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21 Boss Mabel

Yes because a rampaging gremloblin attacking the shack is boring.

This one is so boring

Just kind of meh. Hilarious, but meh.

22 The Love God

This episode had it's perks (such as Dipper saying "everyone's touching everything" while crowd surfing) but I feel that in a way the moral was a tad destructive. Mabel already messed with Robbie and Tambry's love lives, but in the end she decides to not undo the love potion because they seem "happy". But isn't this, in a way, artificial happiness? Isn't it better be alone than to be fake?

I hate how the love God acts in this episode. It's so bad, it's irrelevant to the series, and really puts Mabel down on her matchmaking skills

The only amazing here was the "I EAT Kids" and I know I feel bad for Robbie so it's nice that probably they're happy now

The only part that was good was the "I EAT KIDS"

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23 Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality

This is a good episode, though perhaps the weakest installment of the Weirdmageddon saga.

The flashback kids are immature, rude, cruel, stupid, and deserve to die

Agreed sadly.


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24 The Inconveniencing

Wait, what? No way! How could you possibly hate the episode that has smile dip, the lamby lamby dance, and the duchess approves all in one?! I absolutely love this episode!

This was the first gravity falls episode I EVER watched, and it helped me get into the show. This episode is great, why are people so silly?

People don't understand being weird its awesome I don't even know why its on the list

This is a great episode!

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25 Carpet Diem

No this Episode is great why is it on here

Worst Episode ever!

26 Irrational Treasure

This episode takes a stride from the supernatural and looks into the history of the town. Good plot and ending, and plenty of jokes to keep me laughing. This doesn't belong here.

Just kinda too comedic and not to relevant. But still good cause still has standars

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27 Not What He Seems

This is the Best. We find out that it was Stan's Bro who is the author of the mysterious books.

This must be some kind of cruel joke.

Take this off the list holy crap


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28 Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons

I love this episode so much. Ford became my favorite character after I first watched it actually. Yes, it was silly, but after such a serious story arc taking place in the past few episodes, it was nice to have a breather and get to know Ford a little better as a new character. (My favorite part is when Ford says "Princess Unattainabelle beckons you! ")

Doesn't belong here. Anything with Weird Al can't be too bad. Al was even good in Toddler Titans. - lavashooter

I'm glad Dipper had a friend to bond with, the episode wasn't terrible

I relate this episode to my life waaay too much.

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29 Weirdmageddon

Um... Which Weirdmageddon? It's a trilogy. Unless the person who added it to the list meant all three, which would be ridiculous.

Why is this here?

Y is dis on the list?

30 Weirdmageddon 3

This episode was just tasteless.So long.So slow.A failed attempt of copying the epicness of Regular Show¬'s Exit 9b.Zero character development aand Gideon turns into a good guy.But the ending saved it.Hirsch.REBOOT THIS SERIES!

31 Dreamscaperers

I liked this episode since it was basically were you meet Bill for the first time and he's the main antagonist of the show and those of you who are up to date on your gravity falls SPOILER ALERT should know that Bill has the rift and is basically taken over the world and dipper and everyone are going to try to defeat him hopefully for the last time since there has been many battles with bill in the past and I can't wait for the next episode since we were left at a cliff hanger until the 26th of October 2015

This is my favorite episode why is it here

I just kind of got bored.

Really? WHY ARE MY favorites ON THIS LIST?

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32 Into the Bunker

"Very dark and not nearly enough jokes. This episode isn't any fun to watch at all..."
Dude, you realise that this was dark and a bit more serious because this episode was meant to be filled with small clues and secrets for the viewer, plus Dipper finally talks to Wendy about his feelings.

I loved this episodes adventure but it was very dark

Dark and that's why it was awesome


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33 Soos and the Real Girl

It was cool. So stop putting this on this list cause it was one of my favorite episodes =(

Loved this one creepy computer girl and a ton of hidden gems

It was just kind of boring

I loved it when Soos said the bad translation "anydthing can hadplen" and went "That is so true" cracks me up every time

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34 Blendin's Game
35 The Stanchurian Candidate
36 Society of the Blind Eye V 1 Comment
37 A Tale of Two Stans

Wait are you serious? What's going on here is this not the best episode ever? You can't possibly watch this and be bored/unsatisfied. For me this was where it all began. Crazy interesting and really cute. I absolutely loved this episode!

Great and informative episode should not be on the list

Get this off the list!

38 Double Dipper
39 Gideon Rises V 1 Comment
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