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1 All metalheads are satanic

I am truly sick and tired of this stereotype! I'm tired of being called a gosh darn Satanist! Even my mom call me one once because I said I like metal, as did my acquaintance, who also said it was just screaming into a microphone while saying the same thing over again. -_- He's the exact quote from my acquaintance when I asked him to demonstrate what he thought of when I told him metal music, "I know your mom is dead! (x20)" He screamed the whole thing, and right then and there I wanted to blast some Iron Maiden and Dio into his ears. - LostDream258

I am an atheist and I have friends that call me satanic. I gave up on trying to defend myself and I say "Hail Satan" cause it makes them very mad! - ryanrimmel

I sick of this one. - gemcloben

I'm a Christian and satanism is a stupid religion.

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2 Metalheads are evil/mean

Only when they slag off the most slagged off singer on here who is the opposite to metal and wouldn't sing metal ever.

I''m a nice guy, the only time I'm 'mean' to someone is if they are 'mean' to me - ryanrimmel

3 Metalheads are alcoholics V 1 Comment
4 Metalheads are racist

I shouldn't have to explain why I'm not racist - ryanrimmel

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5 Metalheads are drug addicts

I can assure you that I am clean - ryanrimmel

6 Any band they haven't heard of is "screamo"

Someone asks me who I'm listening to, if I don't say Black Sabbath, iron maiden, or Metallica, they say "I don't like screamo." - ryanrimmel

So annoying when they just call our bands screamo. - EvilAngel

Oh My God I told my friend that we should listen to Metallica and he said "I don't like that screaming music"

7 Metalheads hate every genre other than metal

Not really true. I believe all metalheads should know their roots - blues and rock. And Jazz of course. - IronSabbathPriest

No true at all. I listen to metal, rock, classical, and even some jazz and older country. I say older country since most country music nowadays sounds the same to me. - LostDream258

I like to consider myself a metal head but I will listen and try to appreciate EVERY genre.For instance I greatly enjoyed Kendrick Lamar's song "King Kunta" for drawing inspiration from historical (although relatively fictional) sources. He plays his songs with a live band as well rather that just rapping over a premixed track without his vocals on it.

I love rock blues jazz dance some country old reggae funk rap music is art appriciate all dudes

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8 Metalheads are criminals

Again, I have no criminal record. Don't worry about that - ryanrimmel

9 Metalheads are stupid
10 Metalheads are possessed V 1 Comment

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11 Metalheads are atheists

Have you heard Dave Mustaine on religion? - IronSabbathPriest

I am... But even tom araya is catholic. - gemcloben

Well. I am atheist. But in recent years, atheism has been gaining lots of credibility, it has nothing to do with the music you listen to. - ryanrimmel

I'm a metal fan and I'm Hindu - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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12 Metalheads hate religious people

Well I strongly dislike religious EXTREMISTS, as they are the ones holding humanity back. - ryanrimmel

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13 Metalheads are close-minded

Just because we listen to metal most of the time does not mean we hate all kinds of pop.

You HAVE to be open minded to listen to metal music. The most popular bands among the metal community are still very obscure to most people - ryanrimmel

Yes... the worst thing about this is, that its partly true unfortunately.. Several metalheads (not all of course) judge others by music taste and act like bigots towards non-metalfans. This sucks! Especially because those idiots give all metalfans a bad name. - Flav

14 Metalheads are violent

I love to mosh, but that doesn't make me violent. The violent lyrics that bands like Cannibal Corpse and Slayer use are based on serial killers and horror movies. It is no different than any horror movie you've seen. - ryanrimmel

15 Metalheads are depressed

Someone who listens to DSBM songs is not necessarily suicidal.

16 Metalheads are very liberal

Eh, I am in between for this one. I like the democratic social views and the republican economic views. I'm not too sure what that is called. - ryanrimmel

17 All Metalheads are white
18 Metalheads only talk about music

I'm a metal fan and I also talk about funny things, movies, cartoons etc - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

19 Metalheads are drunks
20 All metalheads have long hair
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1. All metalheads are satanic
2. Metalheads are stupid
3. Metalheads are evil/mean
1. Metalheads are criminals
2. Metalheads are drug addicts
3. Metalheads are racist
1. All metalheads are satanic
2. Metalheads are evil/mean
3. Any band they haven't heard of is "screamo"



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