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401 jacktheechidnafox15

Though he's most likely a literal dead horse, I'm still going to state my thoughts here. This guy is that manbaby who harassed Solar Sands, spammed him by calling him an ass, and doesn't know that fetishes do not belong on Deviantart. He is a rabid brony who has a diaper fetish like KennyBronyGamer19971 (whom he calls his "brother" when Kenny is NOT his brother and is only there because he is a diaper fetishisthimself who probably jacks off to his art) and also a vore fetish too (one of his friends tried drawing for him, he can't even draw himself). He also rages in all caps at times, his grammar is poor, he blocks people who don't like his fetish, and tells them to go away. Seriously, this guy is a whiny, raging crybaby who clearly has never hit puberty at all, needs to grow up and take criticism like a man, he is not mature enough to handle the Internet. - SailorSedna

402 Ya-King

Diapers - kcianciulli

403 Bigotito

His art style is OK but he seems to have a bondage fetish. - SailorSedna

404 Zoidberg656Art
405 Blimpy4000
406 GothicWonderlust
407 Necronomikat
408 Ladybutterfly2016
409 EJHusky

Fetishes are disgusting and I'm hoping that people like him would grow out of them eventually.

410 haku-zombie

It's probably because Disney is so darn popular and widely known that around 97% of the human population on Earth nowadays have at least had a Disney movie watching experience at some point in their lives or childhoods, thus almost everyone in the whole world knows what Disney is, and yes, that includes the awful fetish artists and writers.

That makes sense. I've also heard that fetishes usually develop in childhood. - SailorSedna

All he does is weird Jungle Book fetish art with Baloo and Bagheera. Like what one poster said, I have to agree, what is with people nowadays having a weird Disney character fetish? - SailorSedna

411 PregnantDrawer
412 I-Love-Minions

An art thief who steals art and replaces it that same picture but with Jason Smith's head on top. Needs to be banned. - SailorSedna

413 eternalJonathon

Drew horrifying, disgusting hyper pregnancy commissions for Streetsweep237 when Street still had that fetish on Deviantart. - SailorSedna

414 BBWlover1997
415 Fireball02
416 IggyTooBiggy

Inflation? Check. - SailorSedna

417 Arelli-Raven

It looks like she uses an avatar maker and she needs to improve her drawing... - SailorSedna

418 Mikpas95

She draws poor MS Paint art, or just lamely inserts images like from Google images and such (look at her "Yoga" picture) and she stole art from others like one named 101boy. - SailorSedna

419 PariahExileWrath

A clopper who does disgusting commissions and has so many repulsive fetishes it hurts. - SailorSedna

420 Beanzoboy

Another MLP season oner who needs to stop watching the show, I mean, I'm not satisfied with the show now but I've stopped watching it and will watch the film, and I do other MLP stuff instead (art, play games, listen to fan music). - SailorSedna

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