Worst Language in the World

When you hear someone speaking an odd foreign language in the street you feel like laughing, but which is the worst and most useless language in the world.

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21 English

English, actually, I think depends on the accent and the intelligence of the speaker. It is a language which can sound incredibly dull, boring and crude. However, it also has the richest vocabulary of any language; some of the most lenient sentence structuring (sentences can be structured umpteen different ways); and it can be crafted to create vivid images that no other language is capable of supporting.

There are reasons why most literature outside Mandarin continues to be written in English; why most business continues to be carried out through English; and why English is the fastest spreading language in the world. The most successful books are, you guessed it, English.

Whoever said the language is unsophisticated is, in my opinion, incorrect. The language itself is one of the most complex and malleable languages known to man. However, many of the people who speak it are idiots. Also, not all accents sound bad.

I'm an English speaking Irishman and so my accent ...more

I've spoken English all my life, but ever since I started taking Spanish class at school, I've realized that English makes no sense.
I mean, silent "e" at the end, double consonants, etc. It is stupid.

My vote is for English (all forms and accents).
Unsophisticated, crude and boring. People who can only speak English (with no understanding of other languages) often believe it is the best language and are usually uneducated, nationalistic imbeciles. The different accents with which it is spoken (American, British, Australian, etc) often accentuates the ugliness of its sounds (eg. Nasally drawls, moronic grunts, etc). It also has limitations in vocabulary - an English speaker will only say "snow", whereas an Eskimo or Sami person would have a more succinct description of it, depending on the type and context. Unfortunately, due to the terrible history of invasion of other lands by the British, it has become too widespread, threatening native languages such as those from Aborigines in Australia, Native Americans, and the Gaelic and Welsh languages. Truly it is an evil language, and the fact that these comments must be made in this language to show this to English-only speaking fools ...more

Hands down for American English. - SilentKiller1996

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22 Cantonese

Pak Pak Pak Kak Kak Kak Pak Pak! Yes! That is what I have heard.

That's actually (I mean it this time, trust me) onomatopoeia for pleasuring oneself... Where have you been - IRllyNeedALife

Everything but the Hong Kong - EmilyEgberts

Myself a hongkonger but the slangs are a bit weird... - MChkflaguard_Yt

Diu lei lou mou - SilentKiller1996

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23 Urdu

The language which sounds decent, looks decent and is spoken decently.

Urdu is not a copy of Arabic idiots! Pushto is what the terrorist in Pakistan speak idiots! Urdu is just like Hindi, a beautiful language

Well said. It isn't even related to Arabic; it just has many loanwords. - drdevil

Hate urdu as it is a very complicated language for me I rather learn something else then this I don't know why is it compulsory to learn it in Pakistan

Urdu is a sweetest language in the whole universe

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24 Bulgarian

A copy of Chinese language

Bulgarian and Chinese are two completely different languages - BorisRule

You now try to steal Bulgarian language too. Good job my brainwashed slavo-Bulgarian friends.

Bulgarian should not even be a language. It is your basic Slav language that became simple due to Greek and Tatar/Turk influences. So it became more simple because too many people that these Slavs absorbed can't speak the proper Slavic language so this is now Bulgarian.

Bulgarians are speaking a Macedonian dialect

25 Turkish

Turkish is the most interesting language I've ever heard. Sounds like they always say same words.

Ugliest language I've ever heard. Hurts my eyes.

I am not turkish. But I think it's a cute language.

Definitely the ugliest language in the world. Its gulum bulum sulum durum all the time.

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26 Swahili

You put a silent qz at the end of most sentences
Then you find that you don't pronounce most of the word for example the word for monkey is huytipuiq. Yes, it looks impossible to say you pronounce it: hway-tiki-wa-ik

27 Danish

When I hear someone speak Danish it sounds like they have something stuck in their throat

It sounds like a drunk Chinese guy trying to do a Swedish accent while speaking German and choking on a potato.

There's a reason why most Danes know English.

Danish language is the stupitest when de gjöre jeg is written it sound like de gauje jeig

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28 Serbian

Oh my god 50% of this language consists of swearwords or swearing sentences. They have 2 or three different words for "f***". And while serbs try to imitate Russians, bosnians just fill up the language with even more swear words and phrases...

I am from Slovenia and with Serbians we are been n Yugoslavia and Serbian language is really funny. Croatian is funny too.

The only Serbian anyone knows is Novak Djokovic, and he sounds like he never learned Serbian. - Arkadios200

Ugly. Unpleasant.

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29 Finnish

Finnish is a really hard language to learn. Finland is a good place to live, but at luck, you also speak Swedish in Finland and Swedish is much easier and nicer.

Finnish grammar is undoubtedly very hard to master, but the pronunciation and spelling is so logical and without any exception that it's actually possible to spell everything correctly even if you hardly understand a word of what you're writing down. I love it!

One of the most modern and advanced languages in the world. No fin doesn't misunderstand one and other. It's very hard to learn and even harder to master and the benefits for knowing it are minor, because Finnish language isn't influential on world-wide scale. And also Finnish culture is not rich compared to other countries in the world. Only good thing is that Finland is very good place to live in.

Finnish is not an ugly language!

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30 Persian

This language is full of honour and graces, it's so beautiful and I really admit and like the accent that it has, calm. As I hear the others speak, one of my wishes is to learn this language one day, I've a big interest to it and one of my beloved language.

Really a beuatiful language and sweetest I have ever seen it is also decent and respect full language which always gives honour to listener like to say listener aga means master or sir

If you heard them all talking, Its just SO pretty, the words and all, One day, I want to investigate this language! - EmilyEgberts

Men should not be allowed to speak this language.

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31 Yiddish

I bet the people who speak it just make half of it up! - thetopten

I'm conversant in Russian and to a lesser extent in Yiddish (both ugly in my opinion) and whenever I don't know a word in Yiddish I just insert a Russian word with same meaning. Surprisingly, everyone understands it.

The worst part of the language is that it's spoken mostly by old Jewy-Jews who 1) don't use the language to talk, just as adverbs for other languages, and 2) it is never their first language, it's Russian or German, or Polish (Yiddish/Polish, There is a combination endorsed by the international phlegm association.)

It's an abomination.
It's like all the worse aspects of Hebrew and German combined.
I am fluent in both Hebrew and German, by the way.

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32 Albanian

I've been studying the new and old albanian, they sound interesting and a lot different and the new one is hard to learn but awesome if you know to speak it fluently.

Although a very nice way to insult someone..every word sounds like insult. By the way is not the most old language in europe, how can that be? I study archaeology, so I know that greek language is the most old in europe and the oldest living language so far by the first written accounts.

"Car" means "phallus" in Albanian. I don't like having to censor my vehicle's name... Just kidding, but it's so obscure that I can't imagine why someone would use it. - Arkadios200

Ugly language, especially ghegh dialect. Too much sh, nj, ë, gj, l and that sounds terrible. They have some stupid words like zhgënjyer, mblodh, ndjenje, ndryshe. No way it's an ancient language, more like artificial.

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33 Tagalog

Easily the undisputed champ of horrendous sounding languages. I don't even know where to start. everything sounds like bing bang bong. every time I hear this language it just annoys me. there is no way I can ever get accustomed to hearing this language. if I were married to a filipino woman I would have to kill myself having to deal with listening to this language that sounds like constant bickering.

Tagalog is STUPID and every1 want to speak tagalog to me just to mock me especially my brother. I want to get out of this country and stop hearing is godamn crap language. I don't care if in half filipino or not I just hate the language. I'm SICK OF IT! I don't understand why it has to sound like this. My friends get what they want which is no hearing tagalog. I also wish the same but I keep hearing it.


Yes I agree 100% Tagalog is very annoying to listen to. Why was this chosen to be the national language of the Philippines. When there are other languages spoken in the Philippines that sounds so much better & pleasing to your ears than Tagalog.

Malaysian/indonesian language is similar but sound much much better, they should try other language for their national language

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34 Malayalam

What are these douchebags barking about? The beauty of the language lies in its complexity. Yes, it's a blend of Tamil and Sanskrit which gives it a best of both worlds kind of status. Malayalam has the most number of alphabets among all the Indian languages and from my experience, I can confidently tell you that any word from any language from any part of the world can be written and spoken in Malayalam with near perfect accuracy. Try the other way round and you can be almost certain to get cramps on your tongues!

This is the most flexible language I've ever heard of. Usage of the tongue in speech is very essential. If you want to listen to a variety of Malayalam dialects, go online and listen to speakers from different parts of Kerala. You can notice the difference in accents, new words and complexity in this beautiful language. Although if you listen to songs, you may notice they kind of sound similar and not as varied as day-to-day common tongue conversation.

I want to gag when I hear this language spoken. It sounds terrible to the ears and it has no originality in it! It's plainly an infusion of Tamil and Sanskrit. The people are equally as terrible as the language. I cannot stand hearing tamil degraded and impure - or basically what they call it, Malayalam

Yez is the worst language in the world

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35 Hebrew

I am astonished that this language is not much higher in the list. Even for a Dutch person like me it sounds like just gargling. (and I know my own language sounds terrible to the English speaking world)

Actually, Dutch is a really cool language. It's like a cross between English and German. Easy to learn, fun to speak. I don't know much, but I have a lot of fun with it. - Arkadios200

Sounds like a strong diarrhea.

Sounds like they are clearing their throats when they speak.

Disgusting langauges that makes you sound primitive.

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36 African American Vernacular English

They definitely destroyed the English language

This is barely a language. It's like saying American English and British English are two different languages, they are not. Anyone who speaks any kind of English can understand American English, British English, AAVE. They are all one language, English. You don't take classes for AAVE. This "language" is mostly glorified by social justice warriors on tumblr who will defend anything that black people do or say even if some black person starts killing every living thing in sight (yes, social justice warriors are "against" racism by allowing dark skinned people get away with anything while shaming the light skinned for existing. No one that I know likes social justice warriors). I am not against black people, almost all that I know are completely normal people. AND NONE OF THEM THAT I KNOW SPEAK THIS "LANGUAGE".

How did the African-American dialect not get mentioned even though American English came in at number 2? By far the worst dialect in the world - it's an insult to the language.

LOL. baseless but fun! It's all about their swag, brothers

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37 Indonesian

Hey Haters! This language is not ugly at all! I'm French! SHUT UP HATERS!

It is a beautiful language and it is also easy to learn

Indonesian is the most hated language in the world. It is considered to be nuisance by many English speakers because the words has no specific meanings.

The language for me is just not pleasant.

Get your own language bitches

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38 Malay

I don't think it was bad language but it look's like a talking ducks when you hear some conversations of them...

This is most stupid language 4 ever sound like a dog barking

Malay language is the most easy language to learn and to speak in the world

Sounds like some one raping a rhino while talking to a 3 year old - GriffinDoge

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39 Thai

It is very annoying when I have to hear Thai. The language only fits girl, I can't hear a man talking this. Its so feminine.. I love thai foods but if I have to hear how they spoke to each other, I have to hold the urge of closing my ears.

Its all sound to me.. 'Pang cong rong kaa.. Sa rong sang ka' all these 'Kaa' is oh my god... Not for me

I can understand if people from Europe and America don't like Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, maybe they're not used to the way Asian languages pronounce. I can tell the differences and those three languages are beautiful in different ways to me. But as an Asian, I can't even stand Thai, a LOT of my Asian friends from different countries agree with me. I tried to watch Thai drama, but gave up because of their language. It's just so annoying to me ears.

Oh my god it's difficult to learn. It's also a tonal language and for some reason it's just really hard for me to master the pronunciation which is usually my strong suit. I always get compliments for my English, German, Finnish and Spanish. But my Thai is just awful. It just doesn't roll off my tongue the way Germanic languages do.

I lived in Thailand for 4 years. It is the most annoying language! All the words sound like retching/gagging noises "ooeeyyy" variants. The men sound like they have a mouthful of boiling hot rice while the women just sound like squawking crows "ka ka ka! "
You know you can't take a language seriously when they name animals after the noise they make (looking at you, maew) and every other word is crap or ka!
Joke of a language that nobody in the real world can ever take seriously!

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40 Romanian

Beautiful language but very difficult

It's one of the most beatiful languages!

Sounds better than Italian.

Always compare themselves with other romance language while completely sounding like a Slavic language

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