Worst Language in the World

When you hear someone speaking an odd foreign language in the street you feel like laughing, but which is the worst and most useless language in the world.

The Top Ten

1 American English

We literally have an inappropriate or rude word starting with every letter in the alphabet.

If this wasn't in the list, I would have put it myself... - Althemaster

There's a particular American English dialect I find revolting. It's called Redneck American English, and is particularly prevalent in the Appalachian Mountains, but it established child colonies in places as far away as Texas and other parts of the South. If there's a nasal twang when you're speaking to an American, it's Redneck American English.

I loathe the word y'all, loads of losers on the internet use it.
People claim its not dumbed down English, it is real English but not used in UK anymore. Ever heard of "Old English? "

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2 Chinese

Everybody in China are going to be offended by this! One thing I wonder is why we think there are some ugly languages. Why do you think some languages are ugly anyway? I mean, seriously everybody! Just because you can't understand them, doesn't mean that they're speaking an ugly language. There is no such thing as an ugly language!

Ha ha, except there are thousands of Chinese dialects and at least 2 major kinds of "Chinese" which are Mandarin and Cantonese, so which one you think is the worst? I think Cantonese sounds more harsh than Mandarin. - Kenneth

How stupid is it, because the content itself using English. If there is a similar website in China, the Worst Language can be English.

Probably, the main reason I find Chinese language so annoying is that their sound are connected strongly to the bad manners of certain groups of Chinese people in my country. I have seen a lot of Chinese students speaking super loudly in a school cafeteria and start arguing in public spaces as if there are no other people around, but above all, the worst was how they spoke while their mouth full of food accompanied by a constant chewing sound.
Whenever I hear Chinese people speaking Chinese language, it makes me recall those disagreeable memories, which make me awfully annoyed. This feelings make me so perplexed at the same time because I have several good Chinese friends and ancient Chinese literary class was my favorite when I was in high school (ancient Chinese is still a required course and very popular in Japanese high school).
If their is any Chinese reading this, I want to apologize beforehand that my comment may sound a bit offensive.

Ugliest language EVER

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3 Hindi

I think, Indian languages are far easy and better than most of the languages in the world. Multi languages mixed to form new unique language, which you hear now a days in present life. - subhash

Hindi is annoying but its also the best language if you wanna insult somebody... Look up hindi abuses.. They're hilarious

Hindi is as enigmatic as it is frustratingly complicated; and yet it is one of the most graceful and beautiful tongues to speak. It spans cultures, dialects and races, and is arguably one of the most multicultural languages on Earth (Persian, North, East, South Indian and English influences).

Hindi is a very beautiful language if you speak it correctly with correct pronunciation. There are so many varieties of Hindi accents depending on which state of India the speaker is from. Also it is very easy to learn

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4 Old English

Let's get something straight. Old English does NOT mean Shakespeare English or King James Bible English. Shakespeare could not understand Old English. The term "Old English" does NOT mean "English that is old"; it refers to the language that English originated from, which is often called "Anglo-Saxon", as it was spoken by the Angles and the Saxons. Shakespeare spoke early modern English, which was spoken many hundreds of years after Old English had died. If you want to see Old English, Google an untranslated version of Beowulf.

Please educate yourselves.

Haha shakespeare isn't old English! He transformed the English language! You should read works by christopher marlowe who wrote dr faustus, who was a peer and rival of shakespeare. both lived at the same time but wrote in completely different ways. Now marlowe is old English. shakespeare invented over 2000 words including crocodile! In fact tolkein who was a professor of anglo saxon at oxford hated shakespeare because he thought he ruined the English language.

The words are so odd and different that everyone just guesses whats going on. - ozzydog12

Should not be on the list
It is so complex and beautiful with the sheer amount of vocabulary
AND it makes sense - Mono

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5 German

German is not a bad language. It is just harsh and loud. I think that it is a beautiful language if you actually listen to it.

Actually, it's also a quick and hard to catch on. And you have a point. - TheRegular1227

Der die das dem den des ETC etc etc... Need I say more. You have to plan for an hour in advance what you're going to say and hope that you get even 1/3 of it right to be understood.. And all that planning ahead (in your head) is just for 1 sentence. God forbid you want to strike up a conversation. I mean come on. And then the words are all contorted in the sentence and you don't know where they go, why, and what they put them there for... ARG!

Well I can't speak it and for your info I think it sounds pretty cool... Sorry. But I actually might want to learn it HOW HARD IS IT

Well, it was hard enough for Mark Twain to say that "A person who has not studied German can form no idea of what a perplexing language it is." - Arkadios200

German sounds terrible, so tense and formal. Also its orthography is the worst. Why three letters (sch) for the sh sound? Also stop capitalising all your nouns that's so extra.

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6 French

It's an awesome language, I like speaking it, but, oh my God, it's so hard to make sentences and stuff out of it. Like, when I need to make a sentence up, first I gotta get the right words. In English, that's usually enough. But no, no! Not French! Then, I have to remember all the genders of the nouns. Luckily, there's a general pattern for French noun genders. Anything ending in -e is likely to be female. All else, male. Then I gotta figure out if 'le' or 'de' or 'la' or 'les' or 'des' is the right word to use before nouns. Then I have to make sure I'm sounding the words out right, because you have to distinctly pronounce the last letter of the word before a word that starts with a vowel. You'd think then you can start speaking, right? Nope! Then I gotta make sure I know to silence the right last letters. You almost never pronounce 's,' 't,' 'p,' or 'd' at the end of words. Except in 'basket' or 'foot' or some other stuff. Then I gotta put my adjectives in the right place. Adjectives ...more - Arkadios200

There are words in French that do not translate into any other language that explicitly express situation of love. For example. Retrouvailles: the feeling you get when you see someone after a long physical separation. Surely one of the less annoying language.

And when saying that 40% of French words are English, you must learn that it's the contrary, 40% (even 45% depending of sources) of English words have French origins. With around 80,000 words, and here we count only words imported directly from French. By searching correctly, you will find these facts on internet.

All the rest is just voting French annoying language because of uncultivated way of acting.

The language... It sounds beautiful. I can give it that much. However, French is a fantastic case of form over function; it's a mess of inconsistent grammar, obtuse verb conjugation, and impenetrable phrasing. It's made even worse by the drunken sound of the language. While the syllables elegantly flow into one another, so do words and entire sentences! If you wish to learn French, then you may want to consider a lobotomy.

I like French language because it sounds very good and fantastic.

French and Spanish are the ugliests Romance Languages.
Italian, Portuguese and Romanian sound way more beautiful.

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7 Arabic

Arabic is my first language (although I'm better at English, to be honest), and reading some of these rude and hurtful comments, I feel like CRYING. They kept on saying how it's the language of terrorists and people who got to Hell, and these awful and mean stereotypes are so wrong...I don't know where to begin!
I'm only a little girl, but you people are making me feel that I'm so awful I should go commit suicide or be slaughtered or something! Yes, there are children who know this language! Yes, INNOCENT CHILDREN, and imagine how they'd react after reading this. I'm not kidding, saying this to someone about their language and religion will prompt them to kill themselves! I know this site is about sharing opinions, but not tarnishing others' beliefs! There are billions of Muslims out there, and VERY FEW are actually terrorists. I may be one, and even I am ashamed about what they done at 9/11! We Muslims would never, EVER dream of doing this and we hate the people who did those ...more

Its cool the way that they have their own slang and it is not a easy language to learn which makes it more interesting to speak, many movies use different languages which is what makes them cool and amazing to learn

This is best languages in all over the world

Ok, I don’t mean this personally... but Arabic has to be one of the worst languages’ I’ve ever heard. It’s incredibly harsh sounding, and those squiggly lines and dots they use to write also look quite ugly. But, on the bright side, as the people before me mentioned, it does have cool slang, and, if you look at it from a certain view, really not that bad...

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8 Italian

Horrible language, old fashion. And Italian people cannot speak without gesticulating, even when they drive.

And for improving the intellectual level of Italian, Italian is NOT the most direct evolution of Latin, it's the Romanian (from Romania).

Italian is not a pure living language, it's dying because there is no evolution.

I just can't stand this pompous sound. It's some kind of caricature of art. I only hate Spanish and English more.

To all you saying that Italian is the world's language, just need to understand Italian language is obsolete, bro trust me, try to learn something in Italian and you'll realize it's completely dumb like learning an absolute dead language like latin. Now everything is in English and better use British. Never start to learn this dumb language only used in the back kitchens of some pizzas or others Italian restaurants, only Italian people speak Italian language, never find any Italian word in the most advanced fields like new technologies, nano, biotech, genetics... The world is managed by a prevalent language named English. But if you want to play an actor as mafia guy, ok, you'll just look a loser.

So desgasting and enoyin

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9 Korean

Korean writing system is very easy to learn. It is brilliant. Korean as a spoken language isn't tonal like Chinese so that makes it much easier than Chinese. The fact that Korea has very high literacy says something about Korean being a good language. Korean is pleasant to listen to.

The problem I have had learning Korean is just me. For some reason I have trouble with it.

I think Korean sounds annoying, it seems harsh and masculine. I hate how they drag the vowels; a's, o's and e's. It's so hard to listen to K-pop can hardly make out each word, the words don't have an individual sound its like strung together.

THEY HAVE TOO MUCH VOCAL! (i.E. eo, ee, eu)
who ever studies korean must be crazy

Dude, we're not crazy actually, I've studied 5 languages plus Korean right now and it wasn't a headache - EmilyEgberts

I've always thought this was an ugly sounding language. - pittlc8991

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10 Tamil

Tamil is unpleasant to the ear. It is not a language one can easily relate to. Most Tamil people now speak slang which is a terrible adulteration of a language - often with swear words spoken in bad taste. Many literary works in Tamil have been recognised and taught in Indian schools today, unfortunately not the same quality exists today. Tamil movie songs sound like noise. Being half Tamil myself I feel embarrassed when a Tamil person speaks of Tamil as though no other language exists in this world. People from tamilnadu must be more welcoming to other Indian states and stop being narrow minded.

Tamil people always shout. this language is really loud! feels like if we are scolding someone

Quite frankly, the harshest sounding language in the world. The Tamil language is an abomination to all other spoken languages in the world. A dog howling at the moon or a donkey braying sounds musical compared to listening to Tamil

Worst language ever and Tamil people too 💩

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11 Mandarin

Chinese is already on the list and to the normal person, there is no difference between the two, when Chinese is actually 2-3 different languages and Mandarin is the "official" language of the country.
The grammar is actually common sense and is not hard to pick up on
The characters are near impossible and the tones are hard, but really, with practice it gets quite easy.

Didn't realize there's a specific Mandarin option. As mentioned in the Chinese option, it has terrible structure, no base letters to form words and very unrefined altogether. It sounds horrible to the ears as well.

Lol all of Chinese languages are super annoying.

Retard chinese is already on the list WHERE IS RUMANTSCH

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12 Latin

4 out of 5 words in English wouldn't exist without latin so stop being lame and look it yo latin may be gone but its left a TON of word in English

Latin is so beautiful! Spanish is my first language and it comes from Latin.

Only 1 in 5 words in English come from Latin, as it is 29% Latin. Know the facts before posting things that are not true. English is 56% Germanic, not Latin.

Its dead.. accept it

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13 Punjabi

Think it the one of the worst and most annoying languages in the world because sounds they no words just mumbling

I'm a punjabi and it's not annoying language specially abusing someone in punjabi has its own fun.

The dirtiest swear words in the world.

Punjabi is annoying

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14 Klingon

To those who learn Klingon, please pour your time and energy into learning a real language. You could learn French and speak with a huge percentage of the world. You could learn Koine Greek and read the New Testament. You could learn Mandarin and impress everyone as you read the decorative characters at the Chinese restaurant. However, you are learning Klingon. Congratulations, you can talk to a few Star Trek geeks and nobody will understand you.

This made me laugh out loud

I agree that it is not a real language and why do people speak Klingon if it is not real

Klingon is a waste of time, legend has it that one person wasted his time learning Klingon and failed his tests, but hey, now he can takk to fictional aliens.

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15 Spanish

Really easy at first, but very difficult as you progress to higher levels. Too much idioms, impossible to learn as a foreigner. 14 tenses, some of them really useless. Almost impossible for a foreigner to understand natives speaking due to high speed and sound variance. The most deceiving language in the world: seems easy to learn, but it is almost impossible to advance after the first easy steps. A total waste of time.

Spanish seems to be my least favorite foreign language because I didn't even takes Spanish class back in high school.

The grammar is excessively formal (according to some, answering a question with just "si" or "no" is dismissive or rude), words tend to be long, word genders convey no information, sounds are limited (I suspect rolling Rs is to make up for how few sounds are used in the language) and prepositions are vague ("en" means "in" and "on". If you were considering taking Spanish, consider Latin instead, then you'll be able to get around any Romance language.

You people are so retarded. This list is retarded.

I see it everywhere, and I don't want to learn it at all. I think the US will soon become an expansion to Mexico as I see it. I feel more comfortable learning French and Japanese.

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16 Vietnamese

The best word to describe Vietnamese is gurgling, but not the pleasant river-like gurgling -more like the kind of a sound you'd hear a frog make before choking on its own saliva. The language also has an annoying, whining tone to it, and that makes it sound like the people speaking it would be constantly complaining. Vietnamese speakers tend to spit a lot while speaking too, and that's really not a miracle considering all the frog-like croaks they have to produce all day long. Vietnamese is a lot worse than Finnish or Korean or the other languages rated higher on this list - just try sitting in a bus full of gurgling and whining Vietnamese speakers, and see if you come back sane.

I wonder why nobody hasn't voted for this language that makes extremely nasal sound. I tried so hard since there are so many Vietnamese around me but you know, a guy speaking in Vietnamese is the worst, in my personal opinion. I don't know about any structures or grammars of Vietnamese, so no offense about it. But the sound really is killing me.

I recently reacted terribly towards the Vietnamese because of something this Vietnamese customer did to me at work. When I served this Vietnamese customer at work, he didn't even say a single 'hi'. He continued speaking Vietnamese on his mobile which totally pissed me off. But in hindsight I now see this guy lacking the common sense to simply put his mobile away and saying hi. Like how hard would it be to excuse himself to his chat buddy that he is being served so that he can return to his phone conversation a minute later. It's shown me that manners matter a lot. If you act badly in public, it just becomes so much easier for people to form prejudices or judgements against your race no matter how inaccurate it might be. - Veraliprincess

Vietnamese grammar, and words are really confusing they people teach you to sound out the word when trying to spell it but there are a million variations of words and symbols you can put together and it would all sound the same with a miniscule difference, it’s pretty annoying and besides when will you even use Vietnamese spelling in your life.

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17 Swedish

An ancient leftover from danish "colonial" time, swedes have developed the manly viking language to a something that sounds like a bad musical.. Their ancestors should be turning in their graves..

When swedes talk it sound like are gobbling out weird noises, GOD its hard to keep a covnersation going..

Swedish has much less puns than English that you won't confuse for example orange with color or fruit.

Danish and Norwegian are way prettier

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18 Dutch

I cannot consider a conservation in this language serious. In addition to seemingly consisting mainly in gargling, this incredibly ridiculous mixture of English and German wizardrously manages to make any person sound like a drunk elk.

As a dutch speaker, compared to other languages I know, I find it simple and rather unimaginative. Like the dutch cuisine, it reflects their peoples tendency towards frugality.

I'm dutch and I hate my language, it should be at least in the top 5 ugliest languages in the world.
I wish English became our official language, everybody in the Netherlands can already speak it so why don't we stop speaking our ugly language.

Best Germanic language. - MagmaFox

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19 Hungarian

Hungarian is one of the most beautiful languages in the world... And for the Hungarian, it is the most beautiful of all languages... Sad to see a lack of civility and common courtesy on this post...

Sorry to say, but this language is one of the most weirdest I've ever heard

One of the most advanced in the world - 100% dialect compatibility. Scientific and precise - hard to learn but cool

It's throat singing, horrible. Disgusting.

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20 Urdu

The language which sounds decent, looks decent and is spoken decently.

Urdu is not a copy of Arabic idiots! Pushto is what the terrorist in Pakistan speak idiots! Urdu is just like Hindi, a beautiful language

Well said. It isn't even related to Arabic; it just has many loanwords. - drdevil

Hate urdu as it is a very complicated language for me I rather learn something else then this I don't know why is it compulsory to learn it in Pakistan

Urdu is a sweetest language in the whole universe

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