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1 One Directioners

Directioners are the ISIS of fandom. Based from the various entertainment news I came across with at the Internet, Directioners are easily provoked when people express a different opinion about their favorite group. Celebrities and ordinary people alike including fellow fans who all bore the brunt of their wrath are the frequent casualties.

Claiming themselves to be dedicated, Directioners are actually obsessed and disassociated from reality. First they lash out on the girls and the women the members of One Direction had relationships with. Second, fellow fans who received some attention from the group are trolled by the most obsessed members of the fan base. Third, they come around disturbing and taunting other fans of other artists by claiming that their band is bigger and better. Fourth, they unleashed their anger in full force towards Zayn Malik instead of respecting his decision to leave the group. Directioners in every way represent the worst side of ...more

Directioners: Alex Gaskarth should kill himself because he's an emo.

Directioners: Mitch Lucker probably killed himself because he's a weak emo.

Directioners: Mitch's 5-year-old daughter should kill herself, because her dad was an emo.

Directioners: Why does everyone hate us? *sobs into Harry Styles's face on the poster'

These irrational Directioners have put Linkin Park on the list. How idiotic. They do not know what good music is and they judge according to looks. They hate on logical people who hate on their favorite "band". They even have the second worst fanbase name, nexf to Wayniacs.

Some directioners are the worst to be honest.. Plus they hated on Zayn when he left and they still do!

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2 Beliebers

Lol I know! Beliebers are rude and disrespectful, well the ones I've met, sure there are nice beliebers out there.

Why Linkin Park?! This list should be number 1!

These girls are craazyyy

Trashy and classless like their idol, there is nothing worse than beliebers. They bash Selena, Ariana, 1D, 5H, Taylor and basically every other celebrity out there. Example:
Selena cancels Revival Tour because of Lupus: She's a self-centered bitch
Justin cancels concert because of a cold: He's smart
Other example:
Ariana wears sexy clothing: She's a slut
Justin is naked on album cover for Purpose: He's expressing his sexuality.

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3 Linkin Park Fans

They feel that everything the band touches turns to gold and refuse to accept any criticism. They are so entrenched in their own nostalgia and preferences that other legitimately good music will be crap in their eyes if compared to Linkin Park.

Why is linkin park number one? Simply read the caps lock-freak on the 1d options. - MoldySock

I love Linkin Park, but the soldiers drive me nuts. All they care about is Hybrid Theory and Meteora and can't accept change or other opinions. - NikBrusk

People are whinging about the old fans but the new fans are worse

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4 Black Veil Bride Fans

They are SO annoying! If you ever say anything against BVB they tell you to kill yourself which is totally unacceptable. Also, 99% of them are here for only Andy, who is not as great as they make out. There are CC, Jake, Jinxx and Ashkey too, ya know? Overall, The BVB fandom is made up of all 12 year old brain dead emo girls.

Unfortunately, my sister is a fan of them, and she's turned herself emo because of them. :( - NintendoROCK3T

So many emo freaks because of them - kidlava111

BVB is actually pretty boring now, and its fanbase... where to begin. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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5 Taylor Swift Fans

Sorry swifties. Taylor is annoying but her fans are very nice. But selena is nice and her fans are very mean and rude.

True but some of her fans whose are exactly like her. So annoying.

Taylor swift is a killer write songs about her ex boyfriends nobody wants to listen to it don't you get it...

They are just plain Rude.

Just little kiddies

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6 Blood On The Dance Floor Blood On The Dance Floor Blood on the Dance Floor is an American scene duo currently consisting of Dahvie Vanity and Fallon Vendetta that formed in 2006. Former members include Jayy von Monroe (2009-2016) and Garrett Ecstasy (2009). All of them provided vocals to the project. ...read more.

I watched one music video from them and I almost cried.

*shakes head, knowing the fandom is outright doomed. Hops out the window, landing safely on a pile of actually good music*

Dahvie Vanity is a rapist.

7 Lil Wayne Fans

I hate them so annoying

They are too stupid. Enough said.

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9 Big Time Rush Fans

I just hate Big Time Rush, cause their show was just to promote them! That's not what a sitcom is for... Also, their music is really lame and it suck BIG TIME

10 Kanye West Fans

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? Skeleton Clique (Twenty One Pilots Fans)
? Vocaloid Fans

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11 Eminem fans (Stans)

This rapper hasn't released a good album since 2002, but all his stupid fans think he's still worth mentioning. The dude had his hay day. Let others shine, because none of his music shines anymore. Overrated

Most of them are stupid and they think that Eminem is the only artist that doesn't talk about drugs, sex, or anything fake yet 90% of Eminem's songs before 2010 were about all that stuff.

Eminem Kills someone. His fans still gonna defend him.

He's on this list because his fans are among the worst.

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12 Selenators (Selena Gomez)

They are the worst and stupid fan base in the world. I like selena but hate her fans.

They always want to judge other singer. Ariana is a wonderful singer and 10 times better than selena and selenators say ariana coppied her. How foolish! Selena can't sing doesn't mean Ariana can't. Ariana is a talented singer. If you can't accpet then be quite. Don't be jealous too much.

You want to see them annoying?
Then go to "Hollywood life" site and you can see them worst and annoying. If anybody say I don't like selena, they are the worst victim of the day. Okay I won't say anything just watch yourself.

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13 Soulja Boy Fans
14 Elitist Metalheads

I deeply despise elitist metalheads with a burning passion. They claim bands like Korn, Slipknot, System of a Down, and any other nu metal band are "not real metal". Who cares?! Just let people listen to whatever kind of metal they want! They don't judge you or make you feel bad for listening to death metal where the singer sounds like Cookie Monster on crack! - NikBrusk

Being a metalhead myself (but not an elitist one) I hate to say this but they go nuts if you label bands in the wrong sub-genre. Also if a metal band becomes big enough that they're nearing the commercially popular stage they're overrated sellouts!

Completely laughable after the age of 20.

I'm a metalhead, and I can confidently say that these people are absolutely dreadful. They give no other music a chance, diss anything that's not their kind of metal, and sometimes attack others for a differing musical taste. - MKBeast

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15 Marilyn Manson Fans
16 My Chemical Romance Fans

What? Please, people only hate My Chemical Romance because they stereotype their fans as "emo loners who cut" and its seriously getting on my nerves.

I personally enjoy this band, but please don't hate me for it. - shawnmccaul22

How is Blood On The Dance Floor not #10?

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17 Drake Fans
18 Ke$ha Fans
19 Rick Ross Fans

The majority of them are incarcerated in a state or federal penitentiary

Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life.

20 Megadeth Fans

All they do is hate on Metallica.

Stop alternate pick Master of Puppets and tell us they're easy to handle. Weak right handers.

Not all of them hate Metallica,but those who do hate them for a good reason - DejanKalinic

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