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141 Smeeeeee

And what the heck is with people having some sort of Disney character fetish these days?... I thought the whole Kaa fetish was bad enough where they draw him hypnotizing every attractive male or female fictional character they see.

What's with peeps having a belly fetish these days?... First Jiminycricketfan007, now this guy?... God.

I had an opinion but I saw this user haven't been active for years so I see no reason to say anything now - Getovait

All He Does Is Take Pictures Of Smee From Peter Pan In Scenes Where His Belly Sticks Out
Lazy, Just Lazy - JPK

142 GirlsVoreBoys

She draws vore art of Agent Xero (ate the Nickelodeon executives) only because she got mad to Nickelodeon for rejected The Modifyers. - ChatNoirFan18

Two words: circle tool
Goddammit she even ruined my favorite short on Cartoon Network (Which is Villainous, a Latin American cartton, but some shorts are in English too! ). Dementia was my favorite character along with Dr. Flug & Black Hat! - Vestalis

143 Sdwaggy

I consider it an issult that I'm not higher on this list... - Sdwaggy

Sdwaggy might not be at Leonardo levels yet, but he's well on the way - Leonardo didn't manage the Mona Lisa until he was 52 and the Dwag sure ain't 52 yet. Honestly kids these days want everything in an instant. When it's inflated reppies with a sense of suspense and danger you're after, who better than the Dali of our day, Sdwaggy?

Nevertheless I know this list means a lot to him so up you go, yer fascist.

144 heavenstomurgatroyd

She's my sister, by the way, or was, as I've now disowned her and hate her. Beneath her good artwork is an immature, selfish, ungrateful, hateful girl who now spreads slander about her family and doesn't care for anyone but herself. It's not on the, but it's on her Twitter and such too. She didn't even send a "Happy Birthday" to my mom today, but still said a "Happy Easter" to me and my brother. - SailorSedna

She deactivated her account too. Well I don't miss her. - SailorSedna

145 PatrickBobSpongeAlt
146 Shaylo-Artistry

Shes like the worst Artist ever!

147 kwark85

An MLP season oner who's bitched about Twilight becoming an alicorn for over FOUR YEARS, making all sorts of stupid art saying her alicorn self is an "evil clone" or something, insults people who has different opinions than him and is too stupid to have even thought to just leave the MLP fandom.

Seriously, part of me is thinking this guy is just an attention seeker if this is what he keeps doing. - SailorSedna

148 sethmendozaDA
149 RubenGuzman

9/11 is never something to joke about. (The same goes for bombings, the Holocaust, and other tragic events.) Tons of people died in that day, and making jokes about it or laughing at it is not right. Surprised no one called the police on this guy.

9/11 Makes Him Laugh. That's Unforgivable. - kcianciulli

150 FetishLand

Wow... This gallery is just disgusting.

So obvious username - Getovait

151 Chaser1992
152 Mirakor
153 OmegaRider99
154 KennaTheDragon
155 S6y

Why making a list like this? I mean you don't need to like their art you can choose to not look. I don't find it neccesary to judge someone you don't know on the internet like this. Try to reason with them the best way you can. Send them a note and tell them what you don't like with them. if they refuse to listen just block them or stay away from looking at their profile. But why make a list here about them? I don't deffend anyone. But hate someone for their opinion or fetishes is not neccesary. I know some people who do things I don't 100% like but I still like them as persons. - cuteCorgi

156 Savory-Tart

She took a photo of her genitals and used it as her ID? God, that is so against the terms of service, surprised she hasn't been banned yet. That is sick and nasty. What the heck is wrong with people these days? Today's society is getting dumber and dumber...

She's racist to black people, draws porn, is a rabid weeaboo, and even her ID is disgusting and goes against Deviantart's terms of service (girl genitals). - SailorSedna

157 PenisReplier2

Judging by his username, sounds like an awful and disgusting user... 0_0 I just don't want to know...

Why the hell would he put "penis" in his username? - kcianciulli

Obvious troll is obvious. - SailorSedna

158 RingTeam

Another pathetic MLP season oner who constantly whines like an SJW about the show's current quality with terrible comics which are basically mouthpieces of his opinions, he refuses to listen to others or respect opinions, and he even tried to guilt-trip Andrea Libman, Pinkie's VA. Not cool man, not cool. You wonder why people hate bronies?

He also has a bikini and breast fetish and draws sexualized human versions of the MLP characters in a way Masami Obari would draw them: huge titties. No, I've seen Obari women that are sexier than those. If you don't like the show anymore why are you drawing them like that?

My God, can't he just, I dunno, LEAVE THE DAMN FANDOM? - SailorSedna

159 iloveanimesomuch123

He did a (hopefully incomplete) tickle torture story with some random man tickling Bu-Ling/Mew Pudding from Tokyo Mew Mew, and keep in mind she's only about 8-10 years old and the man in the story was doing such unspeakable disgusting acts I will not post on here.

I reported his stories for pedophilia and they're still not down...ugh, what is with Deviantart not restricting pedophiles on their website? - SailorSedna

160 brittanypooters

Definitely a disgusting fart fetishist from what I can tell of the name. - SailorSedna

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