Amy Farrah Fowler


Amy is extremely annoying and creates drama. Like when Penny and Bernadette ditched her and went shopping for clothes for Bernie's wedding because she was being creepy and kept mentioning weird rituals which made the other girls uncomfortable. She also gifted Penny a giant ugly painting of her and Penny and always insults Bernadette. When the other girls avoid her because of her creepy nature, she always creates drama and starts crying about how she had no friends in school to guilt trip them into letting her do anything she wants.

Also she used to constantly whine to Sheldon about getting intimate. If you reverse genders and the boyfriend was always whining about s*x when the girl wasn't ready then everybody would have complained about the show a lot.

From her first scene, she's been the most pathetic, boring character on the show. All the other characters own their traits, whether it's Sheldon's know-it-all attitude, Howard's sleaziness or Leonard's never stop trying.

Amy started off being a poorly developed female Sheldon, quickly deteriorating into being just pathetic, whether its calling Penny her 'bestie' or the bikini wax scene, or becoming the definition of Sheldon's 'egg salad sandwich on a warm Texan day' with her neediness.

I disagree with the negative comment for AMY FARRAH FOWLER... (LOVE HER and the acting)... I think Sheldon and Amy are carrying the show!

Amy ruined the Big Bang Theory in my opinion. Sheldon was really funny in the first seasons, but Amy turns him into a normal and lees selfish person (and much more BORING character). I also hate how she keeps making some inappropriate jokes and how she behaves like a 16 year old when she talks to Penny. I also do not like her constant wish for having *** with Sheldon. Sheldon was created as a character who is mot interested in those things and that should not be changed.

I hate her. The acting is aggravating and her monotone attitude is almost wooden. She's become a hollow character who CHANGED Sheldon and his beliefs, the reason I liked Sheldon so much was because he didn't act like he need to be with someone to be someone, then all of a sudden after their first break up he's so distraught he buys cats? No. The other main male characters constantly pining after women makes sense, but Sheldon does not. Amy is sick, she has a disturbing sense of humor and is the reason I don't like the show anymore.

Terrible character. Started as a much worse version of Sheldon and then evolved into something even worse. Now she's needy as hell, her jokes are always creepy and I dislike her relationships with penny and Bernadette. She doesn't like Bernadette for some reason and constantly backstabs her when talking with penny. And when she's with penny she constantly makes creepy sexual jokes or lesbian remarks while making that same stupid face and nodding when the other characters are looking at her thinking "what? "

And then there's her relationship with Sheldon. She's basically ruined Sheldon as a character.

She's as boring as a character can get. To top that off, she's needy, whiny, insensitive, obnoxious, just an overall headache to watch on-screen. Very rarely is she entertaining to watch, which is limited to two or three episodes per season.

Amy was kind of funny when we first met her, because of her robotic, nerdy personality, and her self-sufficiency. But in recent seasons she has become something of a clinger, and seems to be desperately hanging on to Sheldon for dear life. I think she would have developed more as a character if she had gotten together with somebody else, even Raj or Leonard would have been more intellectually plausible than Sheldon, or perhaps gone farther along dating that British scientist Dave Gibbs who idolized Sheldon.

My kids think Amy is a creepy loser. I can't argue with that!

I have come to the conclusion that I just don't like her at all. Her robotic tone when she was first introduced on the show was painful to watch, but her creepiness and lesbian tendencies for Penny while dating Sheldon is even more painful to watch. I see where the writers we're going with her character at first, but her serious crush on Penny is hard to watch and is far from funny. The huge picture of her and Penny (of which was painted nude at first) her comments about Penny waxing her privates ("there's not a hair on my body I wouldn't let penny touch")... In my opinion the writers went the wrong way with "growing Amy". She's nothing more than a giddy 14 year old teenager with a serious crush on a girl who needs serious acting lessons.

Now I figured out what the problem is. Amy is some sort of mixture of the worst of Archie Bunker and George Costanza. There is no pleasing her. She whines. She is manipulative. She is self-absorbed. She turns every social circumstance into it being focused on her. Sheldon will be a miserable man if he marries her. But the writers want him to give up his amazing life of science to marry this awful girl. These writers are sick. Not my kind of comedy show anymore...

Watching this show die a long, slow, painful death because of Amy's drone voice, self-obsessiveness, and generally immature outlook on life, is hard to do. I may just stop watching in a few weeks when this season is over. This badly scripted lead-up to Amy and Sheldon's marriage is the worst thing that ANY comedy series has done in the past 30 years.

I don't like the way Amy has evolved. She was MUCH better in the early seasons when Sheldon first met her because they were both socially awkward nerds. Now they are portrayed as blowhard experts in social skills? The writers must be idiots to think that we the audience are not able to notice that our favorite show's characters have been totally ruined. Amy is played by an actress that doesn't seem to be able to make a romantic relationship be believable. Sheldon is played by an actor who doesn't seem to know how to act around girls period. Their whole relationship topic is a complete sham, and the acting in this relationship is so bad, I can't watch.

I find the season 11 focus on Amy and Sheldon's marriage story to be the most boring in the entire 11 years of reruns. Never before has this show been so non-funny, so predictable, and so depressing with so many negative one-liners from Amy. She is just deadpan and has no place in a comedy show.

I cannot for the life of me understand why the viewership is still so high. I guess it's just me who doesn't like season 11. I love watching the reruns of earlier seasons, before Amy became a downer.

Amy is not funny. She is always analyzing Sheldon and trying to change him. The series writers have put her in control, and removed intellectual leadership from Sheldon, so that now he is a second tier character. It is ruining the series. What a shame. Johnny Galecki recently admitted that the actors want out, and I suspect the writers do too, and it shows.

She manipulates others, forced herself into the Penny-Bernadette friendship, has a nasty combination of being needy and condescending. She's extremely annoying and not entertaining at all. Howard used to be a rather unpleasant character in the beginning of the series, but it was fun to watch. Amy is not fun to watch. She ruined that series.

Yes! Amy's relationship with Sheldon is the worst thing they've ever done. I don't think she has to be a terrible character but there's no way she's good enough to be Sheldon's main squeeze.

This character killed the show for me. I tried hard to give her a chance but eventually I found myself fast-forwarding through any scenes she was in. I just gave up completely in the end. I wish the show had remained focused on the original main characters.

Can't stand her and am sad because I love the series and have the first eight seasons on DVD. Watching them through for the second time, I don't think I can bear to buy the next season's DVD's. I agree with the comments others have made on this thread about her. I don't want to criticize the actor, but the character is so unpleasant, I doubt I would watch anything with her in it.

Of the 3 female main characters on this show, Amy is a very distant third in terms of contribution to the comedy of it, and to the storyline. Getting rid of Amy would be best for the show, especially in its final season coming up.

Amy started off as relatively funny, not bust a gut funny but worth maybe a chuckle or two. But since her first season she's become needy, manipulative and annoying. She acts like she's still in high school even though she's a grown woman. I feel like the writers wanted a more traditional female nerd but they completely left out all of her personality, she has these weird unaddressed feelings for Penny and constantly pushes Sheldon into uncomfortable situations to compensate for them. She constantly overstays her welcome and more than once has tried to change Sheldon to fit what she wants in the relationship

Her permanent position on the show has made it dull. She neither hot nor funny so why bother.

TBBT seasons 10 and especially 11 are focusing more and more on the Sheldon-Amy relationship, which of all the situations in the history of this show is essentially the least funny. I don't know if it's the fault of the writers, the producer, or the actors, but something is going very wrong. Too many characters, too much Amy, and too many confrontational non-comedy scenes in the latest season. Does someone in the writing/production team have an axe to grind or what?

Amy is not a good fit to the original premise of this show. The 18-49 audience share of this show is definitely down from previous years (see wiki), no doubt due in part to Amy's tendency to turn any scene into a negative skit, which seems to infuse darkness into every episode now. Millennials are not attracted to that kind of acting.

We are in the middle of the year-end TBBT marathon. All previous episodes are being shown, and it seems like they are being presented in chronological order. So I have (re)watched episodes from the first couple of seasons already (seen them many times before but this is a binge watch), and I must say, without Amy in the picture, the show is a lot funnier and leaves with you with more of a good feeling at the end of each episode than the recent and current seasons with Amy who just drags every topic and every scene with Sheldon right through the mud. She is not funny. She is not a positive person. She talks in a monotone. She whines. She is needy and clingy. Now, I love the first 3 seasons of this show, but it starts to go downhill as Amy becomes more and more of a focus in the show. I think there is probably some insider favoritism that got her into the show, possibly because of her T.V. network connections, because she sure can't act!

Absolute worst character on the show. I own every season to date and have just started watching from season 1 to help me recall what I actually liked about the show. Before Amy the show was hilarious. Once she became a recurring character I find myself skipping entire scenes just so I can enjoy the episode. Horrible actress; horrible character; I want my money back. She has ruined The Big Bang Theory.

I just finished watching the season 3 episode 23 (season-ender "The Lunar Excitation") where Sheldon and Amy met through the dating profile that Howard and Raj had set up. That version of Amy was really funny. The later version that Amy eventually morphed into is not the same person at all. Not even the most remote connection, and this new version that evolved over the seasons is not as funny, not as quirky, and not as good a fit for Sheldon as the original Amy was.