Worst Plants vs Zombies Plants


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1 Chomper

Garlic is the best plant, outside of sun-producing plants. Why is it #2? Chomper is badd

Chomper might be bad, but it is a bit effective as well

Chews so slowly. It's even worse in PvZ 2.


2 Gold Magnet

Only useful for getting coins, I have very rarely used it, but its still not bad like the others on the list but it's the one I use the least - Pastakirby7

Just a waste of sun. All those stupid coins that you could earn just by completing a level, and... you only got like ten silver coins and you get like five hundred after you complete a level. Are you serious?

You barely use it and it's use is kind of pointless unless your trying to get money fast.

Only for last stand marigold strategy

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3 Garlic

I don't find it useful,but I still use it because it's so funny when the zombies eat it! I put tons of them after I'm ready with the twin sunflowers,catapults and tall nuts. I love this guy. There are many plants that are useless on the roof so I put Garlic.

Try it. it's surprisingly useful - RecklessGreed

You guys are insane haters,**** you for hating the best plant

4 Spring Bean

Only thing it's used for is in pirate seas. Nothing else. - ARandomPerson

Probably the worst PVZ 2 plant. It's ability is only useful in the private seas levels. The main reason I hate it is of Pirate Seas Day 24. 3 of them are right out in the open!

5 Sea-shroom

Even though it is useful for the fog it is not very strong and when I use it (every fog level don't hate me) I need to put it in groups

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6 Marijuana

I don't remember this...

This was never in the games, as Plants vs Zombies is kid-friendly.

Best plant!

7 Marigold

Hey, these are great! I plant them whenever I can and makes lots of money - RecklessGreed

I'm glad these are only in zen garden in pvz2

8 Sunflower
9 Twin Sunflower

Very useful in getting lots of sun, but I recommend gold bloom ( Epic quest prize in PvZ2 - ARandomPerson

10 Laser Bean

For a plant that attacks every Zombie in a row, he's very weak. Plants like Citron and Magnifying Grass do the job better. Only useful against Jester Zombies and dealing with graves.

WHATT laser bean level 15 is AMAZING and good for far futre

It’s attack was terrible. Laser Bean was by far the worst plant because it was so weak. It looks cool and it’s laser is pretty cool, but once you use it in Far Future, you’ll definitely quit the game.

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11 Scaredy Shroom

He is so scared of everything

12 Kernel-pult

This ain't that bad you know

13 Cold Snapdragon

What? Cold Snapdragon is one of the best plants! And doesn't even cost that much

14 Electric Blueberry

It is a slow loader, it electrocutes Gargantaurs. But sometimes it electrocutes weak zombies instead of the zombies that are dangerous. I would not recommend you using it. To me it is the worst plant EVER!

15 Heavenly Peach

It's ability causes so many problems that the time it's eaten, you have a huge line of Zombies coming down the lawn.

16 Sweet Potato

The Only Plant which is worser than this is Gold Magnet - ABBCC

17 Dusk Lobber
18 Missile Toe

Just a banana copy with freezing effect and 1x2 only (banana has 1x3) and longer arming time. Just use banana + winter melon for extra damage. Not worth money. Only for pay to win and unskilled players or those who just want to waste money.

19 Threepeater

I wonder why this hasnt been added already it costs a lot of sun and it does very little damage

20 Cattail

Lock on to the nearest zombie letting others get ahead.

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