Top Ten Worst Danganronpa Characters

Characters can be DR1, SDR2, DR;AE or from the novel.

The Top Ten

1 Nagito Komaeda Nagito Komaeda

I never thought anyone was worse than Junko Enoshima. But then came this over exaggerated Naegi clone who was more evil and sadistic than helpful. - SelfDestruct

2 Junko Enoshima Junko Enoshima

How could you forget to add her to this list? How? - SelfDestruct

Ah, the true meaning of despair.

Yuck basic despair thot

3 Byakuya Togami Byakuya Togami

He's terrible and selfish but I still love him - rawrxyy

Something's suspicious about this guy...

That hot picture though..

4 Touko Fukawa

I'm sorry to the people who like Touko'a character but I just don't. Shes always squealing over Byakuya and never cares about anyone else. Also shes too quick to accuse someone of being the culprit, I just really dislike her :/

5 Haiji Towa

Is a pedophile. enough said.

6 Teruteru Hanamura

If he weren't such a pervert I really would've loved him - rawrxyy

7 Sayaka Maizono

EVIL. - rawrxyy

Seeing Maizono high at this list makes me sing...

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS MY FRIENDS! (I don't know what's the song name, but it's by the band Queen, right? ) - MLPFan

I hate Sayaka and actually, I think she's the way to show how looks aren't everything and how first impressions are always deceiving (a.k.a a problem everyone at any age would be confused of). When she was first introduced, Naegi instantly developed a crush on her because he thought she was very "pretty" (mediocre at best :v) and that she was sharp with her intuition thing. In the games, most of the monolouges regarding her (or Naegi's weird crush on her, because sometimes It gets on my nerves) are about her lovely appearance or her amazing scent. She's also the SHSL Idol, being very popular and still a teenager and all. But now, here is when things get down:
She betrayed Naegi and tried to kill Leon although her plan backfired. She used Naegi's kindness and his feelings for her so she can kill Leon, another guy whose possibly attracted to her too and put all the blame to Naegi going as far as trying to do the whole "cute girl" act to get him to switch rooms with her. Basically, we ...more - MLPFan

8 Hifumi Yamada
9 Celestia Ludenburg
10 Hiyoko Saionji

The whole game I was hoping she'd choke on a gummy - rawrxyy

The Contenders

11 Mahiru Koizumi

Cannot stand her. So glad she was killed off early.

12 Mikan Tsumiki
13 Gonta Gokuhara

Why is my precious gentleman on this list

Best boi in the world.

Why is he even here.He is a gentle man I say. A GENTLEMAN

Why is the purest, most innocent, kindest character on this list exactly...

He's a GENTLEMAN! - Acro23

14 Chiaki Nanami Chiaki Nanami


An extremely overrated, bland, mary sue who is worshipped by the majority of the DR fan community, but in reality has less depth than a small puddle. She's really boring to me and I think Celeste, Tsumiki and Fukawa are better than her because they actually have a personality, something Chiaki will never have in 9718174736901077 centuries - MLPFan


15 Miu Iruma Miu Iruma

Worst girl by far

My wife :') - rawrxyy

16 Leon Kuwata


17 Yasuhiro Hagakure Yasuhiro Hagakure

Wants to borrow your organs... - buttersock

18 Angie Yonaga Angie Yonaga

So annoying

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