Worst People to Watch a Movie With

Watching a movie is a great escape. But every once in a while there is a person who drives you crazy in the theatre. What are the worst people to watch a movie with?
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The Asker

before the dvd is even in the player you get asked 100 things, this is my dad, how long is this movie going to be on for?, who is he/she?, what did he/she say?, what is this movie even about?, have you seen this before, what is going on?, till I just get up and say ok I am done.

Someone who always asks you questions too frequently, and some of them aren't even relevant.

My sister does #1 #4 and #7: she asks stupid questions constantly, she makes up (REALLY) stupid theories, and she reapeats the funny stuff (sometimes she repeats things that arean't funny)

The Realist

I'm sorry, but I fall into this category. One reason why I like sci-fi is so I can pick out many a mistake. But I try to restrain myself as much as possible.

Well, I'm a realist and a spoiler. So better not watch any movie, that I've seen already, with me!

"That wouldn't happen in real life! " Or "That is so unrealistic because..."

again my dad, that could/would never happen, just shut up dad.

The Spoiler

The person who has already seen the movie and is happy to ruin the plot twists for you.

The Theorist

Sometimes in the movie, a person will share their theories about what is going to happen when you would rather just watch the movie.

I have been the theorist a lot, and it's quite something when I'm right.

I am the theorist. I know I'm annoying, but a lot of the time my theories are right and no one believes that I knew the big twist unless I say it. I have a problemđŸ˜‚

The Absent

When you bring a friend or family member and they aren't even paying attention (or doing something else)

The Obvious Disliker

Someone who verbally dislikes the movie while it is playing. Such as during the movie when they go "ah this movie sucks! " Or "This is so boring! "

The Repeaters

Someone who after a funny line in the movie will repeat it to you. Example in Thor 2
Loki: "I can feel the righteousness surging through me."
Person: "Haha I can feel the righteousness..."

My sister does that all the time! She even does it when it's not even funny! Here's an example: T.V. : hi guys I'm gonna kill myself. MY SISTER: HAHAA! Hi guys I'm gonna kill myself!

yes, one thing and it is said the whole movie, and yes most of the time it wasn't even something funny.

The Complainers

Someone who during the movie, always complains about how long the movie is, and makes comments that take you out of the movie.

This is a thing which I have never been able to stand.

from start to finish.

The Background Talkers

People who talk to now another behind you during the movie.

to them I say SHUT UP!, thank you.

The Phone User

No one cares about drama unless if that’s what the movie is about

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The "Like" That Person

Someone who makes comments like "It's like that ran out of their budget" or " it's like they put no thought into the plot."

The Commentator

This is why I don't like watching movies with my mom. She ALWAYS talks about things and reacts to scenes in movies whenever I watch and she watches along with me.

The Social Justice Warrior
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