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141 GodSucks

I think that person maybe have this username for attention or maybe that's his/her opinions on god. Maybe he/she could have kept it to himself so nobody would be offended. But yet that's his opinions he have the rights to have them. - Getovait

Offensive username! - Neonco31

More Like God Rules!

Being an atheiust (I probably spelled it wrong) is fine I am one myself. But I am not against god or crist. - Kjellalbintomas

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142 Curtsibling

I think this guy's funny, he's a troll, but at least he's a funny one to me and his art talent is good. - SailorSedna

BIGGEST troll ever!

At least his works poke fun of SJWs and is a talented artist, even though I don't agree with everything he says.

On the other hand... Some of his works portray autism in a rather negative light, which is offensive to me because I'm autistic. (Please don't compare me to the likes of Chris-Chan. I'm nothing like that sucker. Mmkay? )

143 kouliousis

Wow, He Hates Everything. - kcianciulli

144 Athletic-Dashie

I Feel Bad For His Mom

Nice Comment SailorSedna

Oh God, I cannot stress how much I HATE vore! What is it about it so much that turns so many people on? He's another example why the MLP: FiM fanbase is one of the most hated on the Internet, and a reason why I temporarily left it and dropped MLP: FiM for a while.

This guy is also messed up in the head, spamming people for a vore animation (look at Fandom Menace's video on him), and claims that if one's "swallowed they end up in one's womb"...what the HELL? He also still lives with his mom and disrespects her, plus she also threatens to take away this Rainbow Dash plushie of his he has. XD

I also even once provided criticism for his friend AppleDashNoms (who's also a messed up vorephile) to try to learn to draw by hand and he blocked me. He also has an even more messed up friend named KennyBronyGamer19971, whom I may put as a candidate for this Worst Artists list if I have to...

No wonder people hate bronies. I mean, I know not all of them are bad, and one is ...more - SailorSedna

145 DashieVore

He's gone, though his account is still up. I don't care anyway, vorephiles are scum. - SailorSedna

146 Appledashnoms

Another friend of Athletic-Dashie who's messed up in the head just as well. This guy is just pathetic. Vorephile, so a big red flag there. His "art" isn't even art at all and is on the same level as Trent Morrison's: Use a doll website/fake art website, make an avatar with it, open MS Paint, make a circle, color it in, and voila! He's an 18 year old manchild who always says "Please stop hating" on people who love vore, and can't take criticism like a damn man at all. - SailorSedna

147 Timon-Berkowitz

The fact that he is a Lion King fan is also what makes him terrible, and Lion King fetish art is the worst kind of art.

Reminds me of Atimon... No wonder why the TLK fanbase is filled with the lowest scum in the world.

What he draws is just disgusting. Should be higher on the list!

He drew a pic of Daxter (one of my favorite video game sidekicks) and Timon together. That is not acceptable. Daxter deserves better than to be in a crossover with that horrible abomination of a meerkat. He also drew a pretty awful pic of Banzai wearing a diaper, at the same time kissing Sylvester from Looney Tunes. And that is wrong on many levels. Do the Lion King fans have to ruin Looney Tunes with their crummy crossovers, too? Nothing is sacred. :(

He also has a scat fetish. That is just (as Ephraim would say in Fire Emblem Heroes) DISGUSTING.

Seriously... I almost vomited when I saw his whole gallery.

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148 Hex000F

Another guy that Solar Sands talked about, and it was his gallery that had the so-called "priceless" picture! - SailorSedna

149 MetalNekovania

Contains common kinds of stupid fetish. Stupidly big butt, stupidly big bellies, inflation, stupidly big balloon bodies, it's disgusting and repulsive. He's also in denial that his art isn't porn when it is. - SailorSedna

150 HaiHaiKittyPPG

A sockpuppet of Imma-the-Deer, pretending to drive herself to suicide all just so she could get attention. Though she was deactivated and now is old news, all I'm going to say is I wish the worst for her. - SailorSedna

Plus She's A Mary Sue

151 Voregildguy V 1 Comment
152 Eatmorecake

I've seen better fat fetish art than this. - SailorSedna

153 brielivingston V 1 Comment
154 Mairusu-Paua

He's nice and has a good artstyle, but he's a massive pervert.

155 Xniclord789x V 1 Comment
156 Andebyful

Has an assortment of fetishes and draws like a little kid, too.

That Charizard Drinking Water Picture Had Me In Tears Because Of How Stupid It Was.

Big belly fetish, aka, more fat fetish, inflation, pregnancy...sigh... - SailorSedna

157 TheDuke0fDestructi0n

SailorSedna I Will Explain Why He Got Banned
He Asked For Nude Pictures Of A 13 Year Old Girl.

158 Naruto3Ever

Someone seem to like Naruto - Getovait

159 T1989R

Maybe a more family friendly artsite should be created - Getovait

160 Mccaca

His picture of Ronald McDonald looks like it would more fit in one of those Drew Pickles videos, and it's not suitable for Deviantart at all. - SailorSedna

Where's SailorSedna?

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