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21 Wendy
22 Jocelyn

Probably the most stereotypical bully ever put on T.V. , also she is so pathetic at it, the first time we see her all she's doing is holding a kid upside down and slightly pulling his legs, how is that supposed to be threatening? Or after she dumps fries on Sam she just high fives her little sidekicks and walks away, I think she's a little confused about how bullying works, But the most embarrassing part is this, when Carly, Sam, and Freddy are all sitting around just drinking smoothies and she comes up to them and goes, "oh look we got the whole icarly gang, 2 ballerinas and their tech stooge". That's and insult you'd hear out of a 5th grader who's trying bullying for the first time and doesn't know what to say

Oh! I am just watching this episode with her right now! She isn't terrible though, the actor did a good job playing her!

She's like a character straight out of 1 of those cheesy anti-bullying videos they show you in school

23 Reuben
24 Amber Tate V 1 Comment
25 Spencer

Spencer is cool and stupid, but that is what makes him funny... So spencer, gibby, carly, Freddie, and Sam shouldn't be on this list, and where is Nora, The chicken, and Kioko and Yuki?

My number one favourite character. SPENCER ROCKS

He's quirky, but not stupid quirky! He IS smart, just weird... Like Sheldon from TBBT!

What a stupid man

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26 Brad
27 Chip

Needs to be put in juvenile detention along with Chuck

28 Lervin
29 Chuck

Needs to be put in juvenile detention

30 Jeremy

Needs to see a doctor about his constant sneezing

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31 Rona Burger
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