Worst Items in the Binding of Isaac

The Top Ten

Butter Bean

Trash. Just a little knockback and no damage. The only time it could ever be useful would be against fistula or envy, both of which are easy.


Why would you ever use this!? Normally you start a run as a particular character because you want to finish it with them and unlock something! And trying to get far as a good character and using clicker once you have good items is incredibly unreliable, since the chance of clicker even appearing is (thankfully) low, and the chance that you would even transform into the character you want to is also low. Incredibly flawed, and is a huge mistake. Even butter bean is better.

Oh, and you know that Clicker also removes one of your other items every time you use it? That means you can't spam it with placebo + 48 hour energy. If you do that, half your items will probably be the time you get the character you want

The Poop

Y is dis not number 1

Because it can give a little extra money or hearts, and if you put it next to a hole, you can bomb it and build a bridge. Try doing that with clicker


Abel is just terrible. As said previously, nothing can be hit, and there's no perks to it. Plus, in greed mode, it has a chance to spawn, reducing the quality of the run by not giving a better item.

The worst familiar in the whole game. First of all, it flies around on the opposite side of the room, mirroring your moves, and firing towards the centre of the room. Your shots will rarely ever hit anything, plus it has very short range, damage and shot speed, with no special effects that will help in any possible way. Give it the ability to fire the exact same tears as Isaac at the same rate like Incubus does, but I guess we're stuck with this garbage for now...


Rerolls all enemies in the current room. Seems like it could be useful, but then you realise that it rerolls them into almost any enemy, even ones only found several chapters later. You might think it could come in handy later, but it's still too unpredictable and eventually mainly boss and midbosses spawn, which can't be rerolled. And even in thoughts situations where it could be useful, it still doesn't do too much, and will make barely any impact on the game.

Breath of Life

An item that gives invincibility unlimited times sounds good, but breath of life proves that something that would sound good can actually be awful. It takes about 6 seconds to actually activate the invincibility frames, and it lasts less than a second. After that you have to wait another 6 seconds until it can even start the 6 second charge again. And if you over hold the charge button, you will take damage. And it would not be of any use in a fight, since you will need to hold the charge button, which would force you to focus on its charge time, while the enemy can shoot at you all it wants, while your shots probably won't land many hits since you won't even be focusing on the fight.

Glass Cannon

Glass cannon takes away all your hearts except for half of one. You can then fire powerful shots every few seconds. Given that it means that a single hit will kill you (unless you have holy mantle), it would have to pretty damn powerful to make up for it. You would be wrong. It is nothing special, and even it were that powerful, it wouldn't be worth it, since it means you are forced not to take damage. And when you finally get a few soul hearts for safety, using it again will take them all away!


Having a random tear affect for the rest of the room sounds good, and giving you a chance to permanently raise a random stat is also nice. Dataminer absolutely RUINS IT. It takes 4 rooms to recharge, so 3/4 rooms you won't even have any special effects, the enemies also have their sprites rotated, which makes them a nightmare to hit, and it gets super confusing. But the worst part is that it has a chance to LOWER your stats. And it's not even like it has a very small chance of happening. It has a 50/50 chance to raise or lower stats. And it might seem like it would help balance it out, it's not uncommon that you'll end up with a very weak damage stat, while your range is high enough that it couldn't possibly be anymore useful. It's not worth the risk. Why? Because it has practically no benefits that could be useful in the long term.

I think you're overreacting just a bit. Most of my stats just kind of evened out using this by the end of the run. Basically free experimental treatments; and they didn't screw me over too hard.

Dead Cat

Lowers all your hearts to 1. Also raises it to 1 if you only have soul hearts.
This item is a bit finicky because of that.
Sometimes, you'll want it but it will be detrimental to your run. Other times, you'll take it because that's basically a free heart.

oh yeah and it also gives 9 lives

Strange Attractor

Being able to bring enemies towards your tears is really good!...If you happen to have Ludovico technique, Dr or epic fetus. Otherwise it is suicide. Certain enemies will be flung towards you at rapid speeds, and overall, it will do barely anymore damage. It will kill you, and the only reason that this isn't higher up is because it has a few good synergies, and they all have much better synergies that will be lots more useful.

The Contenders

Bob's Brain

Bob's brain can sometimes be helpful to destroy a bunch of enemies. However, using the item is basically SUICIDE. If you play with characters like the Lost, Azazel, The Forgotten, or others, you have limited hearts and you might fire too close to you by accident. Oh actually, it's something certain. You probably will forget about it and when it spawns, you will die or lose hearts.

Portable Slot

Having a slot machine to take with you sounds OK, being able to generate hearts during a tough fight, but it is actually a pretty damn stupid idea. Whenever you lose at the portable slot (which is highly likely) will cause you to stop firing for a few seconds, which could mean the difference between loss and victory in a difficult fight. And unlike a regular slot can't just blow it up. And it will never drop a dollar either. And if that wasn't enough, it will shred through your coins, often giving you nothing more than a bomb or key.

Experimental Treatment
Rules Card
Guppy’s Hairball
Cursed Eye
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