Aria Montgomery

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Aria Marie Montgomery is a fictional character and a central protagonist in the Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shepard.


Aria's a whiny, irrelevant brat who I could care less about. She has served almost no purpose this entire show and while all the other characters are busy actually taking action to solve their problems Aria never seems to have any other issues except those regarding Ezra. Ezria makes me nauseous and if Ezra wasn't there, Aria would have literally no storylines because she does nothing else but obsess over him. I don't care about their relationship at all and I think Aria needs to go away because she serves no purpose to the plot whatsoever.

She's overly obsessed with Ezra, and freaks out about the littlest things. Like, calm down. I can't believe he would put up with her psychopathic stunts. She is just an overly annoying character and I think the majority of it has to do with the actress.

She's just stupid and annoying! So hypocritical and the worst liar out of all of them. She's an idiot. As soon as she realized that Ezra was her teacher she should've said F it. But instead she keeps on with the stupid secret charade. She can't be a normal teenager with him. She's way too immature for a relationship like that anyway! Why or how could they ever think that it would work? So stupid. Also her scared act when trapped in the box was so boring and unbelievable. She barely reacted. Bad acting.

Aria was sometimes funny and my favourite character other times I was just like, really Aria. For one she was a cheat and a hypocrite so could not say anything about her dad's relationship. She kissed others when she had a boyfriend as if it meant nothing. She kissed Jason and Wes, Ezra's brother, and I don't think she eve told him and when she was with Jake cheated on him with Ezra because them two just can't stay away from each other for like two seconds. She was also just as bad as Ali because she ran away from Mona too and encouraged Ali's behaviour. But when it came to her friends, she was very loyal and honest... most of the time - plllover

She is so horrible- especially to Mona! Mona only did what she did to Aria because she was ill- and Aria never for a SECOND believed that she could change! It was disgusting the way she tried to break up Mona and Mike, not because she cared about him, but because she wanted to spite Mona! I mean- she doesn't even want her brother to be happy!

She is the biggest liar out of them all. She lies to her friends way more then they have ever lied to her, and if they do lie to her she gets mad at them for it. What the hell? Also the way she treats Ezra is awful. She is just a mess

She has a hoe like personality. And what seems to annoy me the most is that she gives passes to guys 24/7 and she can't stay away from Ezra. Aria makes things way more complicated then they need to be in relationships. She is just very naive, maybe the directors should go over her role and change it. Or just get rid of the character completely.

She irritates me so much, it's incredible. Way too dramatic, not forgetting the fact that she's horrible to the other liars

I hate her! Everything about her is annoying the way she talks her face expressions it drives me nuts. Her story is not even interesting it stays the same for so long. She's mean to the other girls, acts like she's so smart and always has the best ideas. They definitely should have picked another actress.. The show would have been way better.

Extremely annoying, over sensitive. She's never there for her friends. Hanna tried to go to her and tell her the truth about arias moms boyfriend and aria completely turned it around on Hanna saying "you're always the problem Hanna". She overreacts all the time and says the dumbest things and she is not a favorite of mine AT ALL. She's very fake and never wants to hear anyone's side of the story.

Childish, bipolar. She flips out about the tiniest things. I have no idea how Ezra stands having her around without losing his head. She seems to have no grasp of adult concepts and her patience is about the size of a pea. Probably the most immature of all of the liars.

I do like some traits of Aria but I agree that she can get on my nerves a lot but I do think Lucy Hale is good actress. Aria annoys me a lot more in the books though especially in perfect when Sean is there for her and even gives her a place to stay when her parents went through the divorce but then she goes and cheats on him with Ezra making her a hypocrite, which me severely dislike her for that. I mean she makes a huge deal about how terrible her father was for cheating on her mother and then she goes and cheats on her boyfriend. what

She's meant to be this unique character but she's so boring and generic.

In the books, she's the best characters, but I really hate the Aria on the show. In the books, she has a funny personality, but in the show, she looks like she's obseded by her Ezra (i hate him too. Thanks god in the books, the broke up fast). This is also one of the reasons why I prefer the book than the show

She is so annoying and dumb. She makes irrational decisions and gets on my nerves. God I wish she wasn't on the show.

Lucy Hale is a terrible actress. Aria is the worst character, so unbelievable. Her upset/angry acting is too hard to watch, and her face is hideous.

I. Hate. Aria.
What on earth makes her think it's okay to have a relationship with her teacher? And whenever someone Ezra's age flirts with him, she gets all mad. She's immature and childish. And a bad role model.
Every time there's a chance for something bad to happen, or for someone to find out about her and Ezra I want it to happen, because she's just the worst. Glad she's voted #1 worst character on this list.

She is always jumping to conclusions just like Spencer. Accusing people of things they didn't do. She always shuts someone up if they try to talk to her and explain themselves. She doesn't acquire all the evidence to accuse someone of being A. She lies A LOT too.

Aria complains and whines and is horribly terrible! She makes no sense with whatever reasoning she has and is dramatic. She thinks she knows everything and is deceitful and manipulative. All she does is think about her self and is so hypocritical she makes my stomach hurt.

Aria is son selfish. In seoson 7 she became part of the A team. She always try to protect herself from being hurt and does anything so she can be safe. She did not want to take a sacrifice so she became A. When emily designed the room for Ali and her babies Aria broke everything and smudged blood on the crib. And let me just add how she made Spencers parents divorce.

She doesn't try to make things about her. She dates Ezra because she loves him. Plus if she is the best liar that means you can trust her with your secrets

The reason everyone hates Aria is because she's so realistic. On PLL, there are tons of characters who are awesome, and who we love; but who very few of us are like in real life. For example, Alison and Mona. Not all if us can dig ourselves out of a grave or survive a stab to the back. In real life, most of us still like people even though were not supposed to, just like how Aria still liked Ezra even though he was her English teacher.

Aria is definitely not the worst the character so she really doesn't deserve to be on this list and Lucy Hale is not a bad actress either and honestly you guys clearly don't love Pretty Little Liars.

Aria seriously needs to get her head out of Ezra's ass. I feel especially sorry towards jake who genuinely cared and loved her unlike Ezra

Very selfish and self centered in every situation the liars run into. She puts her own interests over the greater good of her friends and family.