Top Ten Worst Guitar Brands

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1 First Act

Who the heck put Fender and Gibson on this list? - Barlek

First Act is a very peculiar guitar company. They have guitars that sell at Toys R Us that will literally fall apart in your hands. They sell pedals that are a complete joke, leaving you with the impression that they must be a bad, bad joke. Then something strange happened, I did a little research and found some info that was stunning. First Act has a couple of guitar lines that are some of the finest guitars I have ever seen, heard, or even read about. They have guitars that go for $3000 plus and are better guitars than any person commenting on this board will ever have the opportunity of even being in the same room with (including myself) Who would have thought?! Go figure.

Like 39% of the people said, they are simply the worst. The first guitar I owned was the Ibanez Gio, I thought it was amazing. I play it every now and then, but not too much anymore. For its price, I think it is the best starter guitar, 10 times better than any first act. I owned a first act, it was the worst guitar of all time. Me finger killed after playing it because the strings are so hard to push down, the frets don't even stay attached to the guitar. All beginner guitarist, don't get first act.

Garbage Guitars. Literally unplayable.

2 Squier

I have a Squier Jazz Bass and Precision Bass.
These are great sounding basses. they rarely get out of tune, and they are fun to play. - trowland4

Squier is very bad

Squiers. New bullets- very bad. Affinity series: made in China- wouldn't even take a free one. Made in Indonesia-pretty solid and nice playing guitar. Any in the standard series or better are wonderful! Every time I walk into a pawn shop or guitar shop I play the different squiers and ever single one China-bad, Indonesia-good and if you come across an old Japanese or Korean made (especially the Japanese) for a good price, like under $200 BUY IT(not that it will ever happen).

I love squire guitars because they are cheap and affordable. I love the fact that I now have a stratocaster so if you think that they suck think again. I can play under the bridge and scar tissue etc on my squire stratocaster honestly for those that can't afford a fender this is the best thing that has ever happened to me because I can now play an electric guitar which is not only good but it is brilliant

3 Yamaha

Yamaha branding suffers from having a wide spectrum of guitar, from the very cheap to professional quality. When you don't discriminate what you put your name on, your rep suffers. - bluesguitar1972

Unbelievable how people are ignorant. Yamaha makes number of products but the origin and set up are totally different. Its music division was used to be specialized manufacturer called "Nippon Music Instrument". Yamaha took over and still maintains the specialty.

The Fact That Taylor, Gretsch, Gibson, Fender Are On The List. Is Blasphemy - Chizzy123

If you don't know what brand to buy, buy Yamaha. There's a reason this brand is chosen by almost every music education establishment, they are the best available. The only downside is a lack of style, which I personally prefer, fashion is for sheep.

4 Washburn

I bought an HB-35 (Gibson ES-335 copy) and it is quite the Guitar for $650. Loaded with all kinds of adornments like binding, flame top, etc. It plays and sounds as good as any semi-hollow I've played costing 2k or more. Really good bang for the buck.

Honestly, I disagree with this one. I have an old Washburn from the 80’s, a Chicago series, and it plays great and works great with a Floyd Rose tremolo system

Washburn is an EXCELLENT brand. I have owned an N4, 2 N2's, and their latest, cheapest Nuno model for my daughter. My daughter's guitar is amazing for the price I wish I had such quality for my starter guitar. I would put my N4 up against ANY guitar- period. Plus, whenever I have contacted the company, they have top notch customer service. I know this isn't about amps, but I wrote them about an issue I had with my Randall amp ( a division of Washburn). Without me asking, they mailed me an amp part with an apology. Top notch.

Excellent sound and eaasy fretting! Well made, attractive and improves with age.

5 SX

My friend has an SX Strat. He thinks it's so good but I tell him otherwise. He doesn't know how bad they are

I strongly disagree with anyone who says SX are bad. I play a Gypsy Rose, which is an SX guitar, and I absolutely love it. I've had it for years and nothing has ever gone wrong with it. Easy to tune, the strings won't kill your fingers and none of the strings have broken. And It sounds amazing. - Cheshirecat

SX still is my main stage and recording guitar. Its great when you pimp it up...

SX guitars are made from good tone woods, have a good feel and sound. They do need some tweaking for the best playability, however they have good quality for the price. I've played Fenders and Gibsons that aren't worth 1/4 of what they cost.

6 Essex

What is an Essex? Also who compiled this list? It definitely wasn't guitar professionals. Every guitar maker has top line and then entry level guitars. Top line for those that can play and entry for the beginner who 9 out of 10 stop playing and they don't care that a $60 to $200 mistake lays in the closet for years. Yamaha makes 100's of styles and a lot are great guitars and some stink. It goes with the territory in a very competitive market. This should have been better defined and broken down by cost levels. Because this could have even been titled "The 10 Best Guitar List"

This is the worst guitar in the world - hooddle

Never heard of it

7 Applause

I disagree totally, I had a applause about 20 years ago and I wish I never had to sell it. It was a great guitar for the price and it sounded great hooked up to a decent amp.

I own an '80s Applause Strat and when played clean, sounds better than a MIM strat. Dirty sounds a little muddy but that might be because I have a crappy 60 watt Peavey amp.

Low cost version of the Ovation, not too bad.

My first acoustic was an Applause and was given to me by my grandfather, it's an amazing guitar and my first acoustic. - LoganToole

8 Taylor

Taylor guitars have the sonic personality of a can of Campbell's Soup.

I do not mean the soup, I mean the can.

Who in their right mind pays thousands of dollars for a multi piece bolt on neck in an acoustic.

Just buy a Martin.

Over-priced, under featured.

Simple answer is, if you have money for the higher end of Taylor, buy a Collings. I've been working as a repair tech in a store that stocks Taylor for around 5 years. Went to lutherie school under one of the best guitar builders in the country. I've played dozens of examples from nearly every model range Taylor has to offer, as well as a few of the more limited edition high $$$$ range. I will give credit where it is due, on the USA made models fit and finish is above many other brands.

However, regardless of price range in normal models you will never get a solid neck (Martin puts solid Mahogany necks even on the 00-15M for ~$1,100. You won't get a lacquer finish but a UV cured poly finish, unacceptable in high end guitars in my opinion.

I read another comment mentioning the bright & dull tone of Taylor. Without boring you with the science behind it, take a look inside and see how tall the braces are on the top, what they do is ...more

Taylors are okay as guitars go, but... I've owned three, sold them all in mint condition and lost considerable coin in doing so. I think they belong on this list because they charge hand made prices for MASS PRODUCED guitars. Don't believe me? Take the Taylor that you own and do a search for it on eBay. That's right, at this very moment there are hundreds of guitars just like yours for sale on eBay. And that's only checking this one sales venue! These guitars are worth half of what you paid because the market is saturated with them. Taylor cranks out hundreds of them per day and 100's of thousands per year. If you're shopping and seriously considering a Taylor, you can get comparable quality and far better value elsewhere. Choose carefully and you'll see your investment go up in value. Aside from some special, collectable models of Taylor, you will loose money on this brand.

False, the only acoustics that might come close to as sweet a sound as taylor is martin, and there are only a handful that may make the list. I have never been disappointed with any taylor I have picked up.

Taylor Guitars are the gold standard and to just see them on this list proves how worthless this list really is

9 Mitchell

Not sure about all of the models but I recently purchase one of the new Terra line models and I couldn't be more pleased! I have the Mitchell T333CE-best Solid Top Mahogany Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar Edge Burst. Came set up from the factory...Tuners are the only question mark but honestly, this isn't really a ding as the guitar stays in tune remarkably well. Great tone as this has a solid Mahogany Top, Sides and Back. I regularly use this guitar for singer/songwriter performances. Of my 16 guitars, this and my Tak are my go-to instruments.

I love my Mitchell! It's my second acoustic and my favorite by far! It does sound a little too bright acoustically but over an amp it sounds GREAT especially for the price!

Mitchell is an amazing guitar brand they sell you the best quality for the money you're paying.70% of the time it's not the guitar.It's your skills and practice level

I bought one off of my friend David Shalala for 30 bucks, worth 135 new. It is my first guitar and sounds great. I would recommend this to all beginners like me.
Matt Krause

10 ESP

Who put ESP on the list, whoever made this list doesn't have a brain

ESP is an AMAZING BRSND and I actually play a Kirk Hammett ESP Ltd and it sounds amazing and AWESOME! So YOUR wrong all of the esp guitars I’ve ever owned stayed in tune fine and sounded awesome. Your crazy

Switching to ESP was the best decision I ever made? Who put this here?

I have esp and it sounds and feels beautiful!


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11 Epiphone

Honestly, this is a pretty good brand. If you're looking for a Gibson sound on a budget, Epiphone does a really good job of replicating that Gibson tone. Granted, it's not going to be perfect, but it's one of the best in the price range.

Too bad John Lennon Sucks

I learned my lesson after owning a few and will never again

If they were as great a guitar (even as a bargain) as some make out, you wouldn't find millions of them for resale on Craigslist, Ebay etc...even moreso people willing to take almost anything including non musical instruments in a trade for them

Yet the LP clones of the pre lawsuit era, are harder to find and command higher price.

Truth be told they're just not that good, cheap electronics, bad finish, fret work was bad on every one I owned, cheap tuners, and bridge, sure you can dump another 500 into a guitar to bring it up, but then you have a $800.00 Epi on your hands that nobody is going to give you $400.00 for, and it still wont sound as good as a Gibson.

Save your money there's better Gibson alternatives out there.

All things considered, Epiphone is better value than their parent, Gibson. I sometimes wonder if Gibson makes a guitar, it has some trivial flaw that bumps it, and they put the Epiphone headstock on.

12 Gibson

R U Bonkers! In my opinion Gibson are the best guitar brand, ever who wrote this list!

Gibson is the greatest guitar company ever. The only other comparable brand is Ruokangas in Finland. People who don't like gibson hate gibson cause they want one of their guitars and can't afford one.

Gibson is a Great Brand... But Martin Guitars Blow Gibsons out of the water for sound... Sorry but it is so true

The problem of the recent Gibson bashing is well-founded. There were quality issues over the last maybe 15 years. The thing is that a Gibson is still a dream for a lot of people. They get better and giving themselves a present after putting money away. Then, after several years, maybe decades of anticipation they get crappy quality for several thousand dollars. The brand is alive, they can bounce back, but the managment...instead of the elevator, they should take the japanese business shortcut. As soon as the quality and passion is back, people will love to buy one. Hope they'll get back on track before 2020. - MountainGoat

Don't agree - I tend to trade a lot, and have probably had a couple hundred Gibsons since 2012. Never a serious issue, and near all well playing guitars. I've heard some anecdotal stories, but my experience says their quality is still very good. Most issues I've heard about should probably fall back on the dealers, since they're the last check point for quality control. - bluesguitar1972

A friend of mine had a Gibson Acoustic Guitar. It was solid maple. It was a beautiful guitar. but it had the worst sound you could have in a guitar. We had a bluegrass band and he tried playing that piece of junk with us. No volume, no character, no bass and no boom. the only thing that guitar was good for was to look at it!

13 Spectrum

The reason I hate this brand is because, they advertise like there toys are a real instruments. The fret board feels like ass, the whammy bar does nothing be put the guitar out of tune. It should be a Lil Wayne signature guitar, then they would have an excuse to make a Horrible guitar.

Spectrum isn't really even that bad. For price, they are super worth it. I have a Spectrum, and it is pretty good. Not the best brand in the world, but good for cheap guitars.

The guitar brand Spectrum isn't even that horrible. It sells great starting guitars, electric and acoustic, and are full sized. Some of the electric guitar kits even come with a mini amp. Although this brand is great, I would not recommend it for professionals.

I own a spectrum and they're not that bad. They play just like a stratocaster I may be 13 but I know what a good guitar is because I am the best guitar player in my school.

14 Switch

I have had some dog bad guitars! You and every one passes up Rickenbacker. I just dumped mine, I had two in my life they are bad out dated guitars. I saw people come in a store to buy one, they play one with a great Fender amp and walk out with some other brand. You do not see and of the greats play them. The sounds of the 60's is not a Ricky. Look for them and you will only see old photo of Lennon play one, no solos!

I( picked one up in a pawn shop, totally ignorant of the brand, quality, string action, etc. I'm actually very pleased with the guitar. It has tremendous tone and sustanibility. String action is terriffic top to bottom. For a brand that I understand is no longer in production, I am glad to have it in my collection.


I just watched a PBS special of Hulabaloo. Of the more than thirty groups and least 20 were using Rics. This is not even including Suzanna Hoffs, Steppenwolf, Roger McGuinn and a host of others. The fact that there is a waiting list for them would suggest that no nothing about Rickenbackers, the guitars or their history.

15 Ashton

I myself own an Ashton and I think that they are overall really great guitars. I own an Ashton SL29CEQLTSB Acoustic Electric and it is simply amazing. It comes with a built in tuner and the strings last for quite a very long time. I have owned a couple guitars in my time and I am happy to say that the sound is impressing. So all of the other people who put down this guitar either know nothing about guitars, are super spoiled and want the best of the best, or just had bad luck with them.

The person who said "I have a friend who plays an ashton, and he actually thinks it's a good guitar, while he constantly has to put paper under the strings because otherwise everything above the 3th fret is literally unplayable. Poor guy" MAY I POINT OUT that they just stated how the guitar was in a poor condition but said nothing about why or how long the guitar has been played and all these essential details.

The person who said "I made the mistake of buying a cheap ...more

I have a friend who plays an ashton, and he actually thinks it's a good guitar, while he constantly has to put paper under the strings because otherwise everything above the 3th fret is literally unplayable. Poor guy

I made the mistake of buying a cheap Ashton acoustic just for practice, big mistake my god they are awful

I have nothing really important to say but Ashton guitars should be on the top list..

16 Ovation

I own a ovation celebrity elite 2003... build quality, sound... just a lovely playable guitar with
or without an amp. They don't get the recognition they deserve.
I'll never sell it...

I've had an Ovation Celebrity for over 5 years. Great action, wonderful sound with or without an amp. Stays in tune. Play anything from classical to rock. The Ovation can do it. The sound is unique, so making it your only guitar may not work if your in a band. If you're a beginner, the string tension is really low so it's easy on your fingers. It is a hollow body accoustic, but it plays like an electric. I've owned and still own several guitars. This is the one I reach for the most.

Personally I like my Ovation it has one of the best necks I've ever played on a guitar acoustic or otherwise and when you plug it in it delivers powerful crisp clean tone and a one of a kind presence. Plus the body are made from Apache helicopter blades! So that's sick too I love mine Eat it!

Unique sounds, especially the ones with the tuned sound holes. Good guitar if you stand up and use a strap.

I have a deep dish acoustic electric cutaway Ovation Legend that has been my main (and favorite) guitar for the last 20 years - excellent, deep sound - has onboard eq & never goes out of tune, even in the winter, by a bonfire - sturdy as an ox. I agree that the shallow body ovations don't have as nice a sound.

17 Gretsch Guitars

Eat it... Gretsch Rocks! Make list that means something

Gretsch guitars are the best guitars ever made. Just ask Chet Atkins. He was the best guitar picker/player of all time.

Gretsch has always sounded beautiful when I've played their guitars, I have one of their open back banjos and its by far my favorite banjo I've ever played on.

American Gretsch's are still amazing instruments. Korean Gretsch's are VERY NOT BAD (if you can get past the fact they were made by a guy who probably are a Chihuahua for lunch.

18 Ibanez

One of the worst guitars I've ever played - TermonatorT888

Honestly, I have one of their Bass Workshop SRMS 805 multi-scale basses and a SR 250, and can't say I agree. I've tried a bunch of basses out from many brands, Fender, Gibson, ESP, Ibanez, and honestly, Ibanez basses are by far the best. Especially for metal. - Rydog

Ibanez make some of the best guitars I have ever had the pleasure of playing.

I had a Soundgear 5 string bass when they first came out and it was one of the worst basses I have ever owned. Crappy electronics, uncomfortable neck and the list goes on. I used it as a back up when I was touring 100+ shows per year and luckily my Tobias Killer B5 never had issues other than the occasional broken string. The best thing I can say about it is I lent it to a "colleague" and he ended up stealing it. Good riddance!

19 Daisy Rock

I have one from a long time ago, it's sounds like a farting crap

This guitar is absolutely terrible.

Daisy rock is terrible

Worst. Guitar. I've. Ever. Used.

20 Fender

I got my first guitar when I was 14 although I didn't know much about guitars I knew that I wanted to learn, so I did. I can't name the exact model, but it was worth a lot more then I had expected. I'm 16 now and I went from simple strumming patterns to complex fingerpicking and singing without any trouble from the guitar. Now that I know more about the differences of guitars I am certain that fender was a great start for me. I recommend this guitar to anyone, beginner or an experienced player.

Stratocaster? More like Shat-ocaster.

What fender isn't bad, who the hell said it was top 8 of the worst?

Fender is one of the best brands by the worst
That is one of the reasons it is so expensive!
You get what you pay for!

21 Denver

Denver...the other white meat

I like chicken

22 Dean

The original Dean's from the early 80's were truly amazing guitars, but the weird Neon Strat copy stuff with the Solid white necks that were branded dean would have been better off as firewood if it wasn't for any toxic side effects that would have come from burning the paint that they glopped on. --Total Garbage.

Junky guitars made for hyperactive children who think ugly graphics are cool. I mean seriously, have you seen the garbage Dean puts out at Guitar Center? The one thing even more immature is the Dean Forum.

This company really does nothing for me. Hideous designs, cumbersome shaped guitars and the fact that they keep milking dime bags name just makes me feel like they don't have much else. There are definitely worse brands out there like first act and daisy rock (shudders) but I've always thought dean just always sucked as a metal guitar company and b.c. rich isn't to far behind them in my opinion.

Crummy guitars made in sweatshops in China and Indonesia. Top that off with the absolute worst Guitar Forum on the internet full of immature trolls and you have a brand to be ashamed of. Really sad as the original Dean Zelinsky guitars were amazing.

23 Thomson

Good guitar mate pickups are great

Affordable yet solid sound

Goddd sound

24 Givson

"The Difference Is Easy To See" Company Motto

Worst guitar brand you will ever find on earth

YUCK. looks good, but bad quality. great for beginners. but don't stick with it for more than a month.

It's Givson, an Indian ripoff the Original brand... Sucks!

25 Econau

Econau guitars have many flaws, jack wears out, the tune and volume knobs come loose or fail to work and the strings will snap after a few uses and the pickups barely work so its more like a glorified acoustic...

I honestly think it’s and okay guitar for beginners. It’s affordable and sound good.

26 Granada

Granada is quite a good guitar. Actually it is amazing
. I have one and I haven't changed its original strings since 5 years it also has good quality of wood because I have dropped it many times but it still sounds perfect who the hell put it in the worst list

27 Stagg

Wouldn't be seen smashing one these in a video. Would rather watch Pearl Harbour on a loop than play one of these.

I own a few Stagg guitars and basses, with a good setup and sometimes a rewire they are pretty good

Worst guitars ever. Bought one last year. I'd rather wipe my arse withe a grater then buy another

Terrible. Had the misfortune of playing one and the frets were wider than the neck!

28 Elevation

I have one poor quality but good for starters

Good for newbies but seriously the worst guitar I've ever owned! Why the hell is Gibson on this list? My favourit brand by miles, expensive yes but the quality you get is amazing!

29 Jackson

Jacksons are the most playable guitars out there. I don't mean playing djent on YouTube...I mean playing on stage. Regardless of where they were made, all of my Jacksons have high-quality electronics and hardware--they all stay in tune and WORK.

I have a Chinese-made Warrior. Way underrated. Flawlessly crafted, even if the hardware is a little cheap.

Bought a used 2009 black KVX10 at GC for 300, and it is my "go to". The hardtail Schecter Demon and Epie Snow Falcon take back seats. The thin neck, action, consistancy, weight and SD pickups are why. Just my thoughts...Thank you Jackson

Jackson is owned by Fender now and are a very good guitar for starters.

My old original Jackson PS-2 is one of my favorite guitars, even though it's now almost completely worn out. I've heard the Fender versions are not on a par with the originals.

30 Merida

I'd never heard of this brand but was recently in a store in North Carolina looking for a nylon string guitar. The salesman asked me if I was "open minded" and if I'd be receptive to trying a brand that I probably had never heard of. He handed me a really pretty instrument with a very different looking headstock. I immediately figured he was showing me a very expensive instrument. I asked how much it cost, but he didn't answer. He simply replied "Try it, then let me know what you think." I had no idea how much this guitar would cost, and honestly I hate guessing games, but the guitar was really beautiful. I played several classical guitars there that day. A Yamaha, a Cordoba and an Alvarez, but the Merida was unquestionably the best sounding (and looking).
The Merida cost $499. and blew the other comparably priced instruments out of the water. I didn't buy the Merida that day, but shortly after purchased two! I am now the proud owner of a T15 classical and a C35-GACES steel string ...more

The most beautiful and best sounding guitar ever - but "made in China"-quality: the wood doesn't rest long enough, therefore it "moves" much more than usual. So you have to take care in winter. The repair-service within guarantee is a problem in Europe. No service in most of the countries. A month ago I had to leave my guitar in the shop - and I'll probably wait 2 months further until I get it back. Meanwhile, my guitar travels through the EU..

Great quality guitars. Their classical guitars are among the best I have ever played at any price. I am the proud owner of a T25. It cost $899 and sounds every bit as good as a $4000. custom classical I had hand built in Spain in early 1992.
The Solid Cedar top resonates very well, the fit and finish are astoundingly beautiful. I would strongly recommend anyone looking for a really great value and a terrific overall guitar look at a Merida!

Nice guitars! Cool headstock. Looks like Lag, but better quality (I think! )

31 Greg Bennett

Your mom has no nipples

I bought a Greg bennet avion 2 for 80 bucks at a second hand store and it's great. Sounds awesome for cleans and rock the action is low no fret buzz/choke and unplugged it's sounds very accoustic like not to to mention they come stock with Grover tuners and they stay intune after hours of bending

I have had one for the last ten years and it is a real good guitar of the money.

32 Rogue

This is quite interesting, I have a few acoustic rogues, and love them. The 12 string Rogue acoustic I bought new for $99 and played it against my 1989 Madeira 12 string and they sounded identical. I love my Madeira. I have the Rogue HH Ash which is almost my all time favorite electric, you can get the cleanest jazz tones to the funkiest funk and even tear it up through hard rock and heavy metal. That one's a gem, but my other almost all time favorite electric is the Rogue Semi plays EVERYTHING. who'd have guessed. Now I realize that being such an inexpensive instrument, there probably are some quality issues with something so inexpensive but hey, send it back and get a replacement when that happens. I've been playing for over 30 yrs and I gotta say, the more expensive guitars out there just don't always impress. find something that feels right and you'll make it sound right...

I once had RARE rogue made in the early 90s, set up exactly like some of the best ibanez.s. Shark fin inllays, cool headstock, grover tuners, real floyd rose, etc, even the pickups used were authentic dimebuckers. Rogue made these to compete with bigger names and sold them for around $200, best guitar ever. I wish I had never sold it. I still have pics if anyone wants to see it.

All the Rogue's that I have are made in China. With a little bit of nut and bridge (saddle) work, they sound just as good as guitars costing 5 times the price.

True - Rocketeer goes for under $100 - treat the dry neck - for less than another $100 you can swap out the hummer for a Dragonfire PHAT Screamer and change the machine tuners for Grovers. After a complete set-up... You've got a killer instrument.

33 Pyle

Should be spelled "Pile"

Called pyle for a reason. because they are a pyle of crap.

More like Pyle o' crap.

I had pyles once

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34 Cort

I've got a Cort, and it's excellent! I prefer it to my Martin, Taylor or Takamine!

Cort makes guitars for all of your favorite companies. Get a clue.

Cool sounding thing ever

Honestly. Worst sounding things. You'd have to get a stupidly expensive one to get a sound that doesn't sound like a crappy $200 starter Epiphone lpj.

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35 Aria

I have a LP lawsuit,I have compared it to other LPs during the last 30 odd years and it does very well.
I agree with those who have said that Aria "Law suits" are better than those instruments off the line at Gibson in the period. My Rock days are over Ballad sets via my Ovations are now the order of the day.
That said this LP is the best of dozens of guitars that I have owned over the last 55 years.

One of the most over looked and shockingly good guitars I have ever played in my 23 years of chopping wood. In their rich history there have been little misses, but over all Aria guitars are supreme to their competitor especially at the price point. My 1977 Aria les paul copy has at leased twice the balls as my buddy's 6 year old Gibson and tons more playability. Forget about comparing to epiphone, seriously. eBay yourself a Aria electric and you WILL be pleasantly surprised. Aria acoustics; If your reaching for a nylon, Aria makes some of the best classical guitars with a history of employing some of the most well noted artisans of the craft, such as Ryoji Matsuoka. Fine craftsmanship all around, built with quality woods and have a tendency to get better with age, laminated or not. As for steal strings, I've only played one to be honest, but this Martin 'lawsuit' was a work of art. Thank you.

I have a 1974 acoustic model 9400 sound better then most top brand names out there

I have a 35 year old Aria mahagoni western which I got it back about 2 years ago. And this "cheap" guitar sounds amazing! It plays in the same league like my beloved guilt. a friend plays a top notch 3,5k martin and also loves it.

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36 Kona

I started guitar because I stole a Kona Strat copy from my brother who wasn't using it.
Its awful, doesn't stay in tune, sounds dull, neck is very rough, and very cheap feeling. The Cheapest Squier is an upgrade from this.

I have a Kona Signature Acoustic with beautiful inlays in the wood. I believe the body is mahogany, decent resonant tone, and once I shimmed up the saddle bridge (which technically should have been replaced all together due to notching), sounds better than my Martin in many ways, where it better distributes the low, high, and mid-range tones. The Martin is too bassy sounding, but have ordered new bone bridge saddle, which hope it improves the cheap plastic one it came with...

I have a Kona Volt KEV4MBK electric guitar that I upgraded some and it's a favorite of mine. It wasn't all that bad to begin with, but a set of Seymour Duncan pickups and a good setup made it a great player.

I just bought a kona dakota and it looks good and sounds great. You do know what they say about opinions yes right that everyone has one. Just saying!

37 Stadium

My Stadium Jazz guitar, Johnny Smith style, is magnificent. Sold one to a friend and bought another. Good luck trying to find one.

I have a Stadium archtop acoustic electric. Nk documentation on it and don't know where its made but it sounds and plays great. Looks grest too, flawless finish and binding. The piece has very thick and heavy wood. Good pick uos bridge an trapeze tailpiece


38 B.C. Rich

Their low end guitars are just not a good purchase. You could get something a little better for a slightly higher price. However, their HIGH END guitars are just AWESOME!

The last company to actually have a new guitar shape (Warlock), before EVERYONE started doing strat ripoffs.

The early US Stuff was top rate gear, as were some of the early Japanese because Rico's. --I hated almost all of the mid-late 80's NJ series aside from a couple Neck Through models. --The Bolt on Stuff was garbage, and the super budget models pad plywood bodies.

Got a because rich warlock revenge and it's a great guitar. The pickups are musical. Tighten the flippin tuners if your guitar goes out of tune. I have a schecter hellraiser and you can hear every string on a chord.

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39 Suzuki Suzuki Suzuki Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation headquartered in Minami-ku, Hamamatsu.

Love my Suzuki, best guitar I have.

Just bought a Grand suzuki electric. Great guitar. Fender strat and gibson in one guitar. Sounds super!

Screw the person who out Suzuki on this damned list

One of the finest! And originall sound possibilities.
Great guitars made by pro's

40 Encore

I have a couple of Encore Strat-o-likes that I have stripped back to the wood-absolutely superb timber, light but beautiful figuring. Add decent pickups and a set-up, and you cannot go wrong. Mine cost me £14.95!

These guitars are crap. The feel so light I would honestly not be surprised if they were made from cardboard and completely hollow. The electrics fail after owning it for a month or two. Very cheap and nasty brand

Yeah I had one, it sounded terrible, never stayed in tune and the frets came away at the sides meaning you lacerated your hands playing it - I'll take £800 cash today

If you don't want your kid to play guitar for more than a few hours, get them an encore. they'll give up easy.

41 Jay Jr
42 Mahar

I have a Mahar bass, the one with the epic (haha) zebra stripes. My wife won it at the state fair in Puyallup throwing balloons or something. She thought it would be cute to have it in my collection. I'm a drummer, but I don't want to miss out on the fun of collecting guitars, why should guitarists have all the fun? Anyway, about the Mahar guitar... it's actually not bad! I pick it up and play it once in a while just for giggles, and have had bass players jam on it. They agree. For throwing some balloons, it's a bargain! Plug it into a decent rig and it doesn't sound bad either. I suppose if you are a virtuoso it would be notable if you had issues with it, but for fun and games it really is better than a toy, like First Act or some junk like that. If you are a beginner, this would be ideal. It plays nicely, and sounds as good as your rig can make it sound. Thumbs up!

Love my Mahar strat, best $24 including shipping I ever spent. Nice zebra stripes too.

Carnval piece of crap lol

43 Esoterik

Some douche named Lemming plays one.

Suck city

44 Kapok

The sound quality made by the strings are great.
The materials used for the guitar isn't bad. Great for beginners. However, one will soon discover that its not easy to press the string on the fret board. Many chords can't be pressed easily. So, I will probably give it a 6/10 for this brand.

45 Supreme

If someone has a supreme, and you ask them what brand they're using they will answer "uhm its some cheap one you know" because people never wants to admit that they own a supreme.
Supreme is a very cheap guitar though so the prize isn't a robbery.

46 Rocker

Sounds like this person hates all guitar brands to me, why can't he own his own guitar company and come out with his own brand with top of the like guitars. Its no expensive to make the guitars, but it is to sell and when you buy that guitar your buying it with the brand name so that raises the price.

Totally disappointed in the workmanship.. No quality control.. the fret bars raised off the neck are so sharp that they almost cause lacarations in your fingers, they Pickups are the Cheapest you can get and I am very disappointed in the quality control and what product exactly they are trying to put out the door... maybe revamp your product and put out least worth getting a good review over...

47 McCurdy

Made by the worst factory in the Philippines, ripped off the MC CURDY guitar in New York. Pickups rust in 10 days, half sized guitar, thick neck, priced almost as a Squier guitar and a 10watt amplifier and uses the worst painting that fades. Not even a starter guitar but a toy. I won't recommend this.

I hate this guitar brand!

48 Carlo Robelli

I'm sorry, but all you guys don't know what a bad guitar is. This guitar is the worst piece of crap I've ever used, and I'll never use one again. DO NOT GET's fake...I mean, plastic. Yeah. It's pretty awful. And not to mention the horrible sound it makes, and how hard it is to play.

49 Arena
50 Kramer

The Aluminum neck stuff was Tre cool, the 'American Made' stuff was good, the Stryker line was wonderfully craptacular, though I did come across a Stryker that had a prototype Floyd Rose. --The Floyd was worth more than the guitar!

Best guitar for the money

I'm getting an axe shaped guitar and it's a Kramer. Kramer's is acually a custom brand

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