Worst People to Watch a Movie With

Watching a movie is a great escape. But every once in a while there is a person who drives you crazy in the theatre. What are the worst people to watch a movie with?

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1 The Asker

Someone who always asks you questions too frequently, and some of them aren't even relevant.

My sister does #1 #4 and #7: she asks stupid questions constantly, she makes up (REALLY) stupid theories, and she reapeats the funny stuff (sometimes she repeats things that arean't funny)

2 The Realist

Well, I'm a realist and a spoiler. So better not watch any movie, that I've seen already, with me! - Kiteretsunu

"That wouldn't happen in real life! " Or "That is so unrealistic because..."

I'm sorry, but I fall into this category. One reason why I like sci-fi is so I can pick out many a mistake. But I try to restrain myself as much as possible. - PositronWildhawk

3 The Spoiler

The person who has already seen the movie and is happy to ruin the plot twists for you.

4 The Theorist

Sometimes in the movie, a person will share their theories about what is going to happen when you would rather just watch the movie.

I have been the theorist a lot, and it's quite something when I'm right. - PositronWildhawk

I am the theorist. I know I'm annoying, but a lot of the time my theories are right and no one believes that I knew the big twist unless I say it. I have a problem­čśé

5 The Absent

When you bring a friend or family member and they aren't even paying attention (or doing something else)

6 The Obvious Disliker

Someone who verbally dislikes the movie while it is playing. Such as during the movie when they go "ah this movie sucks! " Or "This is so boring! "

7 The Repeaters

Someone who after a funny line in the movie will repeat it to you. Example in Thor 2
Loki: "I can feel the righteousness surging through me."
Person: "Haha I can feel the righteousness..."

My sister does that all the time! She even does it when it's not even funny! Here's an example: T.V. : hi guys I'm gonna kill myself. MY SISTER: HAHAA! Hi guys I'm gonna kill myself!

8 The Complainers

This is a thing which I have never been able to stand. - PositronWildhawk

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9 The Background Talkers

People who talk to now another behind you during the movie.

10 The "Like" That Person

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11 The Phone User
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