This language is dumb. Might be great for "Poetry's and articles" and that dramatic stuff. But it's functionality? ITS TERRIBLE. Bro trust me, try to learn something in French (like physics, or maths) and you will realize it's completely dumb. I'm sad that I'm learning such subjects in this stupid language. Like how do you expect me to grow up when EVERYTHING IS IN English. To all who say that French is the world's language (as I see some uneducated fools bragging with that) Get here. You must be living under a rock. Start by the world's popular business, "Technology" Did you see any "French" invention? No, just no. They have nothing. Absolutely nothing. (Then stupid poetry, and some little inventions in the medicine field) why the hell do you waste your time learning it then? Look if you want to learn it for business reasons. Don't EVER DO THAT TERRIBLE MISTAKE ON YOUR LIFE. And put your valuable time on mastering English. (Especially British English. ...more

Among the four languages I speak ( English, French, Chinese and Japanese) French is my favorite language by far, it has a outstanding culture standing behind it, and to make it better it has such a sexy sound, I see why Italian can make the top 3 but to be honest I think French sounds much more refined and delicate than Italian in my own opinion. Speaking French in an antique city like Paris is like a dream come true. Vive la France!

French is the best language in the world! It is a very polite language and people who think that French is a bad language are silly.

The French language is obviously by far the best language so just admit it!

Don't get me wrong;, I love French, I love the language, I've taken it for three years and consider myself conversational. However, as a language, it's so inconsistent in everything. From grammar, to verb conjugations, to feminine and masculine objects, you have a memorize a buttload of specific situations to learn it.

Also, it's kinda sad to see that the three languages I know... are the top three languages on this list. - keycha1n

I think it even sounds funny when you curse. I watched a series on DVD and switched the language to French. Really try it. Even a drama would turn into comedy.

I have been learning French since I was 6, and I can tell you that it is not as bad as many think. Grammar is simple and makes sense, and it sounds pretty good too.

Well, I think French is the most beautiful language in the world. This must be at the last of the top. - HuyGaming

Just so beautiful like a French romance, for this reason French literature (1st Nobel prizes ranking) is the best. In French you can express everything you want, French dictionary contains more words than any other European languages.

It's a complex and advanced language made from lots of foreign influences dur to multiple invasions all along those last 20 centuries, even now this language is in contant evolution. Hard to start learning but once you succeed to talk, to understand, it's like a cool drug.

Why is this even here? I'm not a French speaker but it is the one of the best sounding language I've ever heard.

It's the best language understood you stupid fools

When I started learning French, I realized the beauty of the language as opposed to learning Spanish.
I adore the accent and how romantic it sounds when speaking it, especially with other individuals. This language is also integral universally.

Languages aren't ugly just because you can't understand them, or it's hard.

French language is as contrary one of the most advanced language constantly in evolution.
Indeed difficult to learn, but you will make always progress in learning such famous language.

Sounds phony, I guess this is what happens when you mix Gaelic with Latin.

So pretty language and so advanced.

French is, by far the ugliest language in the world. It sounds rough and everyone looks retarded when speaking it. It is also a very pedantic language. It takes at least twice the words to express something than most other languages. Tiresome, boring, unattractive and just embarrassing for anyone who is stuck having to speak it.

French is awesome this language should be last

Not the worst and not annoying at all.

You wanted to say the Best language in the World, isn't it? Yes, one of he best.

Incredibly ugly language. The fifth letter of the alphabet sounds like somebody struggling to unload into the porcelain throne, as an example. I'm sorry, but the reason it's called the "language of love" is because it sounds like two canines in the throes of passion.

I learn French And I find this language hard, A 6 letter word with 4 letters that are not pronounced many words are like this. - Monys

I like french fries but can not stand french guys. I have done work for some of them in the states and they are very rude and dishonest from my experience and every time I hear their accent attempt to speak English, I have a bad feeling in my gut that some kind of new bad experience is about to happen. And by the way, the french didn't invent the french fry.

"Spanish is trashy and French is Spoken in the developed world"...

Not sure what ya mean by that, buddy. It is literally THE MOST SPOKEN language in the world. You sure you don't mean Mexican Spanish?

I have NOTHING against French people, the language seems like it would be hard to stop sentences... Dunno, I don't really know French...

I speak it if I have to, I not like it, I will never do. why.. bad education, bad memories how teachers tried to push it into our brain not regarding to explain why or how the language works. The older I get I can respect it but I will never like it.