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41 Speak to Me

I'm not really going to count this as bad since it's technically part of Breathe (In the Air) but it isn't really a song.

Actually, this song is called "Speak to Me / Breathe (In the Air). Not sure why they're on separate tracks.

42 Welcome to the Machine

This one is awesome! I really love the synthesizers. This shouldn't be on here, along with hey you and breathe. - matty925

What? Ok this may be the worst song from Wish You Were Here, but is that really saying much? That whole album is great, and so is this song.

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43 A Saucerful of Secrets

Not only is this not their worst song in my opinion, it's their best song from the album, along with Set The Controls, and is a runner for one of their best overall.

The live versions are better, they have David's vocals rather than a choir

This song amounts to practically nothing. Most of it is just random noises, and some may not consider that so bad. But the song goes on FOREVER.

44 Breathe

There shouldn't be any Dark Side song here...

What? Breathe is so good though, to me it's one of their best...

What the hell is this doing here. It's one of their best songs. Absolutely amazing song. Whoever voted for this is clearly retarded or deaf. - RecklessGamer007

Do you not know a masterpiece when you see it

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