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1 Choir Boys

This is without a doubt the worst Squidward torture episode, because not only is his torment undeserving, but SpongeBob does all this on purpose. In other Squidward torture episodes, an argument could be made (a weak one at that) that SpongeBob is too stupid to realise the pain he's causing Squidward. this episode is inexcusable and behind A Pal for Gary, this is SpongeBob at his worst.

To this day, this still remains my most hated SpongeBob episode. Not only is its portrayal of SpongeBob extremely atrocious (since he does this on purpose,) or even its torment towards Squidward (who doesn't deserve a single thing here,) but it's also filled with annoying throat clearing gags, other anti-humor gags (Squidward getting stung by the jellyfish as an example.) There's even an overly gross shot of Squidward's arm after he's stung (typical season 6.)

This Episode is the worst as SpongeBob was outright evil here, torturing Squidward and on purpose and SpongeBob won in the end despite the harm he caused to Squidward.

I should admit, this is not the worst Squidward torture episode. The worst Squidward torture episode isn't even on this list and it's called "INK LEMONADE".

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2 Boating Buddies

This abomination is the quintessence of squidward's torture. SpongeBob in choir boys may have been bad, but in this episode, every single character, including mrs. Puff, hates squidward, much like in the episode squid wood. For being harassed by SpongeBob, squidward tries to escape, and is punished for that. And for having the right to be mad, squidward is crippled for life. Even when I was a little kid, I knew this episode had problems. This episode is also very disturbing and actually implies that squidward deserves it. So, this is worse than choir boys because everyone was against squidward, and squidward got the most beating for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. In choir boys, SpongeBob had SOME excuse, because squidward kinda mocked him. In this episode, SpongeBob didn't have an excuse but he got off scot free anyway. Also, in choir boys, SpongeBob wanted to go to choir, but here, he didn't really want to do anything except make squidward miserable. This episode is worse by just THAT much.

One of the worst squidward torture episodes ever with SpongeBob being really creepy and making him get beat up multiple times for no reason. I really hated the ending when squidward was in a body cast and failed the test because of SpongeBob torturing him. The writers really need to stop making squidward get tortured by SpongeBob for no reason and rewarding SpongeBob. It just makes me feel bad for squidward

This episode is the most infamous squid ward torture where SpongeBob has a creepy attraction to him and squid gets beaten up for no reason - Pastakirby7

Why is boating buddies on the list? Get this off asap.

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3 Good Neighbors

I have nothing to say about this blatant excuse for an episode. SpongeBob and Patrick ruin squidward's perfect day and get away with it, and squidward gets punished for trying to have a good day. And this is the first episode of SpongeBob that actually began to damage the show's overall quality. This kinda stuff happened much more often later in the series.

This is the episode that started it all, in the season that started it all. Squidward getting tortured by Spongebob and Patrick's stupidity. They weren't their worst in this episode. It's just the circumstances that make it bad. Like when Squidward got paint on his face a folks thought he was sick. And the ending.

This episode is one of the worst Squidward torture episodes. SpongeBob and Patrick do everything on purpose - bobbythebrony

Give Squidward some peace and quiet for once. All he wanted to do was relax on a Sunday, but SpongeBob and Patrick took away all of his relaxation. Oh yeah, don’t forget about the pedicure Sqiudward was suppose to get, his house turned into some robot-like thing because of SpongeBob and Patrick, and the residences of the Bikini Bottom made Sqiudward do service on Sunday for the rest of his life with SpongeBob and Patrick. Truly a Squidward torture episode - KingSlayer93316

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4 Squid Baby

SpongeBob and Patrick take care of an adult in a diaper. With head trauma. On a kid show. - Garythesnail

This episode is very disturbing, because head trauma is the #1 worst thing for a baby. And the episode knowingly tolerates this. By the way, taking care of an adult in a diaper while giving them head trauma is overly horrendous and doesn't belong in this show.

Squidward is an Adult in a diaper and there is lots of spit and drool. - Pastakirby7

This episode in a nutshell: SpongeBob and Patrick think Squidward turned into a baby because of a head trauma, and treat an ADULT like a toddler - KingSlayer93316

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5 Cephalopod Lodge

Once every month squidward is surprisingly happy. So SpongeBob and patrick stalk him (squidward is unaware) and they sneak inside his club. The club members blame squidward for the outsiders in the club. So they kick him out of the club, and patrick falls on him. Then, the club person takes off squiwards uniform, hat and even underwear. Squidward is very sad. So SpongeBob and patrick try talk the club member to let squidward back in the club. They claim its not their fault (when it clearly is), so the club member says squidward is never allowed in the club. Squidward is depressed and even says he wants to slam his head repeatedly since they took away the last good thing in his life. Then SpongeBob and patrick come up with their own club and annoy squidward. After that, they kidnapp squidward and take him to jellyfish fields and torture him (they sting his tongue with jellyfish). They then give squidward a chicken suit. After all that, they finally realize squidward doesn't want to ...more

Good god. Spongebob is paranoid that there is something up why once a month he seems so happy. As spongebob is smiling all the time so what. Gets him kicked out of the lodge tries to get them to join a stupid gay ass feather friends club. And intentionally stings his tongue with a jellyfish. - Paaatttriiickkksttaarrr

This episodes practically implies that Squidward can never be happy with SpongeBob or Patrick around. In my top ten worst SpongeBob episodes, this is number ten.

This episode is illuminati confirmed

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6 Squid's Visit

This episode is not as terrible as God forbid One Coarse Meal, Little Yellow Book, Pet Sitter Pat, A Pal For Gary, SpongeBob You're Fired, but it's worse than Demolition Doofus. The reason I hate this episode is how serious they take being disturbing. And that close up at the end is creepy. 1.5/10

"How does he know all the contents in my medicine cabinet? "
Because Spongebob is a deranged stalker, Squidward. That's why.

SpongeBob steals squidwards vacuum cleaner and lures him into his replica of squidwards house. Squidward is driven to insanity, and gets his house burned down. This is the most disturbing episode of SpongeBob, because SpongeBob harasses squidward and kidnaps him, and the episode takes detail way too far and shoehorns squidward to stay at SpongeBob's "House" at the end of the episode. Its abysmal!

This gives me sponge on nightmares(probably like the ones squidward has)

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7 Breath Of Fresh Squidward

Squid ward gets his personality changed and we are supposed to root for SpongeBob, even though he is a douche bag to squid ward in all other torture episodes and no we will not root for SpongeBob thank you. - Pastakirby7

Why does this episode suck so much? This episode states that Squidward can NOT have happiness. Just why does this even exist?

At the end he tries to ELECTROCUTE HIMSELF due to misery/depression after getting kicked out of his own party. That's dark.

This was more of a spongebob torture episode. at least squidward was happy throughout the episode.

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8 Boat Smarts

2 problems
It teaches kids that if you do the right things, you get maned, tortured and heated for doing the right things
The ending line is one of the most infuriating lines an episode can end on (not the most but its up there) - Pastakirby7

This WILL be the worst, even if the show beats the record of CBS EVENING NEWS, Squidward torture porn EVER! - imacg4

NO SpongeBob YOU forgot your boat smarts and caused a big crash also I WILL RIP YOU IN HALF!

Squidward gets grinded up

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9 Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom

Squidward wins concert tickets only for them to be eaten by a fat, inconsiderate slob (Patrick), who proceeds to get rewarded for interrupting the concert. Squidward gets kicked out while SpongeBob performs on stage. This is not only the worst Squidward Torture, but also Patrick at his absolute worst. The only episode worse than this is One Coarse Meal.

The fact that there isn't a Patrick Star torture porn after this makes me sick. Squidward was drawn to absolute insanity and when Patrick ate both backstage passes and got in with them IN HIS STOMACH essentially, I wanted to see Squidward gut him apart and enter with SpongeBob.

The episode is about Squidward and SpongeBob going to a concert. Did Patrick really need to be in it? The prick is why this is a bad episode - bobbythebrony

Heaven forbid Squidward have something good go in his life. The ONLY thing I liked about this episode is how Spongebob tried to offer Squidward his backstage pass, that’s it.

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10 Pineapple Fever

Most torture episodes show us a day in life of squidward but this one shoehorns him in just to torture him. - Pastakirby7

Eyebrow... GROSS!


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11 House Fancy

Squidward gets his toenail ripped off

Squidward won in the end

I actually like this episode. I think Squilliam's house is cool, and the toenail scene is only one part. Otherwise, I like this one.

The first ever squidward torture episode.

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12 Squid Wood

This episode perfectly represents how hypocritical everyone in bikini bottom can be. They only like it when Spongebob does it. Apparently, it's wrong for Squidward to be happy.

Where do we start...

Spongebob behaves like a jerk, the entire universe hates Squidward for literally no reason, Squidward gets his identity stolen just because he wanted to relax. 100% SCUMBOB

I love this one - Gangem

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13 Face Freeze!

No squidward deserved it

14 SquidBob TentaclePants

Spongebob being creepy to Squid and the ending of this

15 Patrick! The Game

Even I cringed when I watched this one, and I like most torture porns. I watched the "torture Shylock" parts of the Merchant of Venice with a smile, enjoying my feeling sorry for him, and daydreaming about him having friends. This made me cringe.

Squidward was forced to come along, had to play a stupid game where he kept losing, and in the end got arrested. Die Police fish, Patrick, Spongebob, and Sandy for tormenting Squidward!

Do not say that this episode should not be on this list, because it DESERVES to be on this list. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

I hate this episode

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16 Slide Whistle Stooges

Why don't people think of this one as much as other Squidward torture porns?

How do they not have the tech to remove a slide whistle from one's throat?

This episode is just terrible and annoying!

It's episodes like these that I wish the Bikini Bottomites were all dead

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17 The Gift of Gum

What does this have to do with squidward? this is a spongebob torture

18 Restraining Spongebob

Now I am starting to hate the writers because when they couldn't use SpongeBob to drive squidward to insanity they decided to use Patrick instead and when squidward replaced SpongeBob's name with Patrick's... Patrick started laughing hysterically.

Felt bad for Squidward in this one. Patrick can be such a big jerk sometimes.

Why didn't squidward just restrain both spongebob and Patrick?

Squidward gets a restraining order against SpongeBob and Patrick for his SAFETY, and then the writers treat him like the bad guy. He nearly gets killed by SpongeBob, Patrick annoys him for most of the runtime, and he gets attacked by Patrick not once, but TWICE. The episode then ends with Patrick laughing creepily and like a maniac, thinking he did nothing wrong . What were the writers on when they wrote this sad excuse of an episode? My Rating:.5/10

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19 Little Yellow Book

Squidward deserved it.

20 The Thing

Should be in the top 10 for sure, I just feel bad for poor Squidward being trapped in a cement prison and abused the entire time. Yet another episode with Squidward having his life ruined, being treated like absolute garbage and crying for mercy just to suit the writers sadistic Squidward torture fetish. Just Terrible, enough said.

SpongeBob and Patrick's annoyance sends Squidward covered in cement and treated abusively.

This should be in the top 5.

21 Are You Happy Now?

He Should've Cut Real Spongebob and The Show Should've Ended With this episode once and for all!

This is a depressing episode.

Squidward almost commits suicide. Twice.

First of all I don't like how the writers treat squidward on the show. the ending was like squidward on drugs and acting like a phycho monster. I disliked it.

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22 Don't Look Now

Squidward deserved his torture in this episode, he was trying to attack them, his charade was torture to them.

SpongeBob and Patrick torture squidward thinking he's a scary "fisherman trying to catch them and eat them" with their household stuff.

Squidward was being a jerk for trying to scare them

23 Band Geeks

HOW IS THIS ON THE LIST! This is Squidward's best moment ever in the show. That ending screenshot is Squidward at his happiest in the show's history.

This episode is terrible, just terrible, it makes Squidward depressed and suicidal only because he was trying to teach everyone in bikini bottom, he was happy at the end but that doesn't forgive how much this episode was bad for squidward; - smwc23105

Obviously a troll put this on here


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24 A Pal For Gary

Squidward torture? More like GARY torture!

Although Gary was responsible for the Squidward Torture Porn known as Once Bitten.

Squidward isn't even in this horrible episode!

This is Gary torture because of SpongeBob’s stupidity, not Squidward - KingSlayer93316

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25 Jellyfishing

This has to be one of the worst out there. It started off as a bit of good old karma, but then, when Squidward was in a cast and could do NOTHING about it is when the torture begins. First, he get hot soup blown on him by Patrick. Then, he's treated to visual torture when SpongeBob keeps licking his lips. Then, in Jellyfish Fields, is when the real torture begins. Patrick, being Patrick, shoves a net through his hand. Then, he's stung on the nose by a jellyfish, which is understandably his breaking point. He chases it and catches it. Then, a giant jellyfish comes out and stings him. He comes home, in ANOTHER full-body cast, and is understandably still mad. After he sics the little jellyfish on SpongeBob and Patrick, the giant one comes back just to sting him AGAIN! Bottom line, this episode has the most Squidward torture out of most of these episodes.

Firmly grasp it

My father loves this episode! How could you?!

This is one of the best episodes ever - NostalgiaMonkey

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26 Out of the Picture Out of the Picture

Mr. Krabs attempts to kill Squidward

27 Tentacle Vision

Everyone is an annoying bastard ruining Squidward's T.V. show

Everybody except squidward and gary is unlikable

In my opinion the WORST episode I've seen from this show

Larry tells everyone to come in squidward’s house and the he gets kicked out - Paaatttriiickkksttaarrr

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28 A Friendly Game

Squidward got hit in the foot with a golf club.

Season 8 likes mixing squid touture porns and jerky patrick theirs smooothe jazz at bikini bottom restraing SpongeBob sentimal sponge and this one

29 Club SpongeBob

This episode is SO ANNOYING! And it's claiming that whoever doesn't listen to your plastic toy should starve in a forset

Ugh... I really despise this one.

The person under the person under me is wrong this episode is great my favourite part is the one with the magic conch


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30 Fungus Among Us
31 Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful

Squidward gets community service again in this episode, just like in Good Neighbors, but he gets it too many times.

The cop really, really, really gets on my nerves.

32 Good Ol' Whatshisname

Why is this so high on the list? He Actually DOES something WRONG, to deserve to go to jail!

33 Squidward in Clarinetland

Though there are questionable Squidward moments, they aren't that bad. - SAXO

This episode is a big lipped alligator moment

This episode was good.

34 One Coarse Meal

This is technically a Plankton Torture Porn.

"SQUIDWARD" Torture porns, not everyone else...

35 Professor Squidward

SpongeBob and Patrick distract Squidward and later expose his secret and Squidward gets arrested.

36 Opposite Day

Why is this episode on this list?

37 Fools In April

At least this episode of better than little yellow book

38 Chocolate with Nuts

Agree, at the ending squidward wants to go on the fancy restaurant but can't because of spongebob, patrick and the old ladies, that's terrible.

This episode is awful!


39 Little Yellow Novel

It's called "Little Yellow Book". It's also a SpongeBob torture episode.

Why do people misinterpret the titles - Antwon

It's little yellow BOOK

40 Culture Shock

Getting booed and having tomatoes thrown at him for dancing?

41 Life Insurance

This episode had just been SO DISTURBING!
Who wants to see good characters hurt themselves just to "prove invincible"?
Also, the ending was just Gruesome. Squidward trying to hurt himself and falling in lava and getting burned and then getting punched and stretched by the "sushi-maker".
Squidward has been in more physical pain in this episode than any other character has in any other episode in the Entire Show's HISTORY!

This was WAY too disturbing.
This episode should get banned for gory content.

Dumba*s SpongeBob thinks life insurance makes him invinsible - KingSlayer93316

42 Pizza Delivery
43 Big Sister Sam

This is a really bad episode

44 Suction Cup Symphony

Squidward won in the end

Get this off right now, in this episode, the torture humor was actually cleverly done! - SAXO

45 Little Yellow Yellow

This isn't even a damn SpongeBob episode!

It's called "Little Yellow Book". It's also a SpongeBob torture episode.

What the hell episode is this? - KingSlayer93316

It was terrible! Just about A little yellow yellow thing. - Goatworlds

46 The Paper

Why is this on here? This episode is really funny and Squidward is annoyed because SpongeBob can have fun with something as simple as a paper. It's Squidward's jealousy and stupidity that put him in the situation he is in at the end of the episode.

I'm surprised no one put this on the list. I mean, It's just so mean spirited towards the squid!

47 Christmas Who?

Uhh no he deserved what happened to him - cadespencer


48 Skill Crane

Actually squidward deserved it

49 Giant Squidward

This TOO needs to be on this list. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

Suprised that this is not even in the top 30

50 Sponge-Cano!

Is no one surprised that Legends of Bikini Bottom included its own Squidward Torture Episode?! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

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