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1 Chomper

Even when you unlock it in the original, there are still better alternatives (Peashooter and Snow Pea). - FuN506

It takes forever to eat

For some reason ea decided to put this weed behind the pay wall and I think all of us can agree that it is far from worth it

If you want an instant killing plant behind defenses, toadstool. - SoaPuffball

2 Spring Bean

Only useful in pirate seas. No water In other levels that kill zombies.

Chard Guard is WAY better. He only pushes zombies back 1 tile?

If you combine it with Blover and Plant Food you can literally kill like, 15 gargantuars though - 445956

Only thing it's used for is in pirate seas. Nothing else. - ARandomPerson

3 Garlic

I don't find it useful,but I still use it because it's so funny when the zombies eat it! I put tons of them after I'm ready with the twin sunflowers,catapults and tall nuts. I love this guy. There are many plants that are useless on the roof so I put Garlic.

Try it. it's surprisingly useful - RecklessGreed

You guys are insane haters,**** you for hating the best plant

It’s not bad, it’s just not good

4 Sea-shroom

A Puff-Shroom but everything useful about it is removed. The slow recharge doesn't work with a plant that is meant to get eaten quickly. It can only defend the pool lanes, which have weaker zombies. It is only good at revealing snorkel zombies. However, Lillypad does a more reliable job, for only 25 more suns. - FuN506

Seashroom is literally worthless. Lily pad and puffshroom combo is much better simply for the fact that they both recharge MUCH faster than Seashroom.

Even though it is useful for the fog it is not very strong and when I use it (every fog level don't hate me) I need to put it in groups

The only reason it sucks is its slow ass recharge.

5 Marijuana

False if you don't know what to do shoot up you are affecting the games conditions

It's so useful against zombies why is it on this list?

Why is this on the list? It’s so over powered

I don't remember this...

6 Gold Magnet

Just a waste of sun. All those stupid coins that you could earn just by completing a level, and... you only got like ten silver coins and you get like five hundred after you complete a level. Are you serious?

Only useful for getting coins, I have very rarely used it, but its still not bad like the others on the list but it's the one I use the least - Pastakirby7

You barely use it and it's use is kind of pointless unless your trying to get money fast.

Its easier to get the coins yourself than wait for the gold magnet to get it

7 Marigold

Hey, these are great! I plant them whenever I can and makes lots of money - RecklessGreed

I'm glad these are only in zen garden in pvz2

8 Sunflower

It doesn't do any damage and dies in like 3 seconds.

9 Twin Sunflower

Very useful in getting lots of sun, but I recommend gold bloom ( Epic quest prize in PvZ2 - ARandomPerson

Two rows of Moonflowers > Twin Suns.

Really useful in the midgame when you unlock it, but once you get past Modern Day - Day 1 (which isn’t really that hard with a basic setup and Wall-Nut blocking portals) Moonflower overSHADOWs her. k i’ll leave - SoaPuffball

10 Laser Bean

Why the hell is this at #10? Its by far the BEST non premium plant if the level is high. Check out videos on Youtube with a level 15 Laser Bean. It is insanely good. - AnLSUQB

It's not weak, it does 2 peas worth of damage - 445956

Laser bean is beast, it should be premium. It shoots every single zombie in the lane and that the fact that it's plant food power is op, it's the number 1 plant!

For a plant that attacks every Zombie in a row, he's very weak. Plants like Citron and Magnifying Grass do the job better. Only useful against Jester Zombies and dealing with graves.

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11 Scaredy Shroom

He is so scared of everything

It is a peashooter for a quarter of the suns. Just put it behind other plants like fume-shroom and it shouldn't ever hide. - FuN506

12 Electric Blueberry

It is a slow loader, it electrocutes Gargantaurs. But sometimes it electrocutes weak zombies instead of the zombies that are dangerous. I would not recommend you using it. To me it is the worst plant EVER!

13 Kernel-pult

This ain't that bad you know

14 Sweet Potato

This is a terrible plant.It costs 300 suns and all it does is attract zombies to the lane where it is planted.I mean Hot date would do a better job. - Hellohi

15 Heavenly Peach

It's ability causes so many problems that the time it's eaten, you have a huge line of Zombies coming down the lawn.

16 Cold Snapdragon

What? Cold Snapdragon is one of the best plants! And doesn't even cost that much

17 Sun Bean

This. Is. AWFUL. You CAN'T GET MUCH SUN FROM ENEMIES! And if you thought the Chinese Version fixed him, well... you get a big NO! He has no upgrades AT ALL!

He's only useful if he has a boost. Other than that he's not real good.

18 Dusk Lobber

Fill row 2 and 4 with dusk lobbers, moonflower in between and 4 dusk lobbers can control nearly every crowd. Using a dusk lobber in a column is a waste of time and sun.

19 Witch Hazel

She is so useless. She turns zombies into the worst plant ever the puff shroom! I hate her so Much!

20 Sap-fling

Every time I use this, I always lose a lot!

Deals no damage and costs money. Perfect for money wasters

21 Threepeater

I wonder why this hasnt been added already it costs a lot of sun and it does very little damage

22 Electric Peashooter

E-Pea is actually really useful! The projectiles cannot miss, they have unlimited pierce, and they can even hit zombies in adjacent lanes. Sure, the 200 sun cost can be a lot at first, but just use Moonflower, Gold Bloom, or Primal Sunflower and you’ll be good to go.

Electric peashooter is slow at attacking but great although

Electric Peashooter is powerful!
They are also useful against chickens, weasels, basic zombies, and even coneheads!

23 Perfume-shroom

Only useful in Jurassic Marsh

24 Puff-shroom

What did you expect? He's an attacker that costs 0 sun! What did you expect him to shoot, little spores or explosive coconuts?

One of the best mushrooms in the original game. It can kill a regular zombie on its own and it can stall zombies even in levels that take place during the day. In the second game, I found it to be one of the best plants. I will be disappointed if it isn't in the third game (they are actually making a third game)! - FuN506

25 Fire Gourd

It might be exclusive to pvz2 in China, but it's a waste of plant food!

Even though this is exclusive to the Chinese plants vs zom

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