Top Ten Worst Danganronpa Characters

Characters can be DR1, SDR2, DR;AE or from the novel.

The Top Ten

1 Haiji Towa

Is a pedophile. enough said.

2 Himiko Yumeno Himiko Yumeno

Above all else she's boring, even if I also hate Hifumi and Mikan at least they did SOMETHING interesting

3 Hifumi Yamada

Now, Yamada can be a little funny at times. But, he is neckbeard. He draws porn for a talent.

This is a good boy, he did nothing wrong >:o - rawrxyy

4 Mikan Tsumiki

Why?! - AzkaNesia

5 Ryota Mitarai
6 Sayaka Maizono

Why she's lower than Ryota and Mikan?

EVIL. - rawrxyy

Seeing Maizono high at this list makes me sing...

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS MY FRIENDS! (I don't know what's the song name, but it's by the band Queen, right? ) - MLPFan

I hate Sayaka and actually, I think she's the way to show how looks aren't everything and how first impressions are always deceiving (a.k.a a problem everyone at any age would be confused of). When she was first introduced, Naegi instantly developed a crush on her because he thought she was very "pretty" (mediocre at best :v) and that she was sharp with her intuition thing. In the games, most of the monolouges regarding her (or Naegi's weird crush on her, because sometimes It gets on my nerves) are about her lovely appearance or her amazing scent. She's also the SHSL Idol, being very popular and still a teenager and all. But now, here is when things get down:
She betrayed Naegi and tried to kill Leon although her plan backfired. She used Naegi's kindness and his feelings for her so she can kill Leon, another guy whose possibly attracted to her too and put all the blame to Naegi going as far as trying to do the whole "cute girl" act to get him to switch rooms with her. Basically, we ...more - MLPFan

7 Tsumugi Shirogane Tsumugi Shirogane

I hate this girl so much cause she is the reason why Kaede died during the killing due to the false accusation of murdering Rantaro when killed him herself. Also I find her pretty bland and her character sucks. Plus even though she's the mastermind I know she made the killing game unfair but she's the mastermind and she can do whatever she wants.

8 Nagito Komaeda Nagito Komaeda

He was such a creep and made me feel really uncomfortable. I did not trust him and did not want him around. His character concept was very creative but he was a terrible person whose twisted beliefs put everyone's life in danger multiple times. If I were on the island with him, I'd tie him up and throw him in the old lodge as well.

Just annoying...

I guess having one personality makes someone be well written these days...


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9 Junko Enoshima Junko Enoshima

Junko has charisma and she might not be a good person but she is a good character.

Junkyard Enoshima and her edgy terrorist organization. - SirSarcasm

Ah, the true meaning of despair.

€�I mean, Junko was good, but all her despair? Really Junko? I chose Hope!

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10 Kotoko Utsugi

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? Monaca Towa Monaca Towa

UGH she is so annoying and acting innocent

The Contenders

11 Hiyoko Saionji

I hate her so much.
she loves to insult others (especially Mikan), but when someone insults her she becomes a baby
I hoped she would be executed and had a slow and painful death
Seriously, I think I've never been so happy to see someone dead, I blame Mikan for killing Ibuki, but I venerate her for killing Hiyoko
And what gives me most hatred of her, is to have discovered that she would be one of the survivors in place of Fuyuhiko, how they had in their head for even thinking about that possibility

The whole game I was hoping she'd choke on a gummy - rawrxyy

Annoying little brat. That's pretty much it. - Haumea


i hate ibuki had to die but we can't all be winners

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12 Chiaki Nanami Chiaki Nanami

No just no


An extremely overrated, bland, mary sue who is worshipped by the majority of the DR fan community, but in reality has less depth than a small puddle. She's really boring to me and I think Celeste, Tsumiki and Fukawa are better than her because they actually have a personality, something Chiaki will never have in 9718174736901077 centuries - MLPFan

A really overrated "cinnamon roll" who truly stole the spotlight at dr3 and then her death comes and all the fans are just like "chiaki chiaki chiaki why you didn't deserve this chiaki chiaki chiaki like HELL SERIOUSLY she's nothing but LOOKS

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13 Teruteru Hanamura Teruteru Hanamura

If he weren't such a pervert I really would've loved him - rawrxyy

My least favorite character in the whole franchise.

Fat pedo got special punishment lol

14 Byakuya Togami Byakuya Togami

He's terrible and selfish but I still love him - rawrxyy

Something's suspicious about this guy...

I just hate him.

I absolutely hate this person. He acts like a smart ass when he is really a corrupt rich bitch. - SirSarcasm

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15 Touko Fukawa

I'm sorry to the people who like Touko'a character but I just don't. Shes always squealing over Byakuya and never cares about anyone else. Also shes too quick to accuse someone of being the culprit, I just really dislike her :/

Trash, enough said.

16 Angie Yonaga Angie Yonaga

I get enough of religious nuts irl thank you very much

The only drv3 character I didn't like

So annoying

17 Ultimate Imposter Ultimate Imposter
18 Celestia Ludenburg

This is disappointing. Celestia is well developed, unique, and interesting character. She is my favorite character. Rven though she a liar, it is entertaining to watch

19 Mahiru Koizumi

Cannot stand her. So glad she was killed off early.

20 Miu Iruma Miu Iruma

She is more of a pervert than an inventor. - SirSarcasm

Worst girl by far

People complain about Hiyoko being a bad character because she bullies people, but when Miu does it, its fine.

Makes sense.

Best girl

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21 Tenko Chabashira Tenko Chabashira

I was so glad when she was killed off, wish it could've been sooner though.

Garbage, every time she opens her mouth, it makes me want to strangle her.

Tenko deserved to be tortured and then killed, slowly and painfully.

All feminists and SJWs must suffer.

22 Gonta Gokuhara

Why is my precious gentleman on this list

Best boi in the world.

The purest boi of any Danganronpa game - Haumea

I love his grammar. - SirSarcasm

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23 Maki Harukawa Maki Harukawa

I honestly don't see why people like this girl so much. Let's see the facts here: She is not afraid to kill someone, nor is she afraid to threaten someonr. To send it home she only feels remorse for when Kaito (spoiler) dies. If she is a waifu then so is Junko, both of them are apathetic and brutal.

The only thing she has that is good is her character design.
Her complete character is just so used in fiction already that she didn't come to me as an interesting one. Character development? Sure there was some, but it was completly ruined with the 5th trial withher wanting to sacrifice everyone just because of her own greed against kokichi.
She's selfish and boring.

24 Leon Kuwata Leon Kuwata


25 Yasuhiro Hagakure Yasuhiro Hagakure

Wants to borrow your organs... - buttersock

26 Kokichi Oma Kokichi Oma
27 Juzo Sakakura Juzo Sakakura
28 Chisa Yukizome

Why is Instructor Chisa here?
She was super cute and encouraging! She was outgoing, and she could handle the class very well. And If I were in her class, I would be greatful to have a good teacher like her!

29 Chihiro Fujisaki Chihiro Fujisaki

His character development could've been a lot better. Instead we got a whiny crybaby who literally did nothing to further the plot besides creating Alter Ego. I feel as though many people only like him because of his design, not his character. It would've been better if he actually became a bit more manly, like what he wanted.

30 Sonia Nevermind Sonia Nevermind

Ugh... just annoying

Positive but just a useless character

Novoselic was an irrelevant kingdom anyway - SirSarcasm

31 Kyoko Kirigiri Kyoko Kirigiri
32 Kazuichi Soda
33 Ruruka Ando Ruruka Ando

She's a jerk. (Spoilers) I'm glad she died.

34 Peko Pekoyama Peko Pekoyama
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