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461 SimpsonsFanatic33
462 Khai2000

His art is fine - Getovait

463 Oversandness

Butt fetish. Just a little weird. - Getovait

464 Waluigi333

The art isn't good made I hope he/she learn to improve that all I have to say. - Getovait

465 SonicBoomFan14
466 littlekookygem10
467 SamBreeXD

Have a Sonic OC that needs improving. Use Ms paint. But that person left D-A. Well he/she didn't credit the person who she used the Sonic base from. Well I wouldn't call it a crime but it would be good if she actually did. - Getovait

468 PrinceBases

Well these bases are kinda weird - Getovait

469 Andrew Dobson

Couldn't find his DeviantART account - Getovait

470 JorgeMoctezuma

Art thief! - NintendoFan380

471 ChoonieMoonie2002

Blames her anger issues on everyone and claims that she's nice, but she's just some simpleton who wants attention. - SanicHeghog123

Hope she get help with her anger issue. Then She'll get my respect if she trying to get help - Getovait

472 BlueLight439

I just checked her profile. she/he is a decent artist. - Getovait

473 android41
474 CoolFruits
475 Platipus86

His art is very well made. But he draw Minnie in diapers and Mickey as the caretaker. - Getovait

476 ArtistPearl
477 Eli-J-Brony
478 MegaStan1
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