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341 Dragonprince18
342 superkeegan9100
343 Coolioking
344 Destroyer334545
345 FatassCheesepuff

I'm watching Deviantcringe's thoughts on one of his pictures and he's pretty spot on. Poor Pearl... - SailorSedna

346 NexusPieXIII
347 BeekerMaroo777
348 swaydabae
349 Nintendoart640
350 J-Cat

Not sure why she is doing here when she actually made some good points about some of the lesser known movies and shows in her reviews (and is also autistic like me. I don't get why the autistic users get hated, bullied and compared to the abomination known as Chris-Chan all the time. That is not nice. Autistics have as much human right as everyone else), but I do agree that she should learn how to draw more often and not use the heroine maker game all the time.

Agreed, autistic people should NOT be compared to Chris-Chan, it's terrible... - SailorSedna

351 shadow0knight
352 Pokemon2006

He draws vore - kcianciulli

353 Tarumax

Also Vore - kcianciulli

354 Elchupacabra51
355 Mystifiedbeef

It looks like he edited photos to make them fatter. If so, that's not art. - SailorSedna

356 AlanES
357 big-butt-fan

He Drew Timmy Turner, Who is 11 Years Old, With a big butt. - kcianciulli

Better break out the reporting tool again (I thought Timmy was 10, did he turn 11? ). Why are there so many pedophiles on Deviantart? - SailorSedna

358 Shirley4444
359 francisjairam121

He has no taste in shows! - kcianciulli

360 Grimmijaggers
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