Dora the Explorer

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Dora the Explorer (2000 - 2015) is an American educational animated TV series created by Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh, and Eric Weiner in which Dora goes on adventures with her friend, a monkey named Boots.


5. Everything has eyes

4. The songs are stupid and repeat every time

Shows like Oswald (which is way better than this) have different songs in almost every episode, Dora repeats it's songs. CAN WE HAVE DIFFERENT SONGS.

3. Dora yells at everyone, including the person who is watching this show.

Is she deaf? Educational shows shouldn't have a lot of yelling! But worse, her voice is bad.

2. Characters have uncreative names and Dora's parents are bad.

And the number 1 reason why I hate this show is...

1. Dora is a total birdbrain

Do you see the tree? IT'S RIGHT FRONT OF YOU STUPID. And when she walks to the 1st or 2nd place she is always looking at the T.V.. Is she drunk? Does she even go to school? Okay parents, if you want a good educational show that teaches you letters, numbers, shapes, etc, then your is SESAME STREET, That show is the best show at education, screw Dora! If you are a baby you will like this, but once your 6 years ...more - BombBoo256

Where is it? It's in front of you Where is it? It's in front of you So where is it? Earth to Dora. It's right there duh! Dora's songs suck as well The map and backpack are the world worst songs

Here's my list about my hate for this show: 5. Where's boots boot? HAVE YOU TRIED LOOKING BEHIND YOU?!?!?! 4:the characters are annoying 3.the episodes make no sense for example:there's a episode where they find a rooster and it lost its voice. WE SHOULD GO ON THIS TRIP TO MAKE THIS THING BETTER.2. Her songs get you just wanting to punch your T.V.. 1 the final reason is that the characters are to weak. Take swiper for example he tries to steal stuff and with sayings swiper no swiping he just runs away like a idiot.

Guys stop saying that little kid shows are bad! 1. Remember when you were little and you liked some show that you now say you hate it 2. If you start hating your little siblings or younger kids may be afraid to say they like dora, caillou, etc. That basically means if you hate, the world hates. I used to LOVE sesame street, but I don't go around saying it's lame or it's boring or whatever. So please stop hating or at least stop saying you hate it. Think about the next generation. Do you want a whole generation hating shows just to be cool!? If you do then just go ahead.

Dora is stupid and fat. There songs are annoying like I'm the map and backpack. This show also teaches bad examples. - Andres

This show has problems and it teaches kids to go anywhere without parental supervision the problems are:
1. Dora is stupid, blind, and deaf
2. It messes up biology (boots shouldn't talk only telepathically same with that rodeo bull hog rider hog and that lizard)
3. She teaches saying no to thieves will make them stop but it won't because the real way is to disarm them and beat them up let them suffer then kill the thief
4. It messes up reality (backpacks can't talk the only way a thing can talk is through inscriptions)

Good news haters. I heard that Dora will get cancelled in January 2015. I hate her because 1) Everything is alive and has a face. 2) She asks something where it is when its right in front of her. 3) She says"Swiper no swiping" I mean how is that going to work in real life? - EpicJake

Dora: hey kids, where's the rainbow?
Kids: it's right behind you!
Dora: where is it?

Stupid annoying show - Ajkloth

HOW MANY TIME CAN I SAY THIS I HATE IT when I was young I just to my parents she is blind cus she does not now where she going it. It makes me sick so much! I can;t believe I like this when I was young! I fell so Stupid! One thing she is ugly the other thing actually to be honest so bad I can't describe sorry but I know I HATE IT!

I am now watching a dora commercial and she asked "Where is the bridge? "when she has a horse and it is right in front of her face. I want to rip her big football face off and put the rest of her body in the oven

In my opinion, Dora the Explorer should never have been created. They never put interesting random songs and Dora always repeats the words and it's not really entertaining. This is just my opinion and I respect everybody's opinions

Dora must be DEAF!
Dora: say the map
Me: Map.
Dora: Louder
Me: Map!
Dora: Louder
Me: MAP!

Holy hell this show is stupid and repetitive. The same songs are sang over and over and she can't see a mountain that's literally ring in front of her face and she asks us "where is the mountain" and then asks again after kids scream their lungs out saying it's right there! Dora is not a good show for kids.

It's just about an obnoxious girl with an ugly monkey that goes on stupid journeys to do stupid stuff. The songs are so cheesy and it gives me cancer to see my little sister watching it everyday.

The problem with this show is it plays all around the world. Even in Mexico. Yep. Dora. In. Spanish! What is your problem? That defeats the whole purpose of the show!

Why should little kids learn Spanish when they can barely say their abc.

Swiper is my favorite character because he steals stuff from that little brat who skips school to find a mountain that's right in front of her. At least Diego doesn't need your help to find the mountain.

DOES EVERY NON-LIVING THING IN THAT SHOW HAVE TO HAVE A FACE AND A PERSONALITY!?!?!?! I mean come on! You don't see doors, trees, books, vehicles, or any ordinary object with a face and the ability to talk! It's weird and absolutely crazy!

Dora is boring and wears a short shirt, and also teaches kids to wear short shorts to school, and Dora should be cancelled.

Can't believe I watched this terrible show at one time.. it does not hold up well, especially after the post Kathleen Herles episodes (post 2005) when it became increasingly girl-focused.. and of course, these kinds of shows have disappeared in recent years for better stuff for the pre-school crowd.

I hate it it's annoying the characters look dumb it's the worst show ever they should get rid of this show it's garbage

Dear dora, I don't know why kids love you but YOU ARE JUST SO ANNOYING!

Dora is a pervert her bellybutton sho shows her bull friend benny sounds like he's high boots annoying and the squirrel tico wont speak english I hope while they are exploring a crocodile or something eats them - Ihateschool

How did I know this would be number one? Oh yeah, because I have faith in humanity. - Discord

This show is the dumbest show besides Color Crew. Color Crew is so stupid, and the episodes are so predictable. Dora is such a horrible show.