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61 Charvel

Earlier models weren't bad. I have two and the play well and sound good.

62 Esteban

Guitars fall apart quickly- black on the fretboard is painted in, the little fret markers can be removed just by pushing down one side. The amp blows chunks as well... I do have a bit of a positive, though: maybe the instrument cable wasn't too bad

Crap shaped like a guitar! They should market esteban's hat and glasses, now that's cool!

The Esteban,like so many others on this list was created for those who are not sure they want to play. My only problem with the one I purchased (2nd hand) was a buzz on the electronics. Otherwise,good for a beginner. Relatively easy on the fingers who don't have cement grinding calluses like myself and, I'm sure,some of you have. Beginner? Ho on line and get a use one with case and amp for unDer $100.

Someone had the nerve to give me one of these POS as a gift.

63 Agile

I own an agile 3010 les Paul style guitar and for $325 it is hands down great guitar. Just goes to show all the hype for buying a Gibson, or Epiphone for that matter. Why pay thousands of dollars for guitar that may turn out to be a dud anyway. Just because it's made in the USA doesn't mean that the company isn't bilking people for names sake. The top famous guitarists get the best custom made guitars I'm sure, but joe blow is getting a overpriced Epiphone made at a place where the former employees are spilling the beans on their quality.

64 Cameo

Had a Cameo Deluxe telecaster. Maybe it would have helped if I intonated it. Neck was on crooked and the low E string almost ran off the fretboard towards the bottom. Sold it

65 Freshman

Agreed. Over-priced Chinese crap. I work in a guitar shop that used to sell them, we had so many problems with them we no longer deal with freshman. Avoid them.

I have several freshman guitars and they are all amazing guitars. I don't know any brand that can beat the high quality/price ratio of Freshman.

These guitars are the worst I've ever played. Their web site is very misleading as it states that they have a uk they don't...they have a storage unit in the uk. They claim that they have expert luthiers working they don't. Pretty much everything about this company is bull...I bought a 12 string and had it appraised by a member of the guitar makers guild after finding a few problems with it, after e-mailing them to resolve the problems I was sent the same guitar not a replacement but the same faulty one with a new nut..jokers...

Yes, I agree. Freshman guitars are crap!

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66 Greco

Really good guitars. Especially from the late 70s forward. Well know for high quality Fender and Gibson copies. The Rickenbacker copies are the best kept secret in North America as RIC tries really hard to keep them out. My 340/345 clone is as well built as the original. Worth buying. Worth keeping.

67 Jaxville

I've played better guitars in the Early Learning Centre

68 K Tone

Good as a beginner guitar not much else

I have never heard of a K Tone. I am just stealing this spot to say I am very happy to see Seagull did not make the worst list.Made in Canada which ad you know is just as good if not better than a made in USA. A very fine acoustic with on board tuner by Godin. Do not take my word...go try one out. About 80% cheaper than a just decent comparable Taylor. Taylor owners take no offense
I love em. The 6 & 12 string acoustics are phenoms. I love the action of the T5!. They can hang with any Strat!

69 Enya Enya Eithne Pádraigín Ní Bhraonáin, known professionally as Enya, is an Irish singer-songwriter, musician, and producer.


Any time I tried to play it, I would suddenly be surrounded by ceramic dragons, fairy figurines, incense, and a bunch of crystals on neck chains.

The plywood pos because rich I cut a pickup outa so I could amp my refrigerator motor just told me the bartender called these gutiars homos...

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70 Axl

Got a brand new strat shape axl and its fret ends are as sharp as a ginzo knife. Puts a new meaning to you fingers will be dripping blood. Never seen a cheap Chinese guitar made this poorly regarding the fret ends. Terrible!

Got an AXL USA SRO ARTIST and the fret ends were like a cheese grater. And the e string would pop off the nut at the first strong strum. Was reduced to going to Guitar Center for a fret shave and nut cut.

Just bought an AXLBadwater Strat and just replaced the cheap Pickups with some Tone Riders - wonderful lightweight guitar with an exellent playable neck - also the sound is very nice and percussive.

71 Chibson

Chibson isn't a guitar brand, but they are fake gibson guitars made in China and sold in high prices in eBay. Don't be confused by a pricey Gibson guitar, that could be a Chibson guitar. A little tip when buying a Gibson is looking at its headstock, it's a dead giveaway to find a Chibson guitar, also keep an eye for Epiphone parts in a guitar that says "Gibson" on its head

They make fake guitars like these to make people think it's a Gibson when it's a copy of a Gibson except the letters are spelled different then Gibson.

Overpriced Chinese crap that some crooks in China sell on line to stupid westeners willing to pay for a hedstock and a name only

72 Hobner

This guys right any guitar in India sucks because it's made out rotted wood because the country is so poor and crummy

It's a fake replica of a hofner like I said the las comment it's made out of rotted wood

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73 Carlos Luna

Looked average, good sounding pickups. Would advise against buying one.

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74 JJ Heart

For 100 bucks, this pink guitar with a heart shaped sound hole designed by the lead singer of all-chick "Goddess Freak Ensemble" makes me think for her very big hooh-hahs every time I play it, and that colors my opinion considerably. (some cool ultra-cleavage pics on the J.J. Heart website). Oh, I like the guitar - pleasant sound for single note or strum, fingerpick or flatpick, good action right out of the factory - they come with D'Addario Phosphor Bronze set. Of course, you have to know how to coax good tone out of a guitar... I have owned and own several guitars, J200s, ES-355, Byrdland, Fender Strats, and wild customs that I have built from Stew Mac parts, so I know a little bit...

75 Legend

My school has a legend bass guitar and boy does it suck major balls. It breaks every time you unplug the cable, it is put out of tune by just PLUCKING one of the strings! A joke of a guitar company.

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76 Kingston

This guy above me is WRONG! Gibsons are the best even better than him. The only reason why he dose'nt like Gibson is because he can't afford one but he dreams every night about playing one. He only plays guitars called first act.

My first electric guitar was a white single pickup with a tortiseshell pickgaurd. Paid $30.00 for it new. Learned on it, still have it in original box. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would say it's a 7. I will hand it down to my granddaughter one day.

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77 Lakland
78 Heartz

Heartz is a guitar company but I thought it was a truck rental place.

Heartz makes great pet products.

Heartz pet products are great

Heartz? Isn't that the bird food prople?

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79 Crescent V 2 Comments
80 Strunal

Made in Czech Republic. Not a bad nylon string I bought for my 9 year old daughter(3/4 size). Cedar top and gig bag used for $50.

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