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1 Baby

Baby, baby, baby, oh, baby, baby, baby, oh WE GET THE POINT ALREADY god, he repeats that like three times and then the chorus is played countless times.. The music video is horrible - you don't dance on bowling alleys idiot

There are other ways to love someone as opposed to singing an annoying song to them and most likely making them hate you. - 3DG20

Try scratching your nails against a chalkboard. It's better than this song. Try shooting a cat and then watch him die. It's still better than this song. Try to stab yourself with a needle. It's still better! I could quote examples here all day, but I'm not in the mood.

This is the REASON for haters of Justin Bieber! If this never came out, no one would be arguing about him, everyone would be totally fine about him, there would be less chances of the apocalypse, and THIS LIST WOULD NEVER EXIST! WE HATE YOU COMMUNITY, WE HATE YOU!

Not only the worst JB Song, but the worst song ever invented! - Peppapigsucks

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2 One Time

If his chipmunk voice hasn't burnt your ears, then watch the "video"
It's a disgrace to YouTube
And the one time he dies will be the BEST time of my life

Let me tell you one time... What? What sense does that make? Please tell me because I don't get the point. This should definitely be at number 1. His voice sounds so immature

When I met you my hear went knock knock? - Childish
Me plus you ima tell you one time. Seriously?

Basically, he says "One time" 25 times, and says that he will say it one time 17 times.

I hate this song even more than Baby. His voice is very girly and squeaky in this song.

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3 Boyfriend

Sorry Justin, but you just can't rap...

Well, if you want to hear a failed attempt at rapping mixed with a dying animal and crying baby, then this song is perfect for you.

This song is the worst song I've ever listened to... Justin should totally take some singing classes from one direction lads, maybe then his songs will get better and have some emphasis; something his songs really don't have right now


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4 As Long as You Love Me

The beginning of it was tolerably decent, but afterwards it became pure crap just like his other songs. - Gehenna

If I could vote for everything, I totally would. - dureckl

Emotions hide behind song...

I actually used to hate this one a lot less than the rest of them, but now I'm just dedicated to hating this jerk just a hair less that I hate kidz bop. They actually try to sing his horrible "songs"! - LeiaSkywalker

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5 Never Say Never

Totally his worst song how could it be the 2nd too last worst song that means its his 2nd best

Yep, never say never, except for the first two times you said it. Then for the rest if the song. Ugh I hate him.

Congrats Bieber! For creating the worst song and song name ever.. - Number18

OH GOD! He songs like a 2 year old. He's the worst singer of all time and I'll always hate him. Sorry, Justin Bieber fans. But, in my opinion, all of his songs are terrible, and ten times worse than everyone says.

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6 Eenie Meenie

This is torture music.

Sean Kingston is cool, but this song makes no sense. - booklover1

I think JB's mediocre but this song is pure torture...

Coming from a ten year old I know Justin and he is really nice so all the people out there who don't like him try and meat him before you say something

Nobody gives a care. You can know Barack Obama, but will it make a difference? - Poptropica

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7 Beauty and a Beat

Feels like shooting nicki and jb.. Who's with me?

Me! Worst musician combo of all time! It's like getting two birds in one shot.

The two most awful 'musicians' make a song together. That's great...


This should be no. 2 on the list, I'm going to say this is the worst Justin Bieber song besides you know what? I hate stupid collaborations, because they are always either the worst of two bad artists, or making two good artists sound bad (Metallica + Lou Reed = Bad)

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8 U Smile

This song is totally weird he always says " I smile, you smile, you smile, I smile" and nothing else.

This song is so bad,I'm pretty sure Justin is held up by the music industry for a reason:To teach people out there that a lack of creativity will never get you anywhere.

Wait I thought this was by a girl, I'm not joking! Well I certainly don't smile

I thought he said "you smell I smell" which would be far more accurate.

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9 Somebody to Love

Stole it from queen the prick - jbradbradley

Just when you think he can't get any less talented...

This is a good song, I guess

UGGH! HOW is this not higher? Every time I hear this song, I scream, puke, bleed, and die. Kidz Bop sounds better on this song than the little girl (Justin Bieber) who sang the original. - RockFashionista

I don't know if I would go THAT far... But yeah, I agree with everything else you said. - LeiaSkywalker

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10 Lolly

Typical Justin. Still trying to be a gangsta.

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11 Mistletoe

Worst Christmas song ever why it sucks

He wrote a Christmas song? Did not hear it... I would say I'm lucky...

No one wants to kiss you justin bieber

Ruining the Christmas spirit with a generic love song. And don't say shawty in a song where you talk about word on the street saying Santa's coming tonight. -3/5, worst JB song, and worst Christmas song ever - ProPanda

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12 I'll Show You

I hate this song

This is waste

Horrible - TheTop10Man

Oh Jesus..... this song is so beautiful 😍😍 - Nandani

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13 Never Let You Go

This song is called Boyfriend. Still horrible and the same as everything he did.

Like if he can't get words for it why continue a song for nearly 5minite. If I was your boyfriend I d never let you go was repeated a jolly whole times such that even a toddler would learn it at the very1st take of hearing it. Man

Wait Justin, are you a 3 year old because you sound like one - Orlandolaked

Actually, if you see the comment "The title of the song is Let Me Love You" that person means that in that song, they said "Never let you go".

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14 Overboard

Jessica was the one who sing it moron.

no u

I heard that Miley Cyrus would be the substitute voice actress for Amy Rose who'll perform this song with Justin Bieber himself. :I

Justin Bieber went overboard. On his singing

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15 Love Me

It ripped off a perfectly good song and made it into utter crap. - galaxyfox

How could you like this song? Al' that it says is love me love me. - funnyuser

Hey look Justin Bieber. Makes you kiss him I'm never ever gonna DIE Justin B.

NOPE. I still hate you Justin Bieber you idiot. - NoOreoForU

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16 That Should Be Me

Imagine if Justin Bieber were voicing Pikachu. ):(

Justin Bieber can go on and bang Rosalina from the Mario franchise.

It's actually likeable, at least for Justin Bieber standards. It shows Justin Bieber is actually playing instruments. This is actually redeemable. Let's see Jacob Sartorius try.

Wo Wo Wo wait that was a BOY?! - Shroder

Sorry I meant this for 10 - Shroder

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17 All Around the World

This songs is terrible.

When he says different than us, He SAYS people who wear different clothing, have different colour skin and that's ok. But in his head I bet he says, These different people are stupid and crap and us white, Americans are SO much better. (He may think arrogance.)

I kinda like this. The sentiment behind Bieber's lyrics is actually pretty good, if not contradictory to stuff he's actually said, and the beat is pretty good. The buildup is interesting, and the drop is great. Bieber's voice wasn't raw or authentic at this point of his career, so it's a bit rough around the edges, bu still a solid song. 4/5 - WonkeyDude98


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18 Stuck in the Moment

This is absolutely rubbish this should be last

Imagine if he has sung this song with Knuckles the Echidna voiced by Ray William Johnson.

Your voice is babyish - Orlandolaked

I did nat hear thi song

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19 #thatPOWER

Worst song ever. I'd like to see Justin Bieber picks up his nose.

Good but... Not my favorite, I didn't like it that much.

I hate that song. It's pointless

He gets his power from all his illegal drugs! LOL - TheYoshiOverlord

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20 One Less Lonely Girl

This song sucks SO MUCH

Can't he sing about anything other than love? - LeiaSkywalker


I like this song. I have to admit it! - keyson

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21 Die in Your Arms

Die in her arms right now so you can stop making music, you idiot.

Die in Steroid Mario's arms, Bieber.

Can you die in her arms? - Korita

Forgettable, messy chorus, voice not even in sync with the music

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22 All that Matters

Hey guys! Just got done listening to Justin Bieber now I can no longer hear.

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23 Dr. Bieber

He barley raps in this song, most of it is just music and what his fans say about him... It sounds pretty shallow actually.

What the hell?! A song called Dr. Bieber?! Wow Justin, that's just awful, a sad excuse for a song name... - Number18

I cracked up when I saw this ha ha ha help me I can't stop laughing. Dr Bieber? That is hilarious.

He has a song called dr Bieber what the?

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24 Mark My Words

Nothing much to say. His song sucks as much as the others craps from the Purpose album (Except for Love Yourself, because Love Yourself is kinda great) - TheTop10Man

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25 Bigger

All these songs by JB r the worst he is a faker lame 😒 singer

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26 All I Want for Christmas Is You

This is written by a boy? I NEVER KNEW THAT I THOUGHT IS WAS BY A GIRL! - NoOreoForU

Worst chrismas song ever

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28 Next to You

Chris Brown and Justin Bieber? Sounds terrible. - WonkeyDude98

Chris Brown made Next to You a masterpiece.

Justin Bieber made Next to You a nightmare.

Imagine if Pac-Man & Amy Rose performed this song being voiced by chris Brown & Miley Cyrus.

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29 Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (Justin Bieber Version)

He killed the song that I loved so much as a little kid

He ruined a classic. Hopefully he won't ruin Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. - NoOreoForU

He killed a classic in a BAD way! - JaysTop10List

Santa Claus is not even real, I don't care about this song, what I care about is he shuts off

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30 Believe

This song is so beautiful and inspiring! I love it!

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31 Let It Be

How dare he sing this song! I love The Beatles, but that idiot is trying to ruin this song!

JB ruined one of the best Beatles songs ever! He should not be allowed to touch another Beatles song EVER! And Baby sucks!

Oh, is that your made up Justin Bieber song? Nice! Reminds me that Justin Bieber is the worst singer ever and we don't even prove he exists. Oh yeah, I don't even trust Justin Bieber exists. If he ruins anymore good songs like Don't stop belivin' or We built this city, we will destroy him! Haha!

Beatles Let it be is a classic but Justin Bieber's let it be is like picking up the boogers.

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32 Up

What, you idiots like Justin Bieber? Justin Bieber is a joke!

I Hate Justin Bieber songs

I HATE YOU Justin Bieber DORK!

I like songs

I love Justin Bieber songs

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33 Purpose

This is the stupidest song ever I seen. - windowsuser9999

I hate this song

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34 Fa La La

This song is my favourite because it's different than all others. I love him.

I hate him nobody love him


I Hate Him

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35 Nothing Like Us

This song is one of the best - Nandani

The most touching song ever I have listen... Just love this song... So cute song... Love you JB

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36 Favorite Girl

Gosh, why isn't this higher on the list? It's SO ANNOYING! When you hear the intro, you KNOW that it's gonna suck.

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37 Love Yourself

Vocals: 7/10 - If I'm frank, Bieber has improved a lot. He isn't that emotional or charismatic, but his bitter whispering works for this song's tone.

Lyrics: 9/10 - I feel like the chorus shouldn't have played it safe and said "you should go and love yourself". Other than that, it's bitter, angry, impatient, and annoyed in the best ways possible.

Beat: 8/10 - There isn't much to it, just a gleamy guitar and a trumpet solo on the bridge, but it is the perfect fit for Bieber's whispering vocals.

Overall: 5/5. Not the best song of 2015, and Maria (from the Believe album) is better than this but it's still a great song, though overplayed - WonkeyDude98

I'm not gonna lie this was the first Justin Bieber song that I actually didn't mind.

I'm already dizzy listening to Justin Bieber. Will he ever get fired or quit his job because his songs are already annoying?

Will I ever respect opinions of who like Justin Bieber? No! You know why? The voice, the singing and the writing is just crap.

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38 We Are

You are what? Gay? - TheTop10Man

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39 No Sense

This song doesn't make any sense (You get the joke) - TheTop10Man

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40 Let Me Love You

Let me hate you

You guys have really no taste

This song is awesome - Nandani

I know he was only featured in this song and it isn't officially his, but my dog vomited in the car because of this song. - LeiaSkywalker

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42 Born to Be Somebody

So not in love with this so craping

Born to be hated!

And I could've sworn that this song would be called "Born to Be a Nobody"!

I in love, if I heard this song.

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43 Get Used to It

It just sucks - TheTop10Man

No, I'll not - TheTop10Man

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44 Been You

Who made this title? Bad grammar, try better next time - TheTop10Man

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45 The Feeling

The feeling of puking in a pile of diarrhea. This is what this song feels - TheTop10Man

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47 Pray

I pray that you never make songs again.

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48 Where Are U Now

Vocals: 6/10: As far as Bieber goes, it's progress.
Lyrics: 5.5/10: This song is really self-obsessed and whiny, and while its intentions are harmless, the execution is way off.
Beat: 2/10: The buildup is incredibly boring, and drop drip gives me cancer.

Overall 2/5. - WonkeyDude98

The same boaring lyrics over and over again.

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49 What Do You Mean

Bieber has just lured Chino Moreno into his trap with this vile song! Dave Grohl tried to warn Moreno that the song was a guilty pleasure and the naive man got sucked into it. If Chino Moreno becomes seriously ill because of that song, there's only one person who's responsible! I hope this disgusting song gets stripped of its title at being number 1 because it's just poisoned a frontman in a really great heavy metal band. I hope Moreno sees Bieber for the greedy, corrupt, vile, evil bastard that he truly is. We all know what Justin Bieber means now, he just wants to lure people into his trap so he can take over the world and make it a dark cruel place! Well, I hope this dies a slow and painful death before he can ruin any more lives with his filthy disgusting music! WHAT DO I MEAN? I MEAN, I WANT THAT DEAD, THAT'S WHAT I MEAN!

Best song...This is awesome - Nandani

Bieber corrupted Chino Moreno with that song. Dave Grohl warned him that the song was a guilty pleasure but Bieber has just lured an innocent heavy metal singer into his trap with the song. "What do you mean" should be stripped of its title at being #1 as should the rest of his crappy songs. If Chino Moreno becomes seriously ill because of this, there's only one person who will be responsible. The sooner this bastard gets killed the better! Somebody please kill Bieber before he poisons any more lives! Please God!

Very boring song. Sounds like music you would listen to in the store Hollister. The music they play in the store Hollister is very boring and sounds exactly like this song.

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50 Sorry

Beiber just makes an excuse out of this song. It's just so he can go around causing trouble everywhere he goes and get away with it. Well I'm sorry to hear that he's not dead because one day soon he will be. I won't blame anybody if they were to murder him, and then there'll be no apology for the bastard because nobody will ever accept his apology because it's just a blatant lie!

Vocals: 3/10: Seriously, this vocal melody is so sarcastic coming from Bieber's petulant mouth that it makes me want to punch him straight in his jaw.
Lyrics: 1/10: "You gotta go and get angry at all of my honesty" "Can we both just say the words and forget this" Classy, dude. All the apologetic power of an 8 year old who just got into a fight with a peer.
Beat: 9.5/10: Everything about this beat is incredible. The pitched-up riff, the vocal sample, the thumping percussion, the drop, just everything.

Overall 3/5. - WonkeyDude98

Hey, this should be number 1! It's the worst song of Justin Bieber. I mean like don't make this last place because it's the worst song I've ever heard.

This song is totally stupid. - windowsuser9999

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