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1 Sweatshirt - Jacob Sartorius

This is an utterly garbage and hopeless teenage pop sensation trying to sing a song about his love relationship, but despite how Jacob is trying to sound serene, it fails at there. Literally, the whole lyrics have no meaning, cringeworthy (what does a sweatshirt have to do with love? Didn't we learn from how terrible Thomas Rhett did at it? ) and don't even relate to the relationship, making Jacob seem like that one loner at a party who can't get his feelings across well (unlike Alessia Cara, who did that and actually got the feelings across). Apart from the acoustic guitar, which is played in a dull and shallow manner, there's no beat; it's nearly hollow and boring. Jacob himself sounds way too shrill that it nearly sounds like Shawn Mendes in Stitches, a song I don't like but I know for sure did much better at it than this.
Call 2010 Justin Bieber terrible, but at least he had the decency to be awfully funny and catchy in his mess called Baby. This kid has none of those two, is a ...more - Swellow

He should have been going to school instead of making Musically's. - ThePwoperMuser101

I honestly don't hate this song as much as some other people. But wow, it's a sonic disaster.

The production combined with Jacob's age and status as a white kid makes him look like that one loser at a party with an acoustic guitar (because that's basically the only thing in the beat). The lyrics are pretty thin and meaningless with no stakes to the relationship Jacob is in, and the main line in the chorus dangerously reminds me of Thomas Rhett's T-Shirt. While this isn't as bad as T-Shirt, it's still sleazy teen-pop with a transparent understanding of love. Finally, Jacob's voice...what is this? His voice is nowhere near raw enough to pull off the speak-singing he's trying, and his dead-eyed nasal delivery isn't helping matters.

Overall, 1/5. It could have been worse, but it's pretty horrible. - WonkeyDude98

Cringeworthy and I actually feel embarrassed for him. I'm 16 and I think his parents got him into this. I feel bad for him. Anyway his voice doesn't match the melody. A much more powerful voice is needed. Plus the meaning of the song is empty. It's about something that he isn't even really old enough to fully understand yet. Anyway 1/10 and he needs to wait 5 more years before he sings a song like this, with this kind of a melody. The whole point of the song is not something anyone over the age of 12 can relate to. Anyway I cringed so much when listening to the song my jaw hurt.

I don't even have to comment on why this is so horrible, but Musically is awful too. - shiftaltkey

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2 Work from Home - Fifth Harmony

If you've seen the X-Factor, you can tell these girls for the most part are very talented, maybe not at their peak just yet, but talented. The problem is that they've become another terrible hand puppet of Simon Cowell, the same man responsible for Cher Lloyd and One Direction. So far, all the material they've put out has just been horrible. The material they're given doesn't do them any favors, the production does nothing for them, they show no personality, and they're just being marketed for sex appeal rather than for actual talent that they do in fact possess. Their material is bland, rips off other bad songs, and shows no sign of any personality. If you took away Simon Cowell, gave them some competent producers and decent material that really enabled them to shine, and more time to develop, they could actually become something special. And for the record, as horrible as the Pussycat Dolls were, they actually did have two very talented singers, Nicole Scherzinger and Melody ...more

I think the second Camilla found out about that, it was the perfect time for her to leave the group. - Kid_ethinederland

Fun fact: Not only is the chorus a blatant ripoff of Work by Rihanna, but the beat and verses are a ripoff of Gotta Get Thru This by Daniel Bedingfield. - WonkeyDude98

I do not know why people are comparing this to Work - Rihanna feat. Drake. This sounds nothing similar to Work, not even close. Just because the song has work in the song title and came out the same year as Work, does not mean that they copied. This song sounds kind of catchy. This song got stuck in my head. "oh-oh-oh-oh" This might be the first Fifth Harmony song that I like. One of the members sounds like a baby. I am not saying that is a bad thing. - madoog

Beat is catchy but everything else sucks. Bad lyrics and the music video is TERRIBLE. - Lunala

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3 Juju On That Beat - Zay Hilfigerrr

First, this is bringing back the stupid vine dance trend. It's not 2015 anymore people. Second, it insults the listener, which sure as hell doesn't make the listener feel good at all by saying "You Ugly. You Your Daddy's Son" dissing both you and your father. Last, and most disgraceful, this went from number 83 to number 11 on the billboard chart in one week. Please throw these one-hit-wonders back into the river they came from

Out of all the dance songs from Vine that has ever made popular, this is easily the worst of the lot. At least Watch Me was easy to dance to. At least Hit the Quan had lyrics that made sense. Even Nasty Freestyle looks like Beethoven compared to this. The singers sound like they're thirteen years old, it's blandly repetitive, and actually goes so far as to insult the listener of the song itself. Easily the worst song of the year, possibly one of the worst songs ever. - Spark_Of_Life

This is the laziest song I've heard in years, literally zero effort was put into this. First off the beat isn't even theirs, they stole it from some 12 year old song. Second the lyrics are ridicolous, make little sense and sound like they were written by a 5 year old, thirdly these guys have no musical talent whatsoever, the 1st guy is just saying stupid crap, the 2nd guy sounds like he's trying to rap but utterly failing (he doesn't rhyme anything). It's even worse than that Watch Me song from last year and that's saying something - kardinaleb

Well, the stinky, rotten trash that teens listen to nowadays is enough to ducking kill me. While I love me some 80's-90's hip-hop, the modern version of rap has sunk so low that you can't even see it. - pikacory02

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4 M.I.L.F.$ - Fergie

Oh dear lord. What is this abomination? I see Fergie has taken the "aging pop star releasing a desperately controversial song all about sex to stay relevant by shock value" route. It didn't work with J. Lo's "Booty", it didn't work with Miley Cyrus's "Dooo It! ", and it isn't working for Fergie here. The lyrics are pathetically desperate and cringe worthy, as they're just an endless slew of confusing and stupid sex metaphors. Not to mention they contain way too many gratuitous "motherf*****s". The beat is stupidly simple and sounds like it was lifted from an unfinished DJ Snake track. Fergie's delivery is obnoxious and way too auto tuned - she sounds like if a chipmunk and Siri had a child. And what is up with the sudden gospel solo around the two minute mark? Oh, and some people are trying to defend this as a feminist anthem. Go listen to "I Am Woman" or "Respect", not this, which is more unfeminist than most men before ...more - Spark_Of_Life

Hello, please donate to our cause, we are trying to create a time machine to go back in time and snipe Fergie on her way to the studio to record this garbage pile of a song. Any contributions are accepted.

This was just released and it is already at number 6. That's how bad it is. It will probably get to #1. - Martinglez

This song was such a meme. I really didn't want to hate on Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, but I have to. It's atrocious, but people were still into it because the mindless Billboard sheep will just listen to anything. 1/5- Garbage. - shiftaltkey

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5 7 Years - Lukas Graham

Now that I've come to think of this, I hate this song with every fiber of my body, and I'm going to admit it in the easiest way I can.

The production here is wretched and horrible. It starts off with this nursery rhyme-esque piano tune that gets so repetitive, it feels like it's trying to hypnotize it. During the chorus, it builds up, so you don't get to hear the piano tune, but then it comes back minutes later, and it feels like an extremely lazy addition. Lukas Graham's vocals don't help it, either.

What's worse than the production is Lukas Graham's vocals. When it comes to European voices, I usually appreciate them (e.g. Sinead O'Connor or Tove Lo), but Lukas Graham's I can't stand at all. He sounds like he was singing the song before he got up in the morning, and he reeks of an extremely low range. Even worse is that his croaky voice during the high notes makes Sia's high note voice look perfect in comparison. Like I said in the previous paragraph, it nearly feels ...more - Swellow

This song is appearently supposed to be about his father, but he's only mentioned in different lines twice and one of them is just his Dad him to get friends. Everyone needs to stop defending this "meaningful" and "deep" song when it's really just a jumble of life events thrown together on a terrible beat. Easily one of the worst songs of the year. - Spark_Of_Life

OH MY GOD I HATE THIS SONG... The lyrics don't make any sense! First he gets married at eleven, then he says just like "my daddy before me". What does that even mean? We always says his age. WHY THE HELL DO WE CARE?! Next, his "woman" brings him children, apparently just so he can sing to them. How messed up is that? Next, he's saying sorry to his brother. What happened? Did he kill him? Anyway the thing that pisses me off the most about this song is how popular it is. Whenever this song comes on the radio, I always see these girls singing along, and it pisses me off so much. Bye! - jimmyjimmy

I was gonna say that Closer was the worst song of the year, but this song is even worse. It's artistic coffee house nonsense that makes it a disgrace to actual artistic coffee house songs. It's so boring and it got overplayed to hell on the radio for some reason. Basic bitches loved it and that's probably way it got as popular as it did. Its boring melody, stupid lyrics, and super sloth beat made me absolutely hate it. But leave it to the starbucks drinking white girls to be like " this song is sooo good". I'm glad Lukas Graham isn't even relevant anymore. 1/5-Total Garbage. - shiftaltkey

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6 Team - Iggy Azalea

This song confirmed that Iggy can't sing. Her voice is atrocious in falsetto, and when combined with her nasal quality and autotune (with far too many rest notes in between on the chorus), it makes for a very grating experience. - WonkeyDude98

Oh, Iggy, just retire already. No one has cared about you since summer 2014. - Spark_Of_Life

Go back to being a stripper! This song sucks! - EthanRedmace

A spectacularly failed comeback for Iggy Azalea. The beat is bland, the chorus is badly sung and her rapping is second-rate. Just when you think she’s taking her pseudo-Atlanta accent too seriously, she starts taking a Jamaican accent, which sounds so horrendous that it makes Nicki Minaj sound like Led Zeppelin. Seriously Iggy, I think your time has passed. - LoveMusicLoveLife

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7 Over Here - Rae Sremmurd

I'm typing this on my phone from my hiding place high up in a tree. There I was, listening to the radio, when suddenly blood started leaking out of my ears at an alarming rate. I barely had enough time to call the paramedics before I collapsed. When I woke up, one of the meds told me that I had lost nearly half the blood in my body. "But why? " I asked. He choked back a sob, and said, "I'm sorry, but you heard a Rae Sremmurd song. You'll be fine, but you'll have to get a blood transfusion. After all, you've been infected." Suddenly, we heard a scream from the driver compartment and the ambulance swerved off the road and hit a tree. Everyone was killed except me. I somehow managed to crawl out and heard maniacal laughter of Rae Sremmurd from the radio as their song ended. "Yes." They said. "We've been sent by Satan himself to invade your radios with our ear-raping talentlessness. And when all lovers of good music are killed by our horrendous voices ...more - Spark_Of_Life

Rae Sremmurd are not good artists, they sound like two kids who sneak out to parties every night and get drunk...

When I first heard this song, I immediately knew that it was a piece of crap. Terrible songs just keep coming and coming, and this list gets larger and larger. - madoog

I didn't even listen to this one. But I can tell by the fact that I've never even heard of it until now that it didn't perform to well either. - shiftaltkey

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8 Closer - The Chainsmokers

I simply can't stand this. What type of lyrics are those? The songwriters obviously didn't even try to write. Play Baby, play Sweatshirt, play Stupid Hoe, I'd rather listen to those instead of this terrible "song".

It's mind-boggling to why this song is so popular despite being so hated. I guess people will listen to anything nowadays. - alphadan12

I thought it actually couldn't possibly get any worse than when Sweatshirt somehow slithered its way into the public eye. But then I heard this. I am a pretty big Chainsmokers fan and have enjoyed much of their work in the past, but I will never listen to another song of theirs again without a heavy measure of skepticism. This song is just so wrong in so many different, unique, and horrifying ways. The maudlin, gross lyrics, the irritating, hedonistic chorus, and that beat drop...sweet Jesus, I don't even like to talk about it.

Alright, I'm done. Everyone needs to stop hating on The Chainsmokers because of this song. I know that this song was number one for 12 weeks straight, but that doesn't necessarily make it bad. Before Closer was around, pretty much everyone I knew didn't have a problem with The Chainsmokers, back when their big songs were Don't Let Me Down and Roses. But then Closer came around, and all of a sudden, everything that The Chainsmokers did was utter garbage. That just proves the point that trends and all that are making people insane. Somebody said that this song is uncool, so all their songs are uncool, and everyone went along. Really? Somehow you're all able to love that crap Seven Years by Lukas Graham, and that song is the real worst song of 2016. And you all love the new Justin Beiber, and he sucks, and this song really doesn't, so how is that happening? Please, I'm just so sick and tired of seeing everyone complain about how "awful" this song is.

It's beautiful. The opposite of my username! This is quality pop music! - MediocrePopTrash

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9 Work - Rihanna

Swallow and the other person here literally spoke for me. I've hated this pile of trash that gets stuck in my head and the more I hear it the more respect I lose for it.

I miss Rihanna back when she made good songs like SOS, Umbrella, Don't Stop The Music, Only Girl In The World, We Found Love, etc, but after 2012, her music has gotten SUBPAR. Unapologetic and ANTI are her worst albums. And this is a good example of how trashy she's become.

The beat is unfinished like LITERALLY. NOT. FINISHED. Good idea Rihanna (sarcastically)! The vocals were awful. I know she's singing in Jamaican on the hook, and she deserves a huge one-up for embracing her heritage and native dialect, but...that's not what makes it sound like gibberish. In fact honestly THE WHOLE SONG SOUNDS LIKE GIBBERISH. She uses so much autotune, you can't understand a WORD she's saying, which leads me to wonder...IS SHE DRUNK? SHE. LITERALLY. SOUNDS. DRUNK. All I hear is "wawawawawawa blah blah blah, ...more

Wow, my opinion of this has gotten worse, and Swellow just took the words right out of my mouth.

This song is unfinished. Literally. The beat. Was. Not. Finished. When. Rihanna. Wanted. To. Sing. Over. It. THAT'S A NICE IDEA. And you can really tell how it turned out. The synth's melody is clunky, awkward and lacks a powerful third note, so it's pretty unrewarding. The bassline is equally lacking in the comfortableness department, and there's no percussion to blend them together. So, pretty scummy. Also, Rihanna was singing in Caribbean on the hook, which explains why it wasn't understandable. But that doesn't change the fact that she's never sounded worse with her grating, nasal delivery bleeding through everything. Also, Drake is still on about that Meek Mill beef. He can't accept that he's already won, I guess.

Overall, an extremely weak 2/5, and that's being generous. - WonkeyDude98

Where do I even begin. I miss songs like SOS, Umbrella, and Pon de Replay. Everything was fine with Rihanna until Anti, when she suddenly decided to go rap for no reason. In the end this song sounds like she wants to rap but can't and just kinda slurs her words together. The chorus is crap, she sounds like a drunk mental patient when she sings it, which is just the words "work" "dirt" and "hurt" repeated on a continuous loop along with unintelligible that sounds like she's choking on a wad of paper. Drake's verse, while not bad, is out of place and dosen't go with the background music at all. The only good part of the song is the bridge, when she comes close to actually singing and not sounding like a mental patient. And this trash pile of a song somehow stayed at #1 for 10 WEEKS, keeping good songs like Stressed Out and I Took a Pill in Ibizia from the top spot. Another Rihanna rap song, Needed Me, is at #13 right now and looks like it's going yo be ...more

I was okay with this song, until the first time I heard the repetitive lyrics. This song was so lazily written that you could just dub a random noise over anything and it would sound better. However, the beat and the backdrop music is pretty well done so I guess this gets a 2/5-Annoying. - shiftaltkey

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10 Me Too - Meghan Trainor

From the title, I had hoped it was about an agreement between two lovers. Nope! "If I was you, I'd wanna be me too" Nice move, you make Kanye West look self-hating. The whole song is her flexing like she's a UFC wrestler. Her vocals, besides her harmonizations and the pre-chorus, reek of her lower range, and the chorus is literally rhythmic talking. The beat is pretty terrible too, with the barely-there percussion and the atrocious melody that reminds me of When I Grow Up by the Pussycat Dolls (to be specific, the guitars of that song).

-1/5, this is a disaster on all grounds. - WonkeyDude98

I agree with most of that but the comparison to "When I Grow Up" made me do a double take because I said the exact same thing the first time I heard it! I love "When I Grow Up" but not this. - theOpinionatedOne

This is probably the worst song I've ever heard. Meghan actually doesn't have a terrible voice from what I've heard of her acoustic performances, but she insists on using her voice in the most annoying ways in all of her singles, ESPECIALLY this one. She sounds like she's talking for most of it, and when she doesn't, her vocals are incredibly grating. The production on here is godawful. Seriously, what the hell is this beat? The lyrics are the worst part, though. In addition to being repetitive to no end, they have a terrible message. She's basically the equivalent of those popular girls in your average terrible teen movie who just goes around saying, "I'm so cool, and you suck! " It's not inspiring or positive, if anything it's insulting to the listener! This is just an abomination of a song and it's by far the worst song released this year, which is saying something considering how terrible of a year this has been for music.

A lot of these songs are great choices because 2016 has been a horrible year for pop music; however there is no song that has come out so far this year that is this annoying and unlistenable and makes me never want to listen to this song again. This woman's voice is so annoying and the lyrics of this piece of garbage are like do I even need to tell you why they are horrible? For example there was a line "So bless me baby. A choo! " Seriously? Do I need to tell you why it's bad? I seriously hope this piece of garbage will never be a hit because it sucks.

I wish this song was as good as me. I wish this was as good as mediocre pop trash! - MediocrePopTrash

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? Shut Up and Kiss Me - My Digital Escape

Yeah, I heard this from a reaction video by ARTV. I was surprised to see how cringey and garbage at the same time. Then I watched the music video itself. The cringe was so strong I couldn't get past half of this.

Ugh. And Bryan didn't do a good work on this either. His facial expression are LAUGHABLE in this and the video editing is terrible too. - CrimsonShark

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11 Treat You Better - Shawn Mendes

Wow, and I hated Stitches. When I first saw this here I thought it was just boarding on the Shawn Mendes hate train, but yeah, this is insufferable. Avril Lavigne tried this and made the most obnoxious song ever. Jesse McCartney tried this and failed. Old Dominion tried this and failed. What makes Shawn Mendes? Vocally and musically, this has the same flaws as Stitches (awful harmonizations, awkward line breaks, overly loud drums), but the much worse set of lyrics makes it a 0/5. - WonkeyDude98

Which Avril Lavigne wrote that you are comparing it with this? - Hellohi

I hate Shawn Mendes so much. Mainly because of his waste of potential. I actually genuinely liked Something Big, but after that, he just started making such generic, boring, borderline awful music. It started with Stitches and now this dreck? "Break up with him, I'm the better choice." I'm done.

This is suffering from the same problems as "Jealous": admittedly good instrumentals being ruined by a lackluster vocal performance and a horrendous set of lyrics/subject matter. But unlike "Jealous", this isn't catchy enough to save anything from going in one ear and out the other. No one is going to remember this is five years. - Spark_Of_Life

Jealous < Treat You Better. That dull, heaving shlock can bite me. - WonkeyDude98

You know, as much as I hate the whole "nice guy" message of this song, this actually isn't bad. The lyrics were stupid, but the melody, rhythm, and beat was upbeat enough that I couldn't fall asleep so...points for that. Just because you have pretty boy looks doesn't mean a girl's gonna come on to you. 3/5-Not bad. - shiftaltkey

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12 Sahara - DJ Snake & Skrillex

This might be the worst song I've ever heard. On par with Trumpet Lights by Chris Brown and FACK by Eminem. Who wanted this? We get a decent, if awkward foggy buildup, but then we get hit smack dab with a drop that might be the worst 30 seconds in music...EVER. Ear-bleeding nightmare of a song that cements how much I hate post-sellout Skrillex and the talentless hack DJ Snake in general. -Infinity/5 - WonkeyDude98

I actually like this song. It is one of the most unique electronic songs, I am not even a fan of house music, but I like this. It sounds out of the ordinary, more creative, and people will think I'm crazy, but yes, I like this song. It is a song that sounds awful at first, but then gets better. - AnimeDrawer

This is great! Could've been better but this bangs hard. - ProPanda

Finally I am not the only one who thinks this song is good. It is one of the most unique electronic songs, it sounds like nails on chalkboard at first. But then it grows on you. - AnimeDrawer

This is great! NO. I'ts Earrape Especcialy The Drop

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13 No - Meghan Trainor

From a person who thought Meghan's Title era was awful, I was not expecting her to change into the 2000s pop-like genre, but she did, and managed to hit it worse than she did with her outdated bubblegum pop hits.

Meghan's biggest problem in the song is the lyrics. They range from being too finesse and self-righteous ("I don't need your hands all over me", ironic to say when you wanted to "get it on" in your last song, eh? ) to burning the man who is in love with her ("Call me beautiful, so original" once again, you said in DFH you wanted the guy to call you beautiful "each and every night". Make your mind up.) Eventually, the lyrics all build up and show off Meghan's vile, cruel and anti-social side, to the point the song makes her out to be a tyrant ("I don't want you to take this personal" Oy vey, Mrs. Ego.). Her vocals are also another problem. They try too hard to be Britney Spears-like, but they are way too low and ...more - Swellow

Where to begin with this one? I think Meghan Trainor has a complexion that disallows her to make a song that sounds less than a decade out of date. The production is really weird. Every element sounds oddly out-of-place and adds to the outdated clutter.

Easily the biggest culprit is that weird whistly synth on the chorus which sounds like it's laughing in your face after the decent instrumental buildup leading to nothing. As for how it sounds, it's really subtle and distant, giving the chorus this barely creepy atmosphere. The percussion is clattery and everywhere in the song, it never stops, which gets annoyinga and grating fast. The underlying guitar lick sounds pretty decent, but it gels far too smoothly with Meghan Trainor's insufferable still lower range.

The lyrics are also reminiscent of those early 2000s acts that would make you want to
gag. They seem to paint Meghan Trainor trying to get an annoying guy away, but it's framed in such an obnoxious and vile way ...more - WonkeyDude98

OOH NEW FUN FACT: NO's melody is a ripoff of Summer Love by Justin Timberlake. - WonkeyDude98

I guess making bad 50s pop music wasn't enough for Meghan Trainor, so she instead jumped ahead to early 2000s pop. And of course she takes the worst parts of the genre, like always. Production that sounds like something Max Martin would make in his sleep for NSYNC, and annoying personality and lyrics that remind me way too much of Destiny's Child. The sad part? This is probably her BEST single so far, since it's only annoying rather than horrifying or disrespectful.

This song - MediocrePopTrash

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14 Flatline - B.O.B.

After his amazing collaboration with Hayley Williams... he decides to give us a song about an outdated theory? - Swellow

I used to like B.o.B., but this song is just pure stupidity. Who the hell still believes that the earth is flat? This song makes me embarrassed to have ever liked him. - Zach808

Something I'm starting to notice is that B.O.B. never brings up about the world being flat in the whole song. But the song is still trash. - Mumbizz01

Probably the absolute worst thing about this song is that when I looked at the comment section of the song on YT, there were people who actually BELIEVE that the world is flat! You honestly don't deserve a school education if you're this stupid. - Mcgillacuddy

Put this as number one. It's a song about how B.O.B. thinks the earth is flat. - allamassal

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15 One Call Away - Charlie Puth

I do not understand why One Call Away is even on this list. Wow. I am shocked. Now, this is one Charlie Puth song that I like. I do not find anything wrong with the "Superman got nothing on me" lyrics. Yeah, this was a little overplayed, and I like it. One Call Away is good --- the beats and somewhat relaxing atmosphere. - madoog

Ok, maybe my other comment was too vague.

This beat is jacked straight from See You Again, except just way worse. The same clacking, chugging percussion, the same melody, it's all the same. The difference? There's no energy, no buildup, and no payoff. It's everything everyone hated about Fight Song's production, just worse.

The lyrics are some of the most underrwritten BS I've ever heard. Even without the awful Superman line on the chorus. Because Charlie Puth tries to have an element of style, he doesn't say outright that he wants to screw this girl. That leads to one of the worst first verses I've heard in my life. Part of it is, "I just wanna give ya love, come on come on come on"


Oh yeah, and there's a Tyga remix that only accentuates how limp the percussion is by pushing it forward in the mix. And his verse is basically filler.

0/5. I probably shouldn't have as much seething rage for this song as I do, as Charlie Puth is a passable ...more - WonkeyDude98

Though We Don't Talk Anymore is worse. This is just a horrible piece of garbage. Charlie Puth is the worst singer of all time and he has never made a good song. All his songs are fackin dull and sheet. Besides this is so bad it's pretty weird. Weirdly awful. AND THIS isn't THE WORST CHARLIE PUTH SONG. -1/5. CHARLIE SUCKS! - AlphaQ

Charlie Puth. Your vocals are so high pitched and the only reason you're popular because you got a bunch of basic bitch fans on Twitter having fantasies of dating you. Your balls dropped on this one. 1/5. Garbage - shiftaltkey

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16 One Dance - Drake

This is some of the most phoned in Drake has ever been. He hasn't sounded this bored since Started From The Bottom, you know, ONE OF THE WORST SONGS OF ALL TIME. The beat is passable on an aesthetic level, but on a technical level it's just awful. The sparse piano and snappy drums sound unfinished, which is funny because Drake was on a song this year that literally was unfinished (Work). Yeah, still a 1/5, not even one of my three least favorites on Views. I mean, when you have Hotline Bling, Pop Style, Feel No Ways, and CHILD'S PLAY on your album, you have competition. - WonkeyDude98

I don't get why this song was popular. This is one of the worst songs on Views, and that's saying a lot, because Views was a terrible album. The lyrics are just typical Drake trying his hardest to sound romantic and fail miserably. The vocals and production are what really kill the song, though. The vocals sound lazy and the beat is snappy, making the worst mixture possible, which makes the song boring as hell.

How the hell did this get to number one and stay there for about 10 weeks. Views is one of the worst albums of all time and this is the worst song from it

I agree. Panda should have been #1 for longer. Panda should have been for 5 or 6 weeks before being replaced - AlphaQ

This song wasn't bad to begin with, but after it played numerous times on the radio, I realized who lazily composed it actually was. This song is the reason the dancehall beat was popularized, and I could take it or leave it at this point.-3/5. Not bad. - shiftaltkey

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17 Play that Song - Train

The thing I used to love about train is how odd and out there they had been. Their lyrics always made close to no sense, the singer didn't have the classic good voice, but it all fit together with their odd pop/rock quirky vibes. This song... is honestly the most terrible thing I have ever heard. The theme is boring, hopping onto the bandwagon of "play the music my chick likes so we can bang". It even stoops down to a Michael Jackson level of conceded (the one that makes her think ooof me), which makes it feel like all of the other pop songs where the singer is just an ass trying to money.

I am aware the band paid for the rights to Heart and Soul, but why in god's name would they want it? Heart and Soul is a classic, don't get me wrong, but god, adding lyrics, and this monstrosity of lyrics in particular, was just such the wrong way to go. They attempted to turn a classic song into a pop/dance hit. It's garbage. I'm not even sure what that instrument that sounds like ...more

Guys. I discovered something. I really hate Train. I really do. When I heard a couple seconds of this, I had to turn it off. That's how much Pat's voice annoys me. It's a real shame that this song will most likely be played 1000389529325 times on Adult Pop Radio and get to like the Top 20 on the charts or something. Because I can't stand ANYTHING from this awful band. - djpenquin999

And the award for the best Todd In The Shadows impression goes to... - WonkeyDude98

I listened to about 20 seconds of this abomination of a song and was about to switch the station in disgust when my wife (a longtime Train fan who grew up on Drops of Jupiter, My Private Nation) told me that the artist was in fact Train. I almost veered off the road as I wretched in disgust. This band is literally out of ideas and they are cashing in on the electro-pop-retro-jazz-dance "genre" to put out radio singles these days. Just go away! I sensed something bad was coming when I could barely stomach California 37, but they have really outdone themselves this time. Absolutely horrible.

Every 44 year old single mom is listening to this on their car radio after a trip back from the YMCA or picking up their kid from soccer practice. Atrocious, unoriginal, and cliche. 1/5.- Garbage. - shiftaltkey

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18 Hit or Miss - Jacob Sartorius

This song is awful. Sweatshirt has over 1m dislikes. WHO THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO MAKE ANOTHER SONG?! I listened to the whole music video and every time Jacob sings, I can feel death. My ears are still recovering from sweatshirt, and this song isn't making them any better. The whole "Hot or Miss" thing makes absolutely no sense, the music video is just a bunch of girls stare at Jacob Bleach Ad and get hurt and Jacob gets a concert that if that actually happened while I was at a beach, I would purposely drown myself. BUT. I will give it credit on one thing. It's not as terrible as Sweatshirt. Sweatshirt will always be the Satan of music.

The lyrics suck. It uses too much autotune. I can't wait until this song reaches 1 million dislikes on YouTube, just like Sweatshirt. I sadly ran out of bleach, time to head to Dollar Tree. - Catacorn

I get he's 13 and all but he needs to get off the internet and go to school.

I hate Sweatshirt and don't care cent though we're the same age. 1.5/5. Better than Sweatshirt. - AlphaQ

Well I can tell this is a miss. - MediocrePopTrash

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19 Back to Sleep - Chris Brown

Chris Brown, making a song called Back to Sleep, where he says "f you back to sleep", with his daughter on the front cover. I think that Chris Brown is now only popular so people can see how miserably he constantly fails. - WonkeyDude98

I'm going back to sleep until something actually good to listen to is made... - MeaganSaysHI

Chris Brown keeps getting worse and worse. This song might be worse than Love Me by Lil Wayne. - RalphBob

Nope. Bit Chris Brown As A Whole Is Worse Than Lil Wayne As A Whole. - AlphaQ

I would rather go BACK TO SLEEP then listen to this atrocity. - lovefrombadlands

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20 Don't Mind - Kent Jones

Okay the ONLY reason I didn't vote this damn song was because I saw Meghan Trainor higher on the list and obviously saw her first, so I voted her. I'm in middle school and kids my age are immature as hell so they were singing this song a lot. I was praying that one of them made it up and it wasn't an actual song because songs get PUBLISHED and if THAT piece of scrap song got published... well guess what? About a month later I hear it on the radio. That was when I REALLY lost hope for music. Somehow I still had some after Work but DAMN this song doesn't want optimism for people that listen to good music, does it? I mean seriously, she says pardon my French after speaking Japanese. What the hell! Imagine someone who's never heard this song asks you to tell them what the song is about and you say, "someone dates people that speak different languages" there. That's what the song's about. So amazing. I could listen to that al daay. While cringing.

This is an utterly torturous piece of garbage. I have no idea how many cultures he is trying to mix with sexual activities, and mixing up languages. This is terrible, and I hope Kent Jones is a one hit wonder. It is catchy though, so 1/5. - ProPanda

Nobody cares about how you have hookers of different nationalities on your bed and in the passenger seat of your Bugatti. I hope these guys fade away, because this one managed to come when the already terrible Gates went away. - Swellow

I DON'T MIND this song, it's ok I guess. Annoying, but tolerable. 3/10. - lovefrombadlands

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