Top 10 Worst Happy Tree Friends

My top 10 worst Happy Tree Friend Characters. I don't hate any character from the show these are just ones who annoy me

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1 Cro Marmot

There's no point to him. He's just some marmot in a block of ice. There's no point of watching some guy move in a block of ice. Mondo Media really screwed on making him.

Whats the point of him? He does stuff in ice off screen, doesn't show emotion and is boring.

Oh come on, only five of these characters are bad (Cro-Marmot, Ants, Lumpy, Pop, Mole)

Even mondo said they don't like him

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2 Disco Bear

Why does Disco Bear even keep trying to flirt with Giggles and Petunia when they don't even like him. He's so annoying fat retarded ugly smelly idiotic dummy. Oh yeah more like Oh no to Disco Bear.

Disco Bear maybe a horrible retarded and dumb character but his scream is very funny.

He is stupid, annoying and bland. His episodes aren't very interesting and I find him worse than Lumpy

He is so rediculous and fat.

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3 Pop

Pop doesn't know how to look after Cub properly and is a very stupid parent.

Hey which father is more worst him or peter griffin

Pop is so funny


4 Lumpy

He is so stupid in episodes such as "Don't Yank My Chain" where he mistakes Lifty & Shifty disguised as Handy and the Mole as the real ones instead of the actual Handy and Mole and in "Dream Job" where he mistakes Sniffles's dream monitor for a T.V. and messes up his mind so much that he becomes mentally scarred. His stupidity also causes the deaths of some of my favorite characters in the show like Flippy in "By The Seat of Your Pants" and "Without a Hitch".

Lumpy is a stupid idiot. His low intellegence causes the death of some of my favorite characters

Shouldn't Cuddles be in more episodes than Lumpy because Cuddles is the mascot.

There's only one episode where he isn't stubborn or responsible for his death or another's death

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5 Shifty

Shifty is so mean! He's like A demon or something who came to take over earth! He's also a rude thief which isn't happy because happy tree friends are happy! He's a meanie bro to his bro too. This is why.

He kills his brother who is one of my favorite characters

I just don't approve. Respect my opinion please.

6 The Mole

I know he's blind but he causes lots of problems in the show. I don't know who gave him and Lumpy jobs.

7 The Ants

I've never hated a fictional character this much since Jerry the mouse. It's not enough that they were just written off of the show; they need to die horrible deaths on-screen in every episode, even more agonizing than what they did to Sniffles.

They are so sadistic in their deaths towards Sniffles especially in "Tongue in Cheek".

I wish they appeared more, Sniffles provokes their actions if de dense though. Respect my opinion please.

Since Sniffles is one of my favorites, I think they should be higher - PrinceBlu

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8 Splendid

A superhero who can't save the day and he fights with Splendont after not accepting his handshake. ALL OF THIS OVER A STUPID HANDSHAKE!?

If he's a superhero, where is he when Fliqpy attacks? - Yona_db

9 Petunia

I just don't find her as interesting

She's just Giggles with OCD. She sucks. She is the least interesting character in the show BY FAR

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10 Mr. Pickles

I would put him as #1. I ABSOLUTELY loathe him

I hate this idiot. He always kills some of my favorite characters and gets Lammy in troubl for something that she didn't do. Respect my opinion.

He kils most of my favorite characters in the show and he always has to get Lammy in trouble for something she didn't do

The Contenders

11 Hector

Hector is nothing but the creator of this list's imaginary friend. There is no gosh dang hector.

The hell is hector

There is no Hector

Hector is real

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12 Flaky

What is Flaky doing on here? Just because she is scared of everything that doesn't mean that she is a horrible character

She's overrated, yes, but she ain't a bad character at all. - KennyRulz244444

Sorry, but what is Flaky doing on here?

Flaky? What? Why?

13 Flippy

I love Flippy. He's just scarred from a war he fought in. Give the guy some respect.

Flippy is a great character he shouldn't be on this list!

Seriously? He is by far the best character in the show

Absolute favorite.

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14 Cuddles

What? He's the show's role model for goodness sake!

But I love Cuddles - XpizzamanXx

But I love this character! who added him? RICK ASTLEY?!


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15 Sniffles

He's kind of stupid with the ants so I think he should be higher - LuigiGamerX

16 Lifty

I like Lifty. My theory is that it is Shifty's fault he acts like this.

I never understood why so many people like Lifty, because there is nothing to see. He's so mean and evil! He also abuses animals! I do not like Lifty. Respect my opinion please.

Lifty is pretty chill but he still smells like poop

Lifty is pretty jerky I must admit?

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17 Cub

Seriously? He's one of the best characters

I feel bad for him, he has a horrible father. I like him a lot.

What is Cub doing on this list? He is one of the best characters

Cub is great-tastic

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18 Russell


19 Toothy

Toothy is awesome, I don't understand why he's on this list! He's Cuddles' best friends and he's so funny! Remember eye candy guys? Respect my opinion please.

He's so bland and dull, like his teeth

20 Mime

Mime is OK.

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