Best Ideas for Mortal Kombat XI

Looking into NetherRealm Studios' release schedule, I expect Mortal Kombat XI to be their next big project. This is a list of ideas that users can submit what new ideas can the next installment focus on.
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1 A Story Mode with More Than One Ending

Considering Injustice 2 gave us the option of choosing between two different endings, maybe NetherRealm Studios can pass that on to how this can affect the story of the new Mortal Kombat timeline. Sure, everyone wants an interesting story and the focus on an anti-heroic/anti-villainous Raiden and Kotal Kahn seems like a very interesting idea, I would like to see what can turn out, depending on which side is victorious. That, and the fact that its nice to expand upon just a singular choice, as many people would like to see different conclusions.

2 Expansion on Kustom Kombat

Some of the Kustom features in 9 were noticeably absent in X, such as Headless/Limbless Kombat, which was somewhat disappointing. Bringing them back would be a good bonus, and some additional features could be implemented to allow for more wackier and unique forms of fighting.

3 More Tower Variations

I know there's Living Towers, but's more of an online mode. Co-Op needs to return after being absent in X and there can be more "Test Your..." Tower modes to make up for just two. Also, a challenge tower with more rewards than just one.

4 Mini Games

As Krypt unlockables, that'll be a nice add-on. It'd be fun to play a revamped version of "Motor Kombat" or a cooking mini game featuring Scorpion. Possibly bring in multiplayer for some area of competitive play.

5 A Balanced Focus Between Newcomers and Veterans

Yes, the fans adore the original characters like Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Raiden, Johnny Cage etc. and some newcomers, namely Kotal Kahn were very welcome fighters in X. Raiden and Kotal Kahn should be the main characters of XI's Story Mode, with each side given emphasis, allowing both a veteran and a newcomer to be given high prominence. X newcomers like Cassie, Takeda and Erron Black I could see returning, though I am nervous about what sort of new characters XI could bring up, but I do hope they are given an interesting moveset and something integral to the plot to make them memorable and fan-favorites.

6 Bringing Back Babalities

Babalities are the most adorable things in a fighting game, and it just so happens to be in the most brutal one out of the bunch. They're also really hilarious, which seems odd, but still a welcome addition. Considering they were absent in X, I think they should be bought back to add in for the game's comedy.

7 Bringing Back Animalities

This one seems to be pretty interesting to bring back. Its cool to see your player suddenly transforming into an animal and then attacking and killing your opponent after. Considering the time and effort that would be needed to add in Animalities, I wouldn't mind seeing this as future DLC content. It'll be cool to see Sub-Zero turn into a Polar Bear or Liu Kang transforming into a large Chinese Dragon for once.

8 Bringing Back Friendships

If Brutalities can bake a comeback, so can Friendships. This can provide for the game's humor and it'd be fun to see different character interactions and gestures. There may also be more than one for different characters too add up for some diversity.

9 Kharacter Customization

Obviously the typo is intentional and justified. Maybe Mortal Kombat XI can expand upon the kharacter variation mechanic, allowing players to modify and equip characters with a moveset that would fit with their playstyle, which can also provide for some heavy expansion on online fights and strategies. And going back on Injustice 2, I think different sets of clothing should be included for personal customization, but also provide more than just visual aesthetics to add in more strategy.

10 Balanced DLC Content

This item is because of Gold Scorpion, who being exclusive to X's Collector's Edition didn't seem to make sense, yet Sub-Zero and Ermac get similar suits as available DLC. Also, while characters like Spawn and Michael Myers are solid choices, DLC character choices should place more emphasis on Mortal Kombat characters. Also, Shao Kahn for Pre-Order bonus please.

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