Baby deserves even less than an F-. Ludacris is a great rapper, but his lyrics to this song are crap, and the main reason why we all could hate this song is Justin Bieber's singing/lyrics! This video deserves far less than a billion views!

Boyfriend deserves an F-.

One Time deserves an F-.

YOU Smile deserves an F-.

Eenie Meenie deserves an F. Although Sean Kingston rocks, this song is cringeworthy.

Somebody to Love deserves an F. This is Usher at his worst, though he is usually is awesome!

Beauty and a Beat deserves an F-.

Never Say Never deserves an F-.

Never Let You go deserves an F-.

Justin Bieber is the worst singer of all time. His voice, his actually cruel habits, vote up please!

Baby baby baby oh for crying out loud Justin, your song are so bad that when you said "hi" to hello kitty, she changed her name to goodbye forever Justin kitty. And your so ugly that even yo momma jokes can't top you off. And your voice is so high pitched that the chipmunks heard your song and said "hire the kid" to their boss.

This song is so unoriginal and so cheap. By the way, there were a total of five songwriters for this piece of crap (including Bieber). Seriously, how could it take that many writers to write this piece of crap? He's literally just repeating the word baby over and over again, which makes up most of the lyrics. It sounds like someone would just write this off the top of their head and not from the heart in just two minutes. - modernpopmusicsucks

How can anyone even call this a song? All he really says is "Baby, baby, baby, ooh! " over and over. This isn't even a song, it's just one really stupid and really annoying line being repeated. Justin Bieber is a sorry excuse for a musician. He's a joke!

It's so annoying basically the whole song is "I was like baby baby baby oh baby baby baby" repeated like 100 times. All of Justin Bieber's songs are bad but this has to be the worst! I'd rather listen to a dying eagle than this song!

I don't know pretty much any of this female's songs but of the ones I have had the misfortune to stumble across, this is by far the worst. the fact that the hook contains about 5 words is apalling. I cannot believe there are people delusional enough to think that this is a good song, and actually purchase it. I guess 12 year old girls don't know how to download music illegally..

All his songs suck. Justin Beiber is a crap singer who should retire and go work at a fast food or kiddie pizza joint like that other talentless hack Lucas Cruikshank (Have you seen Fred and Marvin Marvin? They're bull). They both suck and have no talent whatsoever. Selena Gomez is way better.

I personally felt bad for his so-called "girlfriend" in the music video. She must've gotten paid a LOT to be there. Justin Bieber has improved after this song, yeah. It was his first one. But he sucks. Baby baby baby baby baby baby baby! Yes Justin, we get that you're a big baby. Justin SUCKS ALREADY JUST STAY IN JAIL!

Justin Bieber is such a jerk and he went to jail for committing crimes. His songs are the most idiotic, lame, and boring songs in the world. Take all over his money! I wish Justin Bieber was dead by now and Michael Jackson will show him how to make a good song.

This song is so bad, I wanna die whenever I hear it. No kidding. It's torture for me, it's so bad. It's so bad, we need a new word to describe how bad this song is alone. JB sounds like he's a girl, not to mention the words that make me wanna die the most: "Baby Baby baby oh! " JUST SHUT UP AND STOP TORTURING ME! THIS SONG IS WAY WORSE THAN YOU REALLY ARE, THIS SONG MAKES ME HATE YOU, EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU IS BAD BECAUSE IF YOUR SONGS!

You know, if this song had never come out, then maybe I wouldn't hate Justin Bieber! Maybe I would have gotten a better first impression of him! Maybe he would see sense and settle down a little. This song is just THE WORST

The song is way too repetitive. Pretty much all it is is baby, baby, baby, ohh, baby, baby, baby, no. It is very boring and they overplayed it on the radio. He sounds so immature in this song also. I like some Justin Beiber songs and I can tolerate any Justin songs I hate except this one because it annoys the crap out of me more than anything else!

Bieber is the baby; a crybaby. He shouldn't be a singer. He should've stuck with hockey like his grandfather wanted him to. Bieber, Weeknd, and Drake should all be deported and forced to play hockey where they can all slip on the ice and break each other's bones and slide into comas.

All of the little twerp's songs are god-awful, but this is the absolute worst. He sounds like a girl and the lyrics are terrible! How do little teenyboppers consider this better than other good music?

This is seriously stupid I had to listen to this carpe from the Worst singer ever Baby Baby Baby shut up we heard you I swear I never want to listen to this song ever again

Did you know he says baby 54 TIMES? We get the point baby baby no! When I hear this song I wanna throw my radio out of the window.

You people should be ashamed of yourself, why so much hate on this poor little girl?!... Because his songs suck and he sounds like a girl, or he maybe is a genuine girl pretending to be a boy. - Dead-Beat

Worst song ever, beyond atrocious. Makes every other bad song in the world look like my absolute favorites. Plus, this song is from 2010, now it's 2016, and it's STILL played on the radio. I wish this song was banished!

That song is total crap he sounds like a BABY he is a baby even babys hate this crap it is worst than one direction crap crap

Puberty FIRST. Then maybe, just maybe, you can continue wishing that someone would date you.

Baby baby baby baby oh repeated over and over is this song in a nutshell. I can't believe beliebers like THIS the best out of all his songs

Yeah, I think we ALL agree when I say this, by far, is the worst song made by Justin. And the worst song in the world. It's just "Baby, baby, baby, ooh! " over and over and over! Seriously, an unfinished song with more than three different words would be better than this crap.

This is the fourth worst song I ever heard, after "Revolution 9" by The Beatles, "I'm So Fancy" by Iggy Azalea and "Meet My Mom" by New Boyz

I hate JB and this song sucks the most. It should be the worst song ever made

The music video was the formal most watched YouTube video for a reason, to be disliked by everyone