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Selena Marie Gomez is an American actress and singer. She is best known for songs like "Come & Get It", "Good For You", "Same Old Love", and "Naturally". Selena Gomez's voice is mezzo-soprano but she usually sings in alto. She is best known for her role as Alex Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place.


No true singing talent. Sounds like a karaoke singer and she is claimed to be an amazing singer? Please ;there are so many people out in the world have true talent and it's there passion and they never get a chance and this girl gets it handed to her. Music industry sure needs to rethink what is talent again.

I went with my little sister to her concert and she sucks live. I knew she uses a lot of autotune in her music but oh my gosh, she sounds terrible live. I give her props for the transition to child star to adult because she did it with class and taste but her music sucks aside from who says and a couple of other catchy songs. Her voice sounds like a mouse gasping for air and that's being nice. I know most people go to see her or meet her at her concerts because I will never ever pay money to hear her sing live again. Nothing but a bunch of die hard fans an tweens with their moms at her concerts. Other than that she seems like a decent person but she should stick to acting, she has a likeable persona about her.

Regardless of what kind of person she is, and what kind of songs she makes, Selena is completely mediocre. She can do NOTHING with her voice. Fans like to say it's because she's got a different kind of voice and it's 'alto' - PLEASE! So many talented singers in the lower range can do fancy things with their voices.

Whereas after Selena got so much bad feedback after her higher-pitched performances back a few years ago, that now she stands on stage and rasps and whispers and husks and speaks all her songs in a monotonous pitch that occasionally goes one, barely two octaves higher.

I could honestly go on forever. Seriously, the utter endless LOVE from her fans for someone so vocally average is INSANE. I guess that's something for Selenator's to be proud of - but really, it's just sad. Liking someone doesn't mean you look past all their flaws and glorify their voice, which is what the majority of her fans do on places like YouTube.
But, the truth comes out on websites ...more

She is a horrible singer needs to be taken off the label

Selena talks her lows, whines throughout her middle register, and shouts her highs. I like how she knows she's not a powerhouse and doesn't try to be one, but currently she's going through a phase where she's obsessing over her lower register and "unfeminine" voice, which shows how little she knows her voice. Her voice itself is VERY girly, light and sweet, even when she sings low. Her fans like to go on about how she's an "alto" and go on about how she can hit a Bb2 live, but her lower register is decent at best and when she sings live, all notes lower than F3 sound airy and like her voice is going to crack. Her highs are all exclamations, and when performing live she sings belts in her head voice or falsetto because she can't sing those upper belts live. She can't even perform her own songs live (still struggles with the highs from Who Says and the lows from Love You Like a Love Song) and the only song of hers that highlights the breathy, feminine color of her voice is The Heart ...more

Selena Gomez has worked hard and long to get where she is today. Selena is an excellent actress. If you've seen the amount of effort she's put in, as well as number of hits made to get to where she is, you'll then realize that she does deserves all her wealth and fortune. Despite this, I do personally admit Selena Gomez is a pretty average jane for a singer, that doesn't impress me in live performances as compared to many artists. I'm sure there are many none artists and artists who can sing as good and if not better than her, whom actually feel great jealousy over the fact that she doesn't deserve to entertain with her amount of skill, and that they could do better. However, we forget Selena Gomez puts in a lot of work, innovation and hours. I feel she deserve a little credit for her work ethic and product, which is enough for her to entertain an audience, especially since she is the face of her own songs.

Has the worst voice I have ever herd all her songs suck and she was with justin bieber once or twice and he sucks all his songs suck and he has the worst voice ever and selena does nothing but just make rubbish songs again and again and does rubbish albums

I hate Selena Gomez. She's so fake and annoying. She only uses people for fame. She can't even sing or act. She doesn't write her own songs. She's a talentless goat.

I really can't say more...her voice is plastic fake...sometimes I feel the lyrics are good like Same old love and Kill em with kindness...but then again whats there to listen to come and get it? she is sweet and polite but singing is definitely not for her...i really like her as Alex but not as the singer. She is humorous and good but singing is definitely not suited for that croaking voice after I heard her singing in a live concert.

Selena Gomez CAN NOT I repeat CAN NOT sing. She has such a weak and screechy voice. I cannot express into words how much I hate her voice, it really annoys me how she makes so much money out of her 'singing', when there are loads of people who could top her voice hands down. Give it up selena.

I think it's annoying she gets a lot of ''credit'' for her singing, actually never mind, it's probably because she's pretty and everyone just moves along. She can't sing . Too bad I like her music though. She should stop singing or at least be kinda honest about her singing. For example on her tour, she probably lip syncs a lot or she just flips her hair a thousand times per second. She lets her back up singers do all the work, like move them up to the front, they clearly deserve more credit lol. Some say her voice is ''soft'', like maybe but that doesn't make that she can sing. Even in the studio she can't sing (there's a video on YouTube where she sings Sick of You (I think) where she sounds awful). I don't know, just gives some other artists her music en let her just do some modeling work or whatever it is that she likes.

Come and get it... Wait was that a robot?

Her vocal range isn't wide. Her voice isn't great. An auto tuned voice mostly.

Oh my god.. She looks like a racoon and has a PATHETIC voice.. I hate it when people compare her to great singers like Amy Lee and Whitney Houston.. Go to hell, Selena and make the devils listen to your music.. They'll die once again!

She is just annoying and she is not a good role model for girls, because she has no talent and she is very famous. It shows people like "You can be useless, but you can have a career".

She sounds horrible live!.. Zero talent- if this girl is a "singer" so could ANYONE- she can't act, sing of dance! How is she famous?!

So talented and amazing, I just love her... NOT! She's so stupid and annoying, I listened to her live and she was DREADFUL

STOP HATING ON SELENA GOMEZ IDIOTS! Just because you all watched a couple performances and stuff doesn't mean she's complete trash. Yes I'll admit they needed improvement. But she actually CAN sing live. Watch her perform Same Old Love live on Ellen. Then you'll realize you misjudged her. And she writes meaningful lyrics. Yes I'll admit some songs have stupid lyrics like Hands to Myself (good beat though). Listen to her meaningful songs like The Heart Wants What It Wants and Kill Em With Kindness. Both of them are meaningful and they have a good beat. Why can't Selena Gomez and Rihanna switch places at least? Rihanna is mean and talentless yet everyone thinks she's the queen of everything. All rihanna does is stick out her tongue, dance around naked in videos, and twerk just like Miley Cyrus. Wow what a talent is that (NOT! ). Selena has talent you haters need to keep looking. Plus she's nice to fans and she's one of the few REAL celebrities out there.

First and foremost all of your opinions are nonsensical and I hate to bad talk individuals opinions. Selena Gomez is a phenomenal singer. You watch a few YouTube videos and you think you have it figured out? Watch Selena and the Scene sing Who Says Live Acoustic and then have the audacity to tell me she cannot sing. Watch her fan interview on the set of Another Cinderella Story where she sings, no music, no wires, no anything and tell me she sucks. I agree she is NOT the BEST singer, but she openly admits that in a good percent of her interviews. She knows how to work her voice. She has awesome feel good music, and I'm loving that she has started to branch out and changed her audience to more young women then young girls. Keep in mind Selena has been in the business since she was 9. She wasn't Ashley Tisdale, Miranda Cosgrove, Ariana Grande who started as ACTORS and once Disney pulled the plug became singers. Selena started as an actress of Wizards of Waverly Place yet sang the theme ...more

I love Selena, I think she's a great person and she's great at acting. But singing really just isn't her strong point. I like her songs, they're catchy and well-written, and most of the time her voice does sound amazing on the track. But playing live she's just so exposed, and it's so obvious, but she handles it so well I can't help being a fan.

She sings horribly. She should focus more on acting than singing. It's just, singing obviously doesn't work for her

She's more of an actress. Barney is still her thing. The good (old) songs of hers are auto-tune. I've heard her sing them live- well, oops! She can't sing! They were good songs on the album (A Year Without Rain, Who Says, Love You Like A Love Song, etc. ) but she cannot really sing them. Sorry, but face the truth. She is not vocally talented!

Stars Dance was a terrible album. I'd never liked Gomez as a singer, but that album made my ears bleed. The only song that is actually good is Slow Down.

Selena gomez is a great actress but a not so great singer... She's just another disney actress that disney gave a record deal too. Although some disney stars like Miley Cyrus and demi lovato are great singers, selena gomez should stick to acting cus she is an AWESOME actress

When she was singing live is very bad. Especially when singing come and get it to the dance. It is very bad. Too many backing vocals. And it is not the traits of a singer.