Worst Kidz Bop Songs

I was browsing the interwebz when I came across Kidz Bop. I am awaiting nightmares for the next year or two.

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1 Thrift Shop

It was made, and it was frighteningly terrible. "Rock some tags" and "This is really awesome" basically sum it up.

P.S. they lie... It's not "really awesome"

We are just lucky they hadn't covered other great songs from other great musicians of this generation like Eminem or from Music Legends such as Led Zeppelin or Queen (If they did, then I'm happy to say music just died)

This isn't just the worst Kidz Bop cover of all time, it's up there with Friday and Baby as one of the worst songs of all time. I feel sorry for anyone who has had to listen to this mess.

Why would parents waste their money on this excuse of an "age appropriate" music group. KidzBop is technically old if you think about it. All of the little kids and toddlers are listening to bands they see in their favorite shows today, not this kind of ripoff music. - SavageLG

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2 Bring Me to Life

The original by Evanescence is great, but this is probably the worst of them, beating their Toxic and Jenny From the Block covers.

The thing that makes this absolutely inferior to the actual thing is the chorus. The original one has an epic metal part that's fast and amazing, and fits. This, however, replaces the guy who did the epic "WAKE ME UP" man with a terrible one who sounds me he cannot sing AT ALL. Yes, he's that bad. Also, they are off-key with the autotune.

At least Amy Lee sang better than the pre-teen kids in this song. Another good song ruined by young kids who think they can "sing".

One of the best songs of all time destroyed by Kidz Bop. The problems that the kids can't relate the story Amy Lee is telling. She said in an interview about a tough relationship and she provides flawless and incredibly emotional vocals. The emotion is 100% there. These kids CANNOT RELATE TO THE SONG so they SUCK at trying to mimic it. - DCfnaf

The original was awesome. We don't need a bunch of little kids singing a metal song and completely ruining it. Besides the kid yelling made my ears bleed.

No! Why! I swear to God, if they do one Nazareth song like this, I am ranting

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3 Feel Good Inc.

The original which is made actually by Gorillaz is one of my favorite songs. But this, this just makes me cry in a corner.

What an insult to Gorillaz!

The gorillaz are actually one of my favorite bands, but this cover was an abomination.

How, how did these kids manage to ruin Gorillaz for me. - Catacorn

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4 My Immortal

You know, with Kidz Bop covering songs like this, they might as well cover Goner by Twenty One Pilots, What a Catch, Donnie by Fall Out Boy, and Adam's Song by Blink-182 if they're going down the depression path... *sigh* These kids have no clue what they're even singing...

These bunch of posers are ruined one of the most beautiful songs. Evanescence kicks their butts... - 05yusuf09

This is an outrageous disrespect


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5 In the End

Linkin Park is a really great band. Kidz Bop is not. I swear if they come out with an album called Kidz Bop sings Nirvana, I am going to scream. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

Scream like they all try to do, that's what Kidz Bop did here. They better not have taken Numb.

THEY COVERED THIS its official Kidz Bop is the worst music group of all time behind BOTDF - christangrant


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6 Boulevard of Broken Dreams

They ruined my favorite song ever. This is an insult to Green Day

I hope Kidz Bop listens to this and realize that what they make is awful music - christangrant

This song is too dark for Kidz Bop to do a cover of

I Heard Green Day Sued Them. - kcianciulli

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7 Let It Rock

Let it rock how bout Let It Rot

I actually love the original Let it Rock, but the Kidz Bop version sucks eggs.

One of Lil Wayne's only good songs from 2007+, ruined by Kidz Bop. It was inevitable. - WonkeyDude98

"Raised his hand and waved it to the world"
stop - TheOlderBrother

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8 Party Rock Anthem

"The Kids Bop crew is horrible at making so called 'good songs' better", saying from Max Stewart.

Why did they change shake that to dance that? Is there really a difference? Shaking could be part of dancing! - railfan99

Oh no now they ruined a perfectly good song like thrift shop - venomouskillingmachine

I love you so much

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9 Gangnam Style

How could this one not make the list? Their attempt at not only rapping, but also doing it in a language COMPLETELY alien to them completely butchers it.

We found a song worse than Gangnam Style. And that song is Gangnam Style

Note to self: don't record myself trying to sing in an alien language to my own. - WonkeyDude98

AAARRGH! PLEASE GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD! The original made my ears bleed. Just imagine what I think of this. - allamassal

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10 Who Let the Dogs Out

They ruined the song I liked from when I was little.

They ruined my favorite song of all time. Disgraceful. The producer of kids bop disgusts me

I hope the dogs attack them.

This is what is said when I heard someone play this song:

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? Sing
? ... Ready for It?

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11 I Love It

Original lyrics: I crashed my car into a bridge, I watched and let it burn! Edited lyrics: You drove your car across the bridge, watched you let it turn! See the dramatic difference?

They sing "I watched as you drived your car across the bridge and let it turn" and "I"m a kidz bop kid"

The positive aspect of the song is that the bad words are removed. The negative is the lyric change

"I threw my KidzBop CD into a fire off a bridge and said let it burn! " - SavageLG

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12 Gotta Be Somebody

Butchered a Good song form Nickelback - christangrant

I like Nickelback. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

13 Fire Burning

*Yells like crazy*

Omigoodness, this is terrible. Words cannot describe. It causes innocent people to cry and sweet girls like me to jump off bridges.

This song gives me seizures - VideoGamefan5

Thiz zong stinks bekuz fiyure can't burn.

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14 All Star

No I hope Shrek kills Kidz Bop for butchering his theme song - christangrant

Kidz Bop Just Sucks - VideoGamefan5

Kidz Bop Ain't The Sharpest Tools in The Shed. - kcianciulli

15 So What

What's wrong with "husband"?

I hate this song and I hate the kidzz bop version even more because who is going to go on iTunes and download the brand new kidz bop 60,000? You could not pay me enough to listen to this crap!

16 Ice Cream and Guacamole

Hey guess what I Max Stewart made that comment

I hate who ever made this and newsflash, ice cream and gwokumoley don't go together.

17 Blue (Da Ba Dee) V 1 Comment
18 Wake Me Up When September Ends

They changed "Like my father's come to pass" to "Like the time has come to pass" oh my god

Seriously, they disrespected Billie Joe Armstrong with this song. - somelifeonaplanet

Yeah wake me up when this awful cover doesn't exist - christangrant

. Just no. This is just plain disgusting and disrespectful. This song was about Billie's father dying (and the 9/11 attacks). I heard GD sued KidzBop but I can't find any articles/proof so I don't know. They should though

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19 Call Me Maybe

How can they kill what's already dead? They still found a way to do it. amazing.

The song already sucks and Kidz Bop successfully made it worst

This song is good, they ruined it. Stupid little brats.

What's so bad about the original song?

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20 Hot 'N' Cold

This was an ok song. They just made it a gazzilion time worst. they shamed Katy Perry.

Original lyrics: "You, PMS, like a b*tch I would know." Reversed lyrics: "You change your mind, like a girl, I dunno."

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