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The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, also known as North Korea, is a country in Eastern Asia. Its capital is Pyongyang. It is currently ruled by the dictator Kim Jong-Un, after inheriting the title from his father, Kim Jong-Il, who inherited it from his father, Kim Il-Sung. more.


They want to be more powerful by developing more nuclear warheads. During Kim Jong-il's regime, they won't yield to the sanctions. After Kim Jong-un succeeded his father, nothing is different. The Kims want to remove USA from existence. The government are responsible for the death of this young man named Otto. They brainwash their citizens with propaganda daily. Also people go to prison camps, especially for petty crimes. If someone commits a crime, the whole family will go to prison together. The prison conditions are deplorable; inmates do labour constantly with little food and recess. North Koreans aren't allowed to contact with the outside world, including their southern counterparts. No foreign media are allowed there. They can only use the Kims as their idol, not Jesus, Buddha nor Mohammed. They have elections, but the system is insane. The two choices are current leader or death. In Pyongyang, the districts are segregated by social class. Elites have more privileges than the ...more

One of the few (of only) places in the world where you literally have NO rights whatsoever! First off, its under a totalitarian dictatorship, meaning the only one who has a say in anything is the dictator himself. Second, no freedom of speech; if you even look like your plotting against the government, you get killed! Three, you can't even leave the country even if you tried! Four, the government tells you when to wake up and when to go to bed (I'm not joking! ) Five, no privacy. The government is literally always watching you. So if you think the US is bad with Donald Trump (that's a whole other topic), think about North Korea and be grateful! - RaeMarie

The country is has one of the most oppressive governments in the entire nation and previously one of the cruelest dictators. The government has committed thousands of crimes (including murder). They also refuse to have relations with any other nations. Their country is armed with nuclear weapons and the threat of them using them is very real.

I, personally, am from America. Now (as I am only thirteen, I don't know much about my country to make too many valid points), America may be considered one of the most obese countries out there. I totally agree with that. There are like 100-200 students in my school that are just big piles of fat. I may have over-exaggerated there, but I don't care. But my point is, America has made mistakes before (just like the fellow before me said) like the Vietnam war and things like that that could and should have been completely avoided. Some may think that America is the "stupidest country ever" well, keep in mind that we do have smart people out there, and from what I have heard from many a person is that I am one of those people. I really do not want to gloat or be full of myself (I hate people like that) but I am being serious. My IQ is apparently way above average for a kid my age, but I have something in my way: ADHD. So don't judge me.

Its crazy! The government brainwashes the country and makes them worship their crazy president! For what? Starving them, giving them no freedom and education, making them live off of weeds and dogs and not even suppling basic needs, that's what! And they keep going on like that, even. What a stupid country. I hope someday the world will beat some sense into them.

NK is practically the worst. USA is better. You have freedom, choose a lot of foods, one of the homes to a lot of modern capacities, and even though people might be a bit unfriendly, a lot of them are welcoming. And plus I can see that USA is being changed a lot. But on NK, I hope there is a good leader because human rights are not even allowed there. Forced to eat rats, weak shelter, you only earn 1-2 dollars a month, and the worst is the prison. And there are a lot of things not allowed in NK. No pictures, no internet, only allowed to laugh if KimJongUn says a bad joke, and they only teach NK propaganda.

And the worst part is they still use floppy disks. WEAK

People worship crazy minded dictators in a North Korea. Christianity is banned, and there is no rights at all. If you dislike the government, they come and kill you. There's no Internet, so that means that the dictators make up unbelievable propaganda (like "Kim- Jong Il controls the weather or that Kim Il Sung is a god and is the "infinite ruler" of a North Korea. While civilians starve, the government imports goods from other countries to use for themselves, but not for other people. They threaten to invade other countries, and even set up a satellite in outer space that can launch a nuke. North Korea shouldn't even be called a "country". Even if Obama is a bad president, just remember what is happening in North Korea. - ethanmeinster

The people who voted for the United States are ungrateful. Your lucky to live in a free country that accepts all religions, races and orientations. You would honestly rather vote for America than North Korea. North Korea where if you say one bad thing about the government you go to jail for life and you future children go to jail too.

North Korea is without a doubt, the worst country on earth! The people there have absolutely no freedom at all, think communism is the answer and are slaves to the government. It all vaguely reminds me of something out of George Orwell's 1984...

Propaganda, torture, horrible leader, starvation, no internet access and barely any access to the outside world. The poor people are brainwashed and have no freedom. They have nuclear weapons and a crazy dictator. Not a good combo, I feel bad for the innocent citizens. - dragonfly99

I can't even believe america is #1, I live here and I am very happy, I love my country, people hate on america for the dumbest reasons. they hate on us because many of us are religious and because some people are overweight. I mean seriously grow up, North Korea is the worst, no question about it

Anyone who says USA is worse than North Korea is crazy. You can dislike Obama here. At least we don't get killed for PRACTICING RELIGION! It's so much worse than USA. And honestly... NO ONE from North Korea is going to be offended. They have no internet there.

North Korea doesn't know their reputation. They currently are planning to attack US, which is billionth bigger than their land. I hate the dictator there. He is too reckless

P.S. I am South Korean.

I'm sorry, but this is the worst country ever. It disgraces the race that is far superior to mine. - Therandom

The leader of this country is trying to destroy the whole planet. He is mentally ill. He does not care about anyone in the world except for himself. If someone does not kill this freak or blow up North Korea. (Most of the country agrees with him for some stupid reason.)

I wish North Korea will bomb by nuke and north korea one of the most craziest country in the world no country will visit at north korea only chinese would be there because their were allies and their government was crazy crazy as the monkey or a pig hahahaha wahahaha and north korea should be punish by bombing with a nuke and they will be suffer forever

Their people are starving and still think Communism is the answer. The leader is truly crazy. Why China puts up with their BS is beyond me. Oh, yeah and North Korea has weapons of mass destruction. Go get 'em W. -

Kids in North Korea are thought to hate Americans and practice stabbing a dummy, looking like an American at showroom. If you do not follow one of the rules you are killed. You also cannot leave. You will be killed for even trying.

No freedom. At all. I sound like a typical American, but no religious freedom, no freedom of speech, expression. You can't even pick out your shoes! Not to mention Kim Jong Un and his family are living like gods while the rest of the country starves! They are so unadvanced, and the death camps are so cruel and torturous, and your family could be put in there for 3 GENERATIONS! - ToptenPizza

It's not the people's fault. It's their dictator who forces the people of North Korea to worship him, and give up their rights to bow down to him. Kim Jong Un is basically destroying North Korea, not the people of North Korea - KingSlayer93316

Are people allowed to be proud of their own country? Certainly, there are always kind people in every country, so people should ONLY judge by what the government does, not by the people.

To say North Korea is a worse country than USA is complete idiotic. North Korea is oppressive, it has a government that controls every living being and the people HAVE to like it, they aren't given a choice.

What? US is the "worst" country?! That's like saying North Korea, Syria, Myanmar, and Congo are the best countries in the world. Ignorant people these days.

In North Korea, you can't have many free things. You can't have your hair in a style that isn't allowed, you aren't allowed to leave the country, and the bible is banned. - Canuck101

This country is by far the worst. It's the most jealous, attention seeking country in the world and it's full of brainwashed idiot citizens who worship a fat guy. North Korea's primary export? ----BALLISTIC MISSILIES! What does that tell you?