind ).

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36 voredude234

It's mostly memes and probably photoshop pictures. Not 100% creative but nothing to cry about really - Getovait

I agree with Getovait he's a wise person - luvforgiveforget

37 Akai Dalia

Wow. She sounds like she's a terrible person if that is the case.

Sonic is not a hentai series, thus drawing Rule 34 of it is not right.

She's Very Rude,Draws Sonic Porn,etc

She is old news now... Her name isn't even Akai Dalia anymore - Getovait

She was a bitch in 2013 she has changed I haven't seen her rude so please just stop! - Stoptheendlesshate

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38 KingBilly97

I also have noticed that he post comments on every single status post of another user, and even the user himself is getting sick and tired of all of KingBilly97's irrelevant and pointless comments, giving him a warning of 'Do not comment on any of my stuff unless it actually contributes anything'.

Steven Universe Fans Aren't Going to Like Him. - kcianciulli

He Hates Avatar: The Last Airbender. - kcianciulli

39 tntthehedgehog06

He's a decent Artist. - Getovait

40 Zingiberart

According to one of her journals, she used to upload explicit porn on Deviantart which got her banned, and she's back. Apparently she didn't read the Terms of Service for Deviantart. - SailorSedna

41 Cartuneslover16

What's wrong with her? She turned one of the craziest, villainous characters ever (Zim) into a crybaby. Now Zim, The REAL Zim, would NEVER cry. I watched every episode and I never saw him cry once. - kcianciulli

Ugh... not her! When you look at her art, it seems that she thinks cartoons exist in real life, not just on T.V.. She keeps making art about her life living with cartoon characters (which is a bit strange and it seems narcissistic if you ask me). And I think she has a crush on Larry from The Amazing World of Gumball (she might as well be the next Blaze-Banjoper or the next Jiminycricketfan007). And worst of all, she's an adult who actually has a job as a nurse. Seriously! Why can't she just focus on her job instead of making some self-centered art?

Her depiction of Dib is no better either. She doesn't seem to get the fact that Zim and Dib are enemies. - kcianciulli

Is not kartunlober? - NelMemazo

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42 Jiminycricketfan007

She is so in love with Jiminy Cricket that she considers him as her boyfriend, husband, mate or true love. So much that she refused to visit her dying grandmother in the hospital because she was afraid that she was going to spend less time with him if that was the case. It is so wrong. This is bad behavior and I wish that Hollie a.k.a. Jiminycricketfan007, would just break up with and divorce Jiminy Cricket in order to face reality and live a new way of life without that dreadful obsession, while have herself see Jiminy Cricket die by splattering on a wind-shield of someone's car at high speeds. Her unhealthy obsession has gone way too far, and this is why most people have been making fun of her. It's fine to like a fictional character, but treating it like a lover or a real person is not good behavior.

This artist has closed her account so why not let that go? I know it might not healthy - Kjellalbintomas

She put a wedding ring on her Jiminy Cricket plush? You have got to be kidding to me! That is just nuts! HORRIBLE! Now she is really obsessed with the character to such an awful and ridiculous extent! I wish she would break up her "relationship" with him and let her mother discipline/punish her for once. (by, I don't know, taking her plush or any other Jiminy Cricket-related stuff she has away, I suppose.) I know it's okay to like a fictional character, but not to the extent of having an unhealthy crush/obsession with it that you don't care about anything else.

Seriously, there are much better things to do in life than have an unhealthy obsession with a fictional character, too; Such as taking a walk in the park outside, spending time with family, playing video games, working out, and eating healthy foods, for example.

I mean, I'm a big fan of the series Star Fox and the character Fox McCloud, but I would never, ever have a crush or unhealthy obsession with him (I ship ...more

When she found out that she got so much attention from trolls for her unhealthy obsession with/crush on a fictional cricket, she then started drawing shipping art of herself with Cliff Edwards (who was the voice actor of Jiminy Cricket and was happily married and dead for years). I have no idea which is worse, the fact that she ships herself with a fictional cricket or the fact that she ships herself with a dead guy who died before she was even born? Both are bad ideas, in my opinion.

She also has a belly fetish from what I've seen on her gallery. Yuck! I seriously wish she would grow out of these unhealthy messes and learn from her mistakes.

I hope this artist named Hollie goes to Cliff Edward's graveyard, digging out his grave, took out his body from the ground, opened the coffin and kissing it like in the Youtube video called:
"My Dead Great Grandma's Coffin in My Own Backyard".

Get out of your imagination girl and go straight to reality.

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43 Imma-the-Deer

Fetish artists are pushovers. I can easily forget about a fetish picture if I see it, and even if I do see one, it isn't a problem. Don't see why these "wise" GoAnimate elitists see it as some big issue, like how they whine about Trump and "bad users".
Imma on the other hand wasn't quite a pushover. For example, she set up a whole suicide-faking drama that put the site into a big ball of sympathy and pretending that she had a girlfriend who stole the identity of someone who was actually transgender, unlike her. Not to mention how she acts as if she's the victim.

Fetish artists may have stuff wrong with them, but they will never top Imma. - Swellow

If she isn't on the anymore why is she higher now? I think we can put her higher if she comes back and is her old self. If she comes back (if she does) and have changed to the better we can remove her from the list - Getovait

Just search her name into the searchbox of deviantART, and you can see why everyone hates suicide fakers and con artists like this. - Swellow

Update: Imma is back on Deviantart.

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44 VoreAndPreggos

I'm Sad To Say, He Isn't A Troll

Keep Your Fetishes to yourself and post them on websites like Aryion! - TinyToonsGirl45

45 citytoon

He even does hate art of Trump. Let's hope the Secret Service doesn't find him. - kcianciulli

Calls preschool shows "Baby Shows" - FriendlyGirl2019

The art seen okay

He's a troll!

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46 MikeEddyAdmirer89

IF he is a pedophile (remember to be source critical from what you read on the internet it can be trolls or someone who look for attention) the girl's parents need to report him it's their duty to do that. - cuteCorgi

Anyone's art with max effort no matter how garbage it is, will always be better than Michael's artwork - YourWaifuSucks

An artist who lacks artistic talent. - YourWaifuSucks

Crappy art, even crappier attitude to people who tell him to improve,and he's a pedo

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47 creatiffy

They asked us to vote

Creatiffy should stick to furaffinty - Kjellalbintomas

Furaffinity sounds kinda innocent. But I think it is 18+ on this site I could be wrong - Getovait


Furaffinity actually has some messed up stuff on it and it's best to keep the mature filter on it you wanna look up stuff on it, from what I heard...

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48 VinIsBack

Well he's hate sanjay and craig johnny test and those other characters same here.

Does he have a fetish for burger places or something?

Crossover is nothing new enough said... - Getovait

This guy's a fool. - kcianciulli

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49 MyFetishSituation

The username is so obvious - Getovait

50 NickBate

Man, he IS terrible. Glad he went to jail where he belongs. He deserves it after the horrible things he did.

I'm reading about him now and...oh good lord, he is so messed up in the head and his birth was clearly a mistake. Thank God he finally is in prison, I wish nothing but the worst for him there, then again, all pedophiles are treated lowest of the low in prison to where serial killers and felons who possessed guns look upon them in disgust. - SailorSedna

We need to get Nick Bate, or rather, Sick Bate, into the top 5.

I'm surprised he's not at the top of the list, seeing as some of the other 'artists' above him weren't anywhere near awful enough to get themselves sent to prison. - Entranced98

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