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1 Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict

Pink Floyd's Revolution 9. This was all done by Roger Waters making sounds. - Userguy44

Yoko Ono ft. Pink Floyd

This song is horrible not even a song just annoying animal noises and such a long title and why is stop and interstellar overdrive on here stop is real short but its still good but this song I can't remember the full title sucks

Wouldn't consider this a song. As much as I love Floyd, this one doesn't do it for me. - matty925

2 Seamus

I love this song but its still the worst Meddle song and one of the worst pink floyd songs...i'm JUST KIDDING THIS IS AWESOME,no joke I used to sleep to this song when I was 9 years old to go to school

What's with the fake barking in the background? It's so annoying! - LightningStrike

What this is not the best but not the worst

I think you guys are absolutely crazy... Pink Floyd is an experimental progressive rock band. Meaning that they do what they want. Nothing is in or outside of there element. They're so talented that they can get away with it.

3 A New Machine

The song is fine from a musical point of view its just that damn vocals that ruin it, it has such an annoying tone and is sung in a in your face way that I just can't help but skip it whenever I hear it

Guys guys guys, why do you hate this song so much? For some reason I just love it. I love the way he says some of the lines and words such as: "sometimes I I get tired of the waiting" or "doo you ever get tired of being in there? " Stop hating A New Machine and have a little fun with it.

This has to be one of the most annoying songs. Ah well, Pink Floyd has more good songs than bad, but I think this list is pretty accurate. - matty925

Hate it it's just David vocals and no instruments at all it sucks - SammySpore

4 Bike

This song is just super annoying. Pink Floyd what is this? - LightningStrike

I actually like this song. Definitely far from their best though. - matty925

I actually like the first half but the second half - KingCharlesIlI

A psychedelic masterpiece! I suppose these voters are more of The Wall kind of people.

5 Party Sequence

A lot of people say ''Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict'' sucks but it's really good, it's extremely ridiculous...but in a good way. This really sucks, it's simply intoxicating.

This song sucks! As much as I love Pink Floyd, this is one of their worst songs ever! The rhythm sucks. It honestly sounds like the Dora The Explorer theme song!

Shouldn't put these 1 minute songs on the list because they don't really count as real PF songs.

This is ok - MilkmanBoi

6 The Dogs of War

Roger Waters called Momentary Lapse of Reason "a very facile but quite clever forgery. If you don’t listen to it too closely, it does sound like Pink Floyd." While Gilmour, Wright, and Mason would more than pull it together on The Division Bell, this song pretty much proves Waters correct.

You people Don't know a good song when you here it. Just because Roger didn't right it, that doesn't mean it's not a great song. You people Don't know a good song when you here it. If you dislike Dogs of War, your not even a Pink Floyd fan.

I love this song

I actually really like this one. Besides the bad production like the rest of AMLoR, it's pretty good.

7 Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast

The yummiest song made by Pink Floyd. Not bad - LightningStrike

I actually don't mid this song, I don't get the big deal. It's definitely not their best, but it's a good song to just sit back and relax to.

A song with just sounds of breakfast for the most part. - matty925

This is a profoundly stupid song. All in all, Atom Heart Mother is a great album that deserved a better conclusion than this drek.

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8 Ebb & Flow

Just a bad song, nothing deep or exciting about it

So bad its not even funny lol

The endless river sucked a&$ and was a massive dispaoroibtment.

9 Goodbye Cruel World

Dude this is a great song

Why is this so low

10 Dramatic Theme

I love pink Floyd but this song sucks. It has the same sort of tune as Let There be More Light but it is so annoying. I haven't seen the movie but I hope they put it to good use.

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11 More Blues

This is so underrated it is one of the best blues rock songs I have ever heard - MilkmanBoi

Best song on more

Gayest song ever and boring

12 Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk

Meh, easily the worst song on Piper.

13 A New Machine, PT 2
14 The Grand Vizier's Garden Party, Pt. 1 (Entrance)

What? This song is short, but I like it. It's very calming with the woodwinds. Why is it here? - SammySpore

This shouldn't be here because it's just the intro to the song.

15 Outside the Wall

It is supposed to be like an ending to an album not a single - KingCharlesIlI

Why is this on here and so close to number 1? It's the end of the wall for God sakes

I actually kind of like this song

So quiet and lame

16 Quicksilver

Don't Leave Me Now, Hey You, Interstellar Overdrive, and The Trial shouldn't be on this list. They're all some of Pink Floyd's best. - MontyPython

Ugh, this song. It's the longest song on more, at over 6 minutes, and is BORING AS HELL! Seriously, how was this not on the list already. It sounds like some unreleased background music from the committee or zabriskie point. WHAT IN THE WORLD was going through their minds when they decided to release Party Sequence, Quicksilver, and songs like that but NOT SEABIRDS?!?!? 1 - SammySpore

This list is stupid. This was made is 1969. 1969! It's like experimental drone-like music and is incredibly ahead of its time.

Many minutes or painful listening, this song ruins the whole album in my opinion. Their very worst song I think.

17 A Spanish Piece

Easily the worst. quit spitting in my ear, david. - ListerBlister

18 Atom Heart Mother

Anyone who doesn't appreciate this song should die - ListerBlister

WHAT? This is one of my favorites before dark side.

What? This is a great song!

This song is amazing...

19 On Noodle Street
20 Stop

Really guys this song is part of a story so this does not deserve to be up here

I'm not really sure why this is on here. Its only flaw is its length. This should definitely be replaced with A New Machine.

It's only 30sec so I don't consider it a real song

21 Another Brick in the Wall

Is this an actual joke?

22 Eyes to Pearls
23 Welcome to the Machine

No, this is beautiful! - Userguy44

This one is awesome! I really love the synthesizers. This shouldn't be on here, along with hey you and breathe. - matty925

What? Ok this may be the worst song from Wish You Were Here, but is that really saying much? That whole album is great, and so is this song.

Your crazy

24 Sysyphus

Part 2 is the best one

25 Money

Nah, this song is just catchy - LightningStrike

Just awful.

What? This song is amazing!

This is there best song! Are you crazy?

26 On the Run

NO! - LightningStrike

Least good song of Dark Side Of The Moon, but it’s still good. - Userguy44

This is a true masterpiece of a song and one of the highlights of this album, it may be repetitive but it absolutely supports the amazing flow of side one of the album. In my opinion the most 'flow-breaking' song on the album would be Money. On The Run isn't holding this album back at all, why is it on this list!?

It's not bad, it's a bit repetitive, but it's a good song.

27 When You're In

This song is great! This whole album is really overlooked...

Nothing from Obscured By Clouds should be on this list. OK, maybe Burning Bridges, but that's it.

28 Don't Leave Me Now

Makes you wonder why Roger Waters was ever given a microphone

Yes this song deserves to be on the list

The worst of Pink Floyd

29 San Tropez

What? This song is really calming, it makes me feel like I'm in paradise

What? one of the reasons that meddle was a great album - KingCharlesIlI

What is this doing here? San Tropez is a good song.

I love this song
Its extremely relaxing

30 Main Theme

I thought it was good.

31 Absolutely Curtains

No no no! How about you listen to this masterpiece. Absolutely Curtains is "Absolutely" underrated (lol). But seriously people, give 10 good reasons why this is here.

32 Up the Khyber
33 The Trial

Okay I'm done you people are insane - ListerBlister

Worst pink floyd song on the wall

This song is awesome you're just not a true fan

Great song
One of my favorites in the wall

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34 Hey You

Take this off the list!

Are you kidding me? This is one of their best.

Are yo on crack this song is amazing

This is one of their best people...how do you NOT like this song?

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35 The Grand Vizier's Garden Party

Random drum hitting - JustAnotherUser_

36 Pow R. Toc H.
37 Pigs (Three Different Ones)

Yall are crazy, this is a good ass song

38 One of the Few
39 Flaming

Flaming? A bad pink floyd song!? This feels like your walking through a fairytale. One of my favorites from Piper.

I'd say "FLAMING". It would have been great if it were bowie's song instead but for the fact it is sooo unlike floyd. Kind of irritating too.

40 Interstellar Overdrive

This is the best song from Piper in my opinion...

What?!? This is their beat song!

Exactly. People just don't listen to the whole song. The end is epic (studio version). - Arnoldlayne

This is awesome - MilkmanBoi

This song is good

41 Speak to Me

I'm not really going to count this as bad since it's technically part of Breathe (In the Air) but it isn't really a song.

Actually, this song is called "Speak to Me / Breathe (In the Air). Not sure why they're on separate tracks.

42 A Saucerful of Secrets

Not only is this not their worst song in my opinion, it's their best song from the album, along with Set The Controls, and is a runner for one of their best overall.

The live versions are better, they have David's vocals rather than a choir

This song amounts to practically nothing. Most of it is just random noises, and some may not consider that so bad. But the song goes on FOREVER.

43 Cluster One

Come on, this is brilliant

44 Breathe

There shouldn't be any Dark Side song here...

What? Breathe is so good though, to me it's one of their best...

Shouldn’t be any song of Dark Side here. - Userguy44

What the hell is this doing here. It's one of their best songs. Absolutely amazing song. Whoever voted for this is clearly retarded or deaf. - RecklessGamer007

45 Terminal Frost

Very good instrumental

46 Astronomy Domine

Get this masterpiece off this list now! - LightningStrike

I knew this list was gonna piss me off

What? NO! This is a great song.

47 Don't Leave Me Now - Pink Floyd

No work was put into this song except for the ending slot. Roger is screaming too much.

48 The Grand Vizier's Garden Party, Pt. 3: Exit
49 Comfortably Numb

Oh no. - Userguy44

50 The Post War Dream

This entire album is pretty much "uuUUUHHH DADDY DIEEEDDD", and this song is the epitome of that

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