Treat You Better - Shawn Mendes


I am literally wasting my vote to defend my idol and king Shawn Mendes and this masterpiece of a song that is my personal inspiration. So I'm going to address your claims and why they're wrong.

To the newest person who disagrees with my earlier claim on why this song IS about abusive relationships: watch the music video. To sum it up, Shawn tries to save a girl out of an abusive relationship and in the end the national domestic abuse hotline appears. He wanted to let victims know that they are not alone. Also with lyrics like:

"Just know that you don't have to do this alone..."

he's letting the girl know that SHES NOT ALONE. SHE CAN DO THIS. he's HERE TO HELP.


The music video wasnt THAT bad. Teenage boys walk around shirtless all the time. Its not like he was naked in the video. And Shawn Mendes is NOT the new Justin bieber. don't even put the two in the same sentence. Shawn actually has TALENT, CLASS, and a POSITIVE IMAGE while Justin ...more

The problem with this song is that it was supposed to be a serenade for a girl who was going through an abusive relationship (as the video shows) so that she could get with a guy who's going to "treat her better", but in the end, it comes off as yet another half-assed nice guy anthem to convince a girl to leave her lover and get with the narrator. There's no important reason mentioned of why the girl's boyfriend is "just not right for her". He may think he's not a "gentleman", but why exactly? You just want her for yourself and nobody else right? RIGHT? I got it, the message of this song is basically "Break up with him, I'm the nice guy and he's not, no discussion". - LoveMusicLoveLife

I can't stand that wretched, painful bellowing of "BETTA THAN HE CAN! " It sounds somewhat like an appropriation of the Caribbean accent and for all I know he isn't Caribbean but even if he is that is the single worst part of the song for me.

This song literally does everything wrong. It sounds just like Stitches, so it's lazy. The vocals are abysmal. And the lyrics are ridiculous. He emotionally invalidates a girl that is being abused, because she doesn't want to get with him immediately after getting out of said abusive relationship. I can see some teenager in a similar situation hearing this song and feeling validated for acting like an entitled jerk.

For once I actually stopped hating on Shawn Mendes after he lost most of his fame. Then this came along... and I started hating him again. Guess what Shawn Mendes does here: Tries to convince a girl to break up with her boyfriend and be his instead. Respect others you idiot! A definite -1/5. - SelfDestruct

Technically we both hate Stitches, but that was after you stopped bashing it. Now we agree on something! - WonkeyDude98

I've only heard bits and pieces of it, and yeah, it sucks. It sounds like "Stitches", only worse. Also, the way Shawn sings, "BETTER THAN HE CAN! " is obnoxious yet hilarious.

Terrible, selfish lyrics, very annoying singing and bland music. I hate all "break up with him and be with me" songs, but this is by far the worst. Unfortunately, they play it on the radio station my bus driver plays almost every day. Amazingly it's even worse than Sweatshirt and Love Yourself combined.

You know, as much as I hate the whole "nice guy" message of this song, this actually isn't bad. The lyrics were stupid, but the melody, rhythm, and beat was upbeat enough that I couldn't fall asleep so...points for that. Just because you have pretty boy looks doesn't mean a girl's gonna come on to you. 3/5-Not bad. - shiftaltkey

Did we really need another "Break up with him and be my girlfriend instead" song? It came across as creepy when Old Dominion tried it, and nothing has changed here. - Zach808

Is it just me, or is Shawn Mendes getting worse and worse with every song? Cause it doesn't get worse than this. The lyrics are ridiculous, the meaning is ridiculous, Anna the song is just Shawn throwing a temper tantrum of jealousy. Terrible - Midevilnight

Shawn Mendes is so talented, but this song is just a clear waste of potential. I like some of his older songs, from "Handwritten," but this album is just pure trash so far. I'm not hating on Shawn, but ever since "Stitches," his music has been going down the drain.

First off, I think this kid does have great potential. Like GREAT POTENTIAL! He just needs to stop trying so hard to feign a sense of wisdom that he's too young to possibly possess...he's slightly younger than me.
His voice is no showstopper based on the majority of what he's delivered so far, but like Justin Bieber a few years ago, he has to find the type of music that suits his voice. He hasn't found it yet. That belted "Better than he can! " is awful and forced, literally and emotionally. He doesn't connect AT ALL to the lyric when you listen to it. By contrast, "Mercy" is a showstopper. His voice on that one took me by complete surprise. - theOpinionatedOne

This sounds like it's from the point of view of a self-proclaimed "nice guy" who gets upset that girls won't bang him. I'm sure this guy is treating her just fine, Mendes, get over it.

This is easily Shawn Mendes' worst song. He's capable of so much better. My sister is a superfan so she made me listen to Illuminate. Not that bad of album but this is one of the worst tracks of that album and of the year

I bet that the dude he could tret her better than is just a normal dude. This song could actually mean something if the boyfriend was abusive, but no. He doesn't want the girl to be with the boyfriend. He wants to steal her away. - AnonymousChick

Ugh. This. Song. Why this thing is still rotting the charts, I don't know. But what I do know is that this song is just plain "need need need" and "want want want". Come on, man. Get a new girlfriend.

This is what you get when you let a douchebag make a song that's supposed to be about domestic abuse. - MKBeast

Mundane and boring. And seeing the new Justin Bieber's abs in the video is quite creepy, especially since he's only just turned 18. - Mrveteran

To the person who said this was about abusive relationships; I think a better song would be "Locking up my heart" by the Marvelettes. At least it shows that a woman can break up cause she don't need no man!

It's really sad how you all bash a song with an ACTUAL MESSAGE, as a "sex freak anthem." Shame. In other words, this song SHOULD NOT BE ON THE LIST. END OF STORY.

...Why? Why Shawn, why? Who told you that going from "this girl dumped me might as well feel bad" to "date me girl and break up with him" was a good move? - Swellow

BED OR DAN HE KEN! Shut The Hell Up Shawn. Illuminate killed a very promising career that began with Handwritten and I hope you're proud

To be honest shawn mendes isn't a bad person but his boring pop songs and lyrics about love don't appeal to me

Congratulations for winning Spectrum Pulse's "Worst Song of 2016" award cause it was quite deserving of it. - SelfDestruct

Stitches was good. But this thing? This song is bringing back the "nice guy" mentality! AND THAT'S NOT A GOOD THING!