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21 Puff-shroom

What did you expect? He's an attacker that costs 0 sun! What did you expect him to shoot, little spores or explosive coconuts?

22 Cob Cannon
23 Doom-shroom
24 Leaf Blower

Only useful for blowing away fog - bumy

25 Sun Bean

This. Is. AWFUL. You CAN'T GET MUCH SUN FROM ENEMIES! And if you thought the Chinese Version fixed him, well... you get a big NO! He has no upgrades AT ALL!

He's only useful if he has a boost. Other than that he's not real good.

26 Fire Gourd

It might be exclusive to pvz2 in China, but it's a waste of plant food!

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27 Strawburst

2 words:Slow arming

This is the only plant in where I hate the plant food powerup.

28 Sun Shroom

You get little to barely any sun from it in PvZ 1 and in PvZ 2, it takes forever to get sun from it. Only useful in lost city. Primal Sunflower and Twin Sunflower, while expensive in sun, do a much better job.

29 Chard Guard
30 Witch Hazel
31 Squash

It's the third best plant

32 Squash

It's the third best plant

33 Sap-fling

Deals no damage and costs money. Perfect for money wasters

34 Gattling Pea
35 Imitater
36 Citron

Slow Firing...

37 Repeater

Even worst than Lazer Bean!

38 Snow Pea

He is the worst prenium plant ever!

39 White Radish

Even worst than wall-nut

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