Worst Linkin Park Songs


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41 Wretches and Kings
42 Rhinestone (Xero)
43 Reading My Eyes
44 Enth E ND

The rap and constant stopping of the music sucks! - Lem

45 Rebellion

This is the best song Linkin Park has ever made till date! I can't believe it's on this list! I just want this song to be removed from the list. Please.

46 Castle of Glass (Mike Shinoda Remix)

I am a huge LP fan and I am a mega follower of Mike. There was a time when I wanted to be mike Shinoda. But sorry Mike, this is the worst remix you ever made. The original sounded much better. But still your Victimized remix is great.

47 Guilty All the Same V 1 Comment
48 Frgt/10
49 What I've Done

The lyrics are insane? Are You that big of an idiot? They're amazing lyrics with a beautiful message you moron. And a song doesn't need to have a catchy melody to be good (despite the fact this song has one of the catchiest melodies I've heard in a Linkin Park song). A Beautiful Song With an amazing message, one of Linkin Parks best songs

Beautiful song, awesome video. Great message. What more do you need

This song is one of the worst linkin park songs ever. The lyrics are inane, the melody is one of the least catchiest I have ever heard AND it's overrated!

Love it

50 Sharp Edges Sharp Edges

This song makes my ears bleed

51 Crawling

Crawling is one of their best songs! I don't know what's it doing here. - Dan989

The song is great! Why is it here?

One of their best! - Alpha101

52 Keys To the Kingdom
53 Valentine's Day

Boring, and it drones on forever. The lyrics really suck too.

V 1 Comment
54 Cure for the Itch

I Think This Is The Baddest Song From Linkin Park From Hybrid Theory (Since 2000) Album... - RaminLp

V 1 Comment
55 In the End

This is absolutely insane. Robot Boy and some others may deserve to be here but putting the greats like In The End and Numb and What I've Done on here is totally stupid. These were the songs that made Linkin Park! This list is full of either clueless fans or cyber trolls. - cjWriter1997

Their 2nd best song! (Numb is my favorite) - Alpha101

How could you put this song here!?!? This song is loved by 90% of the linkin park fans! You should be ashamed of yourself!


V 3 Comments
56 No Laundry
57 Runaway V 2 Comments
58 Forgotten

The Reanimation version of this amazing song ruined it. The Hybrid Theory one is great, but for the Reanimation one they used stupid deep voice effects to make a ridiculous chorus. - EvilAngel

59 Ppr:Kut
60 Dirt Off Your Shoulder / Lying from You

This is a very good song only because of its good background music.

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