Worst Artists On DeviantArt

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401 objectoes
402 AlexTDGuy

Just another GoAnimator on DeviantArt. - Drewman1211

403 UndertaleAndUrdFan
404 TinkyWinkyIsCutie

He deactivated his account - Getovait

405 SimbaSanslover123

Another awful Lion King/crossover fan? Oh dear. This is one of the reasons why TLK has an awful fanbase.

406 guardian626
407 Sebastian-Mendez380

This creep of a troll impersonated me, used my real identity and said nasty things to other users to make ME look BAD. He pisses me so damn much! Shame on him! - NintendoFan380

408 MarcosPower1996

I don't see anything wrong with him - Getovait

Draws a lot of hate art - HCShannon

409 PokeGirlRULES

Her art is really onesided but she is an decent artist - Getovait

410 MrMadness02

Seems like he like butts - Kjellalbintomas

As long as he don't treat them as sex objects it's fine. hope he won't - Getovait

411 PegTheTCFfan2017

Seem to have a temper but it's only 20th century logos - Getovait

412 exciterex

That person closed his account - Getovait

413 WaffenSS561

Pics of Adolf hitler don't belong on the bet it's a troll - Getovait

414 CinnamonHeartXOXO

All I see is she likes MLP nothing wrong with that - Getovait

415 Romanoslittlelover1
416 forceofnatureandcorn
417 DarthRainer83

Obsessed with cartoon girls and puts their heads on "sexy bodies" and has not been banned for some reason! - HCShannon

418 ToonEGuy

90s kid and traditional animation fanboy, sends death threats to Disney employees and broke up with a friend because he drew Wreck It Ralph and Big Hero 6 pictures! - HCShannon

419 ToddlerGirl

Acts too much like a real toddler! - HCShannon

420 BuddyBoy600

I am sick and tired of hearing about the Disney version of Marsupilami and his gorilla butt-buddy, The 3 Stooges, Canada, The Beatles, and 80s Sesame Street! - HCShannon

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