Worst Characters In the Walking Dead Video Game

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1 Larry

Wa so the only one who gave him food, and the axe? - DapperPickle

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2 The Stranger

Kidnaps a 9 year old and keeps his dead wife's severed head in a bowling bag? Psycho.

3 Jane

Puts a child's life at risk for a bull reason and cares about no one but herself

Depending on your choices, she literally is the cause for Kenny, a man we've known since the beginning, killed

4 Arvo

Shoots a little girl even if she helps him the whole time they knew eachother

5 Sarah

Too fragile to be a useful character

6 Carver

Kills too many innocent people for no good reason

7 Ben

Just a screw up if you ask me

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8 Hershel Greene Hershel Greene Hershel Greene is a fictional character in The Walking Dead whose role is depicted in the comic book, television series as portrayed by Scott Wilson and the game series.

Just a racist who doesn't believe a word Lee says even if you give the most honest answers

9 Troy

Never does anything good for anyone, even possibly hits Clem in the face twice

10 Luke

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11 Nate

Is a crazy messed up man, which he lured walkers in the car to Russell, shot an old man and his wife.

12 Lilly
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