Worst Characters In the Walking Dead Video Game

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1 David Garcia


He treated Kate and Javier(everyone honestly) like crap mann

David was difficult to understand at least I didn't go for him I stay with Kate and Clem go for gabe

When I first played the game I was completely loyal to him and even turned my feelings down for kate but then after the first punch he gave me in the last episode I utimaltly hated him more than any other character that I fought him right back and was so happy he died that I didn't say anything at his funeral

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2 Arvo

Worse than David, he shot a kid

He shot Clementine! - EJ0602

Shoots a little girl even if she helps him the whole time they knew eachother

Shot Clementine, no body shoots clemmy!

3 Joan

Smug bitch
Just asking to be punched in the face with that smug look

4 The Stranger

All around hypocrite saying Lee's a exposed Clementine to danger when he himself caused his sons and later wife and daughters death!

A complete phsyco who tries to kill everyone for stealing food from him and wanting to "adopt" clementine and keeping a walker's head in a bag

Says how horrible Lee is has a father figure when he's worse as an actual father

Kidnaps a 9 year old and keeps his dead wife's severed head in a bowling bag? Psycho.

5 Clementine

I find it unfair, how come Clem survives until season 4 but Lee, Kenny and Luke doesn't? A lot of folks died just to save her

What? Clementine is the best character! You are not true fans if you dislike Clem!

Clementine is so annoying in season 3 I hope telltale kills her in season 4, she was garbage.

She stayed in the game way to long and is completely overrated they really need to kill her off - HotColds

6 Larry

Even if you are nice to Larry he still pushes you around and he only cares about her daughter

Wa so the only one who gave him food, and the axe? - DapperPickle

Just an all around douche. Never wanted to be nice to Lee not even when you were nice to him. What a cock.

7 Clint
8 Jane

Manipulates everyone and doesn't care about anyone but herself.

Puts a child's life at risk for a bull reason and cares about no one but herself

Depending on your choices, she literally is the cause for Kenny, a man we've known since the beginning, killed

9 Katjaa

A very boring and overrated character. I honestly didn’t care when she died

10 Kate

She is useless and in this game is her role just for nothing...

Kate is annoying and useless, all she did was try to cause friction between javi and David

The Contenders

11 Sarah

Pathetic crybaby

Only 13?! Lower than clem?! What is wrong with you People! - TheOneMan

Sarah is to weak and annoying

Too fragile to be a useful character

12 Gabe

Gabe sucks

13 Badger
14 Eleanor
15 Ben

Just a screw up if you ask me

Let's see, he causes the death of a little boy and his mom, Carley/Doug, Brie, possibly Molly, puts Clem's life at risk somewhat causing Chuck to get separated and killing him later, lets Clem wander off, and was too much of a pussy to cut off Lee's arm for him and passes out halfway through. Couldn't leave him off the list

16 Carver

He is a penis

Kills too many innocent people for no good reason

17 Bonnie

Bonnie blames clem for lukes death, lies to everyone, and tries to leave her.

18 Duck

Duck made that farm guy got killed and didn't even bother to apologize

19 Lilly
20 Kenny

No, kenny wasn't a decent character. He's too selfish. He always made excuse when he killed someone (who might turn into zombie) but don't want to face the truth when his closest ones become zombies.

21 Hershel Greene Hershel Greene Hershel Greene is a fictional character in The Walking Dead whose role is depicted in the comic book, television series as portrayed by Scott Wilson and the game series.

Just a racist who doesn't believe a word Lee says even if you give the most honest answers

He was mean to lee

22 Luke

If you actually hate Luke I don't know what to say

23 Abel
24 Troy

Never does anything good for anyone, even possibly hits Clem in the face twice

25 Mike

He is a snake

26 Mitch
27 AJ

Just a little pain in the ass

28 Nate

Is a crazy messed up man, which he lured walkers in the car to Russell, shot an old man and his wife.

29 Joane
30 Lee

Whoever idiot put this list he should put it out.

31 Wyatt

He's too much of a light thinker but other than that, he's alright.

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