Top 10 Worst Music Genres for Autistic People

My autism is very mild but I am aware that there are people out there who have it way worse than I do. And if you're thinking about playing them these musical genres to get them into music, then forget it! Because they would hate music even more if you constantly played them these genres.

Just don't play these genres to them. It's really not worth it. Trust me.

The Top Ten

1 Black Metal Black Metal

Definitely the worst genre for autists to get into metal. They would hate it considering how most artists in it are creepy weirdos who hold satanic beliefs and Nazi sympathy, not to mention the black metal shrieks.

Autistic. Love black metal. - Sop

Lol it sucks

2 Gangsta Rap Gangsta Rap

Depending on how severe your autism is, you really wouldn't like this genre cause of how the rappers in it talk about drugs, money, sex and other explicit things.

Scoff*I hate it - Kevinsidis

Autistic. Love gangsta rap. - Sop

I like this

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3 Death Metal Death Metal

I don't like it

Definitely would get turned off by death growls, plus gory bands like Necrophagist and Cannibal Corpse would scare them away from metal.

Autistic. I like a lot of death metal bands. - Sop

4 Grindcore Grindcore

Similar to death metal, but more punk based. But still very bad for autists.

5 Trap

Just like dubstep, but with a more hip hop feel to it. But still, don't play this to autists.

6 Dubstep Dubstep

I'm autistic and I love Skrillex so wym

I of course am talking about the bad dubstep like Skrillex. That stuff would probably be too annoying for autists.

I’m autistic and I love dubstep - MegaSoulhero

7 Avant-Garde

This kind of stuff would be too unusual for autists. Most people (including autists) can't handle more different things.

8 Pornogrind

Nobody should like it. - Ashes

I don't need to explain this one here.

9 Crunkcore

Never, EVER recommend an autist BOTDF or Brokencyde! They wouldn't wanna listen to music again for the rest of their lives.

Why does this genre even exist? 😲 - Croy987

10 Bubblegum Pop

This is the worst for any autistic individual, my older sister blasted it in the car and to this day, I rarely listen to it and I have autism myself.

Nooo I love bubblegum pop. - Ilovestephanie

The Contenders

11 Glam Metal Glam Metal

I love Glam Metal and I have some degree of autism

Overrated garbage that talks about drugs, sex and girls. Would not keep an autist (or a non-autist for that matter) interested for 10 seconds.

12 Industrial

I think this genre sounds cool, but the artists in it do talk about weird and explicit stuff that would probably turn off any autist.

13 Acid House
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